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  1. I'd start with it's got three wheels so not even a bike. 😹
  2. Ah yes Checkout is the secret clue! ... and done. 🤠 Sigringo #7
  3. Ok i'm lost... 😬 There is no CFUK Consolidated Shipment if i click on that link .. I do see PNG, Sigri AA 2x 500g Special Offer but i seem to recall that was there before. And that link doesn't lead to a Comment field. Sigringo#7
  4. I saw this and thought I'd better call the Doctor. MAX-TER-MIN-ATE There's a poor Conic quivering behind a couch somewhere. 😹
  5. #18 is more lucky than #7 - the party starts when you arrive, you will be famously The Last of the Sigringos 🤠 #19 is very unlucky... 😹
  6. The conic is saying, "I can see why you need the cover now MAX" 😹
  7. I've been researching - i think it fits here 😹
  8. A quick Google shows in Australia a couple of sites selling Talk coffee is one. 1249 AUD is about 650 UK pounds. I have had mine for over 12 months (was one of the first few hundred and waited several months but i expected a wait) used daily and for the price, there is not much that comes close. it is nice to get personal responses from the owner when asking questions. I expect over time it will eventually move into the typical consumer market but if the Australia prices are any indicator - you will pay for that. If you look at their blog posts, you can tell when they are in/out of stock. I would buy another from their indigogo site in a heartbeat. 🐱
  9. I'd put some space between them, i can feel the tension building - just one misplaced bean and then it will be grinder burr fur all over the kitchen.😹
  10. If i was the conic i'd be mighty happy that the R2D2 lookalike thing of beauty was hidden away. 😎
  11. Some suggestions (for getting scales under) Try removing the drip tray. Try a bigger cup which fits around the spouts. Get a naked portafilter as suggested by El carajillo. It has so many other advantages such as, seeing what is happening, ease of cleaning and of course ease of getting scales under. I have had an MDF grinder with the Gaggia for a year. Every now and then i would fluke a bean that suited the grinder. I sold it on ebay, and i'm sure it found a good home but it is not really espresso level as a grinder looking back, you don't realise that until you get something better suited. OK for other coarser types of grind. edit: forgot about "what weight". You can buy bigger baskets, especially with the naked PFs, but you have to remember the Gaggia has a small boiler (only about 100ml maybe) and also as standard has very poor temperature control (which is why the PID is such a good mod) I'm using a 19.5g in a 20g basket atm but pull 44g shots at around 40s, but you need to find a) what tastes good for you b) what size drink you want and work backwards from there to work out the basket weight. Some folk like it short, some like it long, some a little some a lot I haven't tried larger than 20g in a Gaggia, i expect the boiler is too small to push much larger than that. good luck.
  12. Definitely - getting more training and a license as a reward are a win win, and during the process instructors will give good advice what is best for you, and get to ride a few bikes. Having ridden and owned a few Fireblades, they are, especially the older 929cc if you can find a lowish mileage one a very capable daily sit-up (ish) bike for doing a motorway type commute. Yes they can lead you astray, so probably straight of a DAS course you might not find anyone who will insure you (that's another pile of money to find)... but they are remarkably easy to ride. good luck! 🏍️ 🏍️
  13. Having done a bit of commuting over winter on a bike - it's not for the faint hearted, it's cold, dark and road surfaces can be treacherous and car drivers are even less bike aware than is summer. Being cold and wet for a long period on a bike is not how you want to arrive at work so you have to invest in clothing and i'd say if you are doing motorway speeds a fairing with at least a half decent screen to protect is a must. I've done it without heated grips but i'd put them first on the list of things to do. Time savings can be made for sure, especially if there are bottle necks where car traffic is stationery and you can filter between lanes. Against that you have to add extra time gearing up and off, smaller fuel tanks mean you visit petrol stations more often, and bikes need more maintenance and care than a car. As for choice it's a bit limited with the licence - I'd suggest you'd breeze through getting an unrestricted license and then you have the choice of equipment suited to that sort of riding - and it's nice to have no matter what happens. I can't think of anything that's A2 suitable that I'd like to do a few hours on the motorway in winter. good luck! 🏍️ 🏍️
  14. 1. Cooffe 1KG 2. Joey24dirt 1KG 3. Jimbojohn55 1KG 4. Nicknak 1KG 5. Rob1 1KG 6. johnealey 1Kg Lucky #7. agentb 1Kg 🐱
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