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  1. How are you knocking the puck out? Vid of that too, please
  2. Metallica listening, watching John Travolta dancing to it 😂
  3. How old and has it been used in the home or by a retailer?
  4. To be honest, they were wholly unsatisfactory.
  5. I have some spare ones [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. ^^^^ whaaaaaaaa! So funny 🤣🤣🤣
  7. 4mm As for cleaning, a wipe with kitchen roll before light regressing here.
  8. Cricket ✔️ Coffee ✔️ Steaming on the La P ✔️
  9. ^^^^ fantastic 😁 😁 Speedy delivery from the box up the Lane here - amazing!!!
  10. The world renowned Snake-Factory obviously heard about my reviewing skills. I received these today for free. Excellent packaging and detailed instructions. A bit miffed to find only 3 x 1mm tips but not to worry I can still put them through their paces. Watch this......hole!
  11. ^^^ thanks both ^^^ I will go much finer and aim for way longer. The ever helpful Cartwheel replied: “Hey there! Just checked with our head Roaster 😉 He sent some info through: “We have it on as a spro in the shop, on the tasting flights. our recipe: 18.5g in, 42g out across 30secs. Which is a 2.27 ratio, but we're finding a higher ratio works well on this, so she could push it to 2.5 to bring out some more amaretto/rum notes.” Hope this helps!” I will give that a go too (18g basket) out of interest.
  12. Jesus Lemus Leon, the Honduras from Cartwheel, here this morning. While it is in my cup, it isn’t going down my throat - I can’t get beyond sour. And when I say sour, I mean as sour as puss. Had to tighten the grind down, as expected, but by more than anything I’ve ever had to go before. The beans appear very lightly roasted and I’m not sure but I reckon I’m also tasting the green taste beyond the sour. 15.4g/37s/36g and variations on that. The first couple went through in 20s. Using the flat and L-R I love funk! That HasBean funky cherry one is a real favourite. Tried 7 shots so far (I don’t think I have ever had to do more than a couple with even the most difficult beans). I’ve asked for advice from Cartwheel. I’ve loved all their beans and have a lot of respect for them (meaning I am not criticising them)!
  13. Ian didn’t have any symptoms once he was home, after a day or two. Maybe record the symptoms over the next few days and see how things go but don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor if you have any doubts or concerns of any sort.
  14. If you at all worried I’d suggest seeing another doctor and if the symptoms worsen seek advice from 111, they are very helpful.
  15. Concussion? Oh heck 😑 let me ask Ian if he remembers anything like vertigo after he crashed his bike a couple of years ago.....
  16. Oh goodness, sorry to hear that Joey ☹️ I can't offer any advice but do pass on our good wishes for a speedy recovery. Diagnosis of the reason is key, I’d guess.
  17. You certainly can 😁 Messaging you now!
  18. They don’t grow on trees . . .
  19. Someone slurped before I took the pic 🤔
  20. I use the @coffeechap method* Perfected since this vid on day 4 😁 *patent pending
  21. That’ll do me then Are you up for sending me some to test and review? I did the same for Nicknak so feel it is only fair to offer my services to you too 😁
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