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  1. The conic build and shipping update show the first 6 are on the way to their new homes and the next 12 and being assembled. Only about another 30 to sort then he will be on to the MAX! I can’t recall if anyone here is getting a conic this time round?
  2. Haha! @ajohn yes, it would look fab with a black towel - but there’s only one colour I dislike more than pink, and that’s calamine lotion pink 😂
  3. Haha! So many tempting machines and new gear but I’m happy with my lot - for now anyway 😁
  4. Loved seeing the pics @Pablo El Beano and thanks for sharing them. Been following some of the stuff on Insta but your photos added a lot more to the atmosphere and wide rage of new stuff!
  5. That all looks superb, what a wonderful set up you’ve got
  6. Hasi, you aren’t keeping up very well 🤔 can you go drink more coffee please 😂
  7. Blessed spell checker. I meant it sounds like it’s YOURS that’s all odd 😶
  8. And you wouldn’t want dusty towels 🙊
  9. MildredM

    Host Milano

    Lots of new machines being revealed this week. Even talk of a new Gaggia lever - I can’t find a photo of that though 🤔
  10. No change here - sounds like it’s you that’s all odd 😉
  11. Is it just me or does there seem to be something missing . . . and I don’t just mean cups 🤔
  12. You could buy loads of gear then sell it cheap on here when you have made your mind up not to keep it 😁
  13. Machine suffocation alert 😳 I am reporting you NOW 🤣
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