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  1. Mine landed today too 😁 Thank you VERY much for everything you have done to bring us so many fantastic beans to try @fatboyslim! Like everyone here, I am very grateful for all the work and time you’ve put into this, you’ve been great - THANK YOU 😃 And just so you don’t feel left out thank you you too @Daren 😁
  2. MildredM

    UK Based Roasters

    I think the UK Roasters list needs an overhaul and the criteria or adding new roasters need to be made clear in the initial post.
  3. This one? I hadn’t even spotted it! Not sure what it is for really.
  4. MildredM

    Dog lovers

    Now you mention it..... what a good idea! Minty is going to love you 😂
  5. ^^^ haha distance pouring may be a bit messy!!!
  6. MildredM

    Dog lovers

    Please tell me there isn’t a fly buzzing round the kitchen 😳
  7. Kind of a holiday-day
  8. Thanks! Our Little Free Library is registered with the organisation of the same name. We are number 35501. We spotted another one recently not far from North Star Roasters, Leeds 😁 Great to hear you found a home for your NG mags - we were given 100s of Lincolnshire Life magazines dating back to the 1960s a bit ago. They aren’t in the Little Library but people can ask to borrow then if they wish.
  9. It appears there was a glimpse of our Little Free Library on ITV (Sarah Cox) this morning! They got the wrong county but anyway...
  10. No holiday snaps . . . So I will share this instead
  11. Foundry Rocko. Say no more 🙂 Oh go on then, 15.5g/46s/36g and the result? A cup of fruity, juicy goodness. Maybe not as sweet as the last batch and it’s all the better for it! Yum!
  12. Is this a jokey comment or are you being serious?
  13. Oh @Obnic you have the ability to put things so well - it is always a pleasure to read your posts 😁
  14. This is very sad to hear . . . Make lots of nice memories XXXXX
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