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  1. Washed machines, is this the new process for posting 😁
  2. Did you stay until it was over?
  3. I meant to say, with regard to feeding. I use Aftercut personally, it’s a granular feed. I use the version with the weed killer early spring but then switch to the version without weed killer every 6 weeks roughly throughout summer. I only use a light dose which I water in immediately using the sprinkle on the hose for maybe 10 minutes, just enough to dissolve it. I can’t say we ever 'water' the lawn as in giving it a good soak, we just give it a quick water now and then when we water the few tubs later in the evening.
  4. Let's share your . . . Anguish/joy 😕
  5. Just updating this thread about the *LW looking glass. It doesn’t need to be stuck on a magnetic surface be it the machine or drip tray. It has its own stand with a magnetic ball joint to allow adjustment to the correct angle. It’s perfect for me and my routine *which didn’t cost me a penny.
  6. The Whole Of The Moon. Picture this, me and Minty walking down a very straight, quiet, deserted lane, iPods inserted and tuned in to The Waterboys and as . . . I wandered out in the world for years . . . Filled my ears I’m dancing and twirling and feeling 25 years young again, eyes closed, lost in the moment . . . when all of a sudden there’s a WOOF! And lo and behold I opened my eyes to see a tractor right in front of me, the driver trying to pretend he’d seen something across the field to his left. Oh how I bet he laughed to himself as he drove away from the demented woman and her dog jigging down his lane [emoji4] I blame you [mention=6257]Drewster[/mention]!
  7. Don’t go prodding him while he’s asleep in his basket 😐
  8. Hmmm, the images seem to all come at the end . . . Maybe needs looking at
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