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  1. I don’t know, but it’s far easier to get around on a phone - and posting photos in a browser (which was a major bugbear before) is a doddle. I hate change and that feeling of not being able to find stuff and everything looking different. And there have been moments today my brain has been fried ! But I honestly think it’s all going to be worth it in the end - and if it isn’t I get to have a good grumble! *win:win* 😁
  2. Anyone getting the forum on Tapatalk yet? I’m getting more and more sued to browser view, and it is far more user friendly on a phone, but TT is useful too.
  3. Wrong forum, Rhys. Try the Ovaltinies😙
  4. Coffeechap, is . . . that YOU 😯
  5. I’m finding the new posts but they open at the first post of that thread even though I’ve seen it.
  6. And I am unable to log in via TT. But that’s maybe me doing something wrong!
  7. When I clock on New Posts it goes to the first page of said thread.
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