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  1. MildredM

    Dog lovers

    Look at meeeeee everyone! I WON!!!
  2. What machine? Is everything really clean round the group seal etc and has it changed or has this always happened? Are you tightening the p/f handle in firmly?
  3. To Daddy Hippos everywhere 😁 Hippo courtesy of kiss the hippo, the current LSOL offering 😁
  4. You just know where this is going from that one line 😳 What a [email protected]@er but we all know how much you like a challenge 😁
  5. Killing Eve 2 😳😳😳 no spoilers, please!!
  6. It looks great 😁 And I’m sure @Rhys or @Tait won’t mind moving it to the right section
  7. Ho! Someone sitting not too many feet away made a suggestion - Forum Bossy Boots 🀭 Blinking cheek 😟 now go get the washing up done, Ian πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
  8. Just a flipping minute @Nicknak What do you mean YOU want a special badge? If anyone is having a special badge it’s me. If anyone could suggest what to put on it . . . Hmmmm maybe that isn’t one of my better ideas actually πŸ˜‘
  9. This vid explains in more detail what happens when you steam milk plus some helpful techniques. Well worth watching. Thank you @Snakehips for aiming me in the direction - it made excellent viewing while eating our tea!
  10. Welcome from me too 😁 Smart set up - and the Rose, what a lovely touch 😊
  11. I prefer a smaller pitcher, that way you can half fill it which is easier than trying to steam an inch or two in the bottom of a big pitcher
  12. I do too (but I always hope no one is watching) πŸ˜‚
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