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  1. Gauge now sold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. So I think that the grind seems to impact yield - too fine seems to result in a small yield. I can’t work out why this might be tho. Reducing the temp once the coffee starts to show seems to help also. Latest attempt, with a Kenyan bean that is superb fruity notes on my LR is, frankly, terrible and little more than a caffeine injection [emoji23] Work to perfect this continues!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Back up and running on Tapatalk!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hmm. I agree on principle....but having tried to push buttons I find the display impossible to read!!
  5. okay, So another question, please: Can someone please explain to me what impacts the coffee yield? I fancied another go this afternoon, so just brewed up another pot. Everything the same as before EXCEPT for the following: slightly finer grind (EK1.3) Slightly higher gas Brew time was 1 min 45s from first drips this time. Smooth flow, visibly more body to the drink BUT only 105 yield?l!! Come at this from an espresso mindset, to only get 70% of the yield from pot 1 is too much variance, but I don't know what has caused it. As before, I pulled the pot off
  6. Sorry to hijack an old thread, but as a number of knowledgeable members have already contributed it seemed a reasonable place to post! From a coffee perspective, I had a disappointing holiday week this summer: I packed my Kinu M47 and an old Bialetti Moka pot that had been gathering dust. No matter what I tried, I couldn't hide the strong hint of aluminium imparted by the moka pot. So I recently threw some money at the problem and bought a 6-cup Alessi 9090. I have been trying irregularly to get to grips with this during home working days, to avoid keeping the LR hot all day long.
  7. Well, back on track - there is a gauge still here in my drawer that would be better used by someone needing to improve their coffee. this was bought from a high quality commercial gauge manufacturer here in bristol. If people are buying cheap options off Amazon, then please feel free to make a fair offer if this of interest.
  8. Sorry for not responding- as above- notifications are not coming through at the moment. Let me know if you are still interested in making an offer for this. rob
  9. Well, with tapatalk integration down atm I wasn’t notified of the fun going on in this thread!!
  10. Thank you! payment received and shipping ASAP. 👍
  11. Excellent - thank you. Go to PM to arrange payment. By way of explanation though, the lip sits inside the basket, pour the ground coffee in through the top of the funnel, then WDT to aerate grinds and flatten surface, remove funnel and tamp 😊👌
  12. This will allow you to accurately adjust the OPV pressure on your Gaggia Classic is similar. Remove the spout on your PF and this attaches in its place. Fit the PF, but brew switch, and read the pressure output. I used regularly on my Gaggia to adjust pressure up and down for different beans etc. A while since I bought this so not sure of value - would £20 posted to UK be useful to anyone?
  13. Selling my norvin funnel. In great condition and perfect for the task as you all know, and makes a massive difference to puck prep and shot quality 30mm and fits 58mm portafilter. £20 posted to UK
  14. How new are the burrs? it probably took 12 months for shots to neaten with my new ek43s - partly due to needing to work to improve my puck preparation and partly the burrs needing to break in. i now grind into an Acaia grind cup, place PF over and invert, shake, remove cup then neaten grinds before gently tamp. i no longer WDT but used to have to religiously before getting the Acaia cup
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