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  1. 🚇 I don't know, i'm still working on a way out the train station. 🚇
  2. I see many threads asking for recommendations for grinders and espresso machines. Oft said, one is better for darker than lighter etc. Why would some grinders and machines work better than others for a light or dark roast? There is a lot more to a coffee bean than just that, eg natural or washed, size etc. Are the beans "harder" or "more liberal with their favours" when roasted more? What does a good grinder / machine really do, that works better for some beans? My only observation (on dark vs light) is darker roasts seem a little more forgiving on the preparation, meaning it seems to be easier to make a decent flat cake in the PF, and the lighter roasts seem to change their grind settings more as they age. Is there more to this? 🐱
  3. and you can marvel how good your Gaggia feels with a silcone implant, not to mention they look nice in blue...🐱
  4. I don't have that problem, probably because my cups - when sitting on the scales, are very close to the PF, so any sideways action still ends in the cup. You might just need to lift up the cups onto something flat. I also find i can prep faster than the machine takes to heat up... 🐱
  5. We'll have to change this thread title to LSOE naturally. edit: or ESOL - not sure which. 🐱
  6. I have the 18g and a 20g, it depends on the cup size, beans, and what i am making - eg a big latte (more often than not) with the lighter roasted beans, will use the 20g basket. 🐱
  7. 1. Jony 2. agentb 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 
  8. For some reason i expected to see little people polishing them... nice photos M
  9. Well one espresso and a flat white later. What to say, first impressions full sweet, fruity which makes me think a natural. 19g to 48g in 45s I would have said Ethiopian first up, but i'll take a punt and say Kenyan. 😺
  10. Thanks @Tait for fixing this 😺
  11. Thanks @Rhys if this could be setup so that it is clear exactly how these support requests (for normal - not advertising requests) then that would be a thing of goodness.
  12. Could it be because i use a 20g basket and avoid de-caf? 🐱 Coffee makes you optimistic
  13. I used the stealth bag to keep some drinks cold in my rucksack on the train. worked well, i think it will stay in the rucksack for summer. I can't let them rest much longer...i'm down to my last 80g of "The Bolts" which are a bit too medium for summertime.🐱
  14. There is a third option, ask a cfukadministator and wait for a reply.
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