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  1. MildredM

    Two Chimps

    Phew! Glad it isn’t just me re the website! It was a novelty for all of 5 seconds! Love the sound of the beans though
  2. I’m in 😁 I went to grind and decided to back the grinder off a tad and I am pleased I did. It took 59s with pi (15g/34g) . Not to worry, it tasted good/perfectly drinkable. However, the next one was fantastic - still 51s after I’d backed it off a tiny bit more. This is boozy, scummy, delicious, I love it - I have no idea what it is yet though 😂
  3. Haha! I will have you know I weigh in very accurately - a slack handful for the shoot 😂 then I send it to Snakey, he doesn’t mind old grinds and it saves using his new grinder too! Flat Max for anyone needing to know . . . MY forthcoming-later-this-year Flat Max. The one I got my order in for when hardly anyone else didn’t Flat Max 😊😊😊
  4. I think it could be argued both ways, and neither is right or wrong. One aspect that comes to mind . . . If I’m selling something here I tend to think I am offering forum members the chance to buy something they know will have been well cared for at a good price. If I want a better price I’d take it to eBay and not bother here. Or if I’m giving something away, I’m happy to do that with forum members but would be a bit miffed if someone joined just to nab a freebie! But I KNOW there are many ways we can view this!
  5. Or this.... Or this... Of course, these pics will be better when I get my FM! It will make such a difference [emoji23] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. I like a LBC and I’m slim so it must work 😂
  7. Mine is fitted with it and apart from the first week I haven’t played with it since! Of course, it will be far easier when the App is available. If you fancy a change then what about 'customising' your machine?
  8. Haha! And here was me thinking you wouldn’t notice haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks I dug my D3S out and stuck it on the tripod with a 50mm lens I didn’t fiddle with any of these pics afterwards, I just wanted to share them as they were! Oh and the ISO was a stupid 4000 or something to get a shutter speed of 400th s in my pretty dark kitchen!
  10. Whooop! Congratulations on your new set up - love the Lelit 😁
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