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  1. Feeling all SkateReclaimCreate-y here today 😁
  2. Hahahaha! What a fabulous photo 😁 😁
  3. My new design (a corrected mess up) and Ian’s heart within a heart 💓
  4. Hmmmm check their FB Page . . . It’s frothy 🤣
  5. Haha! I can’t read the name out without thinking how it sounds when you say the name out loud 🤣🤣🤣 I can't type for laughing now, it just tickles me!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I’ve gone full blown old codger Yorkshire* !!!!! * with absolutely NO disrespect to Yorkshire or its wonderful people
  6. I’m wondering if I can sneak one in to the kitchen without HWMBO noticing 🤨
  7. We promise not to look 🧐 Thanks VERY much for all your work, Hairy 😁 😁
  8. On a similar theme the car park for John Lewis near York introduced a 4 hour maximum stay a while back. The car park is for John Lewis, and also Marks & Spencer, Next, cafes, Costa etc. it is very easy to stay for 4 hours (not that I’d know personally, I’m in and out as fast as I can!) It’s sneaky, in my opinion, in the way it blips up on a light board that you have entered, your reg, and that you have 4 hours. It’s gone in a flash as it captures the next car etc. Ian said there’s a board near the light board about 12’ off the ground setting out their t&c's. I didn’t spot it myself as I wasn’t staring at the sky, I was keeping an eye out for a parking space, as you would. We didn’t see any more signs nearer to the shops. Many, many shoppers have been caught out and there is a Trip Advisor page specifically for that Shopping Centre with virtually all the posts regarding the Car Park and how people have been stung. Maybe it’s worth a quick check round if others have been punished in the same way your have been, lake_m, purely out of interest really. It’s a bummer when you are not a law breaking kind of person and try and keep to the rules and yet still end up getting stung.
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