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  1. @Tait Like the hessian - can you make the small text that lands on the hessian black/brown instead of pale blue
  2. I am finding the two tabs indicated really useful I seem to land on the first unread sometimes but not others!! Maybe that needs looking into @Tait
  3. Welcome to the forum JitJit It sounds like that coffee has hooked you in to great tasting coffee! Watch a whole new world open up before you! As has been asked already, you need to decide how you are going to brew to start with
  4. I thought you'd never ask . . . 😁
  5. Mmmmmm logos 😁 love them! I can’t think I have seen any cups with them when I’ve been out and about, they all tend to go for Acme etc.
  6. Just found something else. Downloads, for file sharing. It could be useful - I will test it out with a recycled quiz later 😁
  7. Love your header!! You look a bit pale though 😎

  8. The easiest way to have a quick look at latest goings on, for me, has been using New Posts I’ve got a shortcut to that page stuck at the top of my iPad screen not sure if this would work for everyone and as yet I don’t know if I’m missing anything but I’m finding it pretty quick to nip on, check some threads etc
  9. I think I read somewhere @Taitis looking at adding some themes. There’s a button to click on at the foot of the screen
  10. Can we get the Supporter Badges back @Tait
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