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  1. You just know where this is going from that one line 😳 What a [email protected]@er but we all know how much you like a challenge 😁
  2. Killing Eve 2 😳😳😳 no spoilers, please!!
  3. It looks great 😁 And I’m sure @Rhys or @Tait won’t mind moving it to the right section
  4. Ho! Someone sitting not too many feet away made a suggestion - Forum Bossy Boots 🤭 Blinking cheek 😟 now go get the washing up done, Ian 🥰🥰
  5. Just a flipping minute @Nicknak What do you mean YOU want a special badge? If anyone is having a special badge it’s me. If anyone could suggest what to put on it . . . Hmmmm maybe that isn’t one of my better ideas actually 😑
  6. This vid explains in more detail what happens when you steam milk plus some helpful techniques. Well worth watching. Thank you @Snakehips for aiming me in the direction - it made excellent viewing while eating our tea!
  7. Welcome from me too 😁 Smart set up - and the Rose, what a lovely touch 😊
  8. I prefer a smaller pitcher, that way you can half fill it which is easier than trying to steam an inch or two in the bottom of a big pitcher
  9. I do too (but I always hope no one is watching) 😂
  10. Hoho!! I’m with you @jimbojohn55 (well, not exactly WITH you, but you know what I mean)!! I just don’t get holidays, not that kind anyway 😂 It would be purgatory trying to locate decent coffee for starters 😂
  11. I could do with these. The sun has been shining for 3 minutes here now and it’s giving me a headache!! I am getting rather concerned about the weather actually. It hasn’t even rained for a full hour 😳
  12. When you’re learning how to pour it can be so frustrating using loads of milk, prepping loads of shots and then making a mess over and over. Until you’ve got control of some kind of pouring technique you can’t expect to produce anything, not even a simple heart. So, if this is what’s happening . . . Practicing with just water is a really good way to gain some control and muscle memory. Try doing this for a few times, a few times a day. Get someone to video you doing it so you can see where you are going wrong - post it on here for some help if you want
  13. MildredM

    Cat lovers

    I dislike cats, and I am also scared of them - in much the same way someone can be scared of a big dog such as an Alsatian (which I can’t understand). I also dislike them when they come in the garden to wait for the birds when I’ve just put food out for them. I wouldn’t hurt any animal but I do shoo them off.
  14. Have we had a vid this week - got to love the postie/woof-woof 😂
  15. There are some great decaf beans around. I can’t suggest any having not bought any recently. Maybe @kennyboy993 can help?
  16. Straight to page 65/people to read about Stephen 'in my mug' Leighton and Joanna Alm. We used to collect our beans from the factory (HasBean) doors years and years ago, even before my first machine. I remember drooling over whatever it was they sold back then, a Gaggia? It was £700 ish, way out what we could afford at the time, so we stuck with the best beans, a hand grinder, and French press 😁 Quote from p.74: so, we made a really bad website with a khaki-green background and brown text'. Oh dear 😂
  17. Haven’t opened it yet, I’m just enjoying the cover 👩🏻‍🦰
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