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  1. Well that’s their birthday sorted! It will keep them quiet for hours πŸ˜‚
  2. Yes! Post pics of everything and really annoy our other customers 😁 😁 😁 😁
  3. Dear Cheepskate Customer, Thank you for contacting the Milk-Pitchers-Door-To-Door-Delivery-Service. Having checked our sales records I assume you are trying to contact our sister company, the Drive-Through-Embroidery-While-U-Wait-Service. However, on their behalf I think we can address your query. Having fully investigated your complaint we are happy to confirm that our Mystery Free Gift Thingy is only dished out to those discerning customers and other hangers-on who we feel sorry for. We look forward to future custom from yourself. Maybe next time you could be a little less demanding. Thank you very much. Eva A Scrounger
  4. The pitcher has been delivered and the thread moved to Sold, please 😁 Do share pic of your special Mystery Gift, if you get a minute @kennyboy993 then everyone can see what a generous soul I am !!
  5. I love the idea of wood powder fillers. Was would stabilising the wood involve?
  6. Fantastic shot 😁 I got sick of weighty gear and went for the Canon G1X Mk3. Not sure how it compares price wise. It’s small but not ridiculously so. The results have been amazing.
  7. There is one! Hop down to the foot of the screen and click on Themes and choose Premier Roast
  8. Sunday fun-day 😁
  9. 10 black towels, hanging on the line . . .
  10. Just finished this. What an excellent read. 'Sopranos meets Eastenders'. The book finished at Brian Oldman's trial. The serialisation on R4 dealt with everything in this book then the following years and years he spent in prison. I am struggling to work out which books the Corrupted was based on (after C&P). If anyone has any idea that would be great The R4 series was the best I’ve probably ever listened to.
  11. Hang β€˜em low 😁 😁
  12. Washed machines, is this the new process for posting 😁
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