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  1. No. If you post only once a year - you don't get a lot of followers or friends. Then again i don't always follow what's going on here either.
  2. Agentb


    Have you tried locking the windows and doors to keep everything out?
  3. No longer available, must have been high demand. 😹
  4. Joey Papa's raspberry espresso it where it's at. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Hjtnb9caQc
  5. The ignore thread - that definitely would be useful. Is there an add-on to unlock a thread available?
  6. It seems logical that they they will rest better lying down on a soft surface, than standing up on a hard surface. 🧐
  7. 🤣 That was a double ff sentence! I am sure I have seen the letter F misused on occasion.
  8. Assuming the ownership has not changed, why did @Taitsuddenly feel that? They are necessary and helpful for discussion. 😺
  9. Nothing wrong just i found it a a lot of effort for modest gains compared to other things. A PID (+v1) is the best option imho. A very long thread about it here https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/47254-gaggia-classic-rancilio-steam-v3-wand-upgrade-from-ferrari-espresso hth.👍
  10. Yes is the short answer. I have tried the one and three hole, and a couple of other things (like a v3 type wand) and eventually settled on v1 single hole, with a bent arm to about 10 degrees off vertical. A PID which can set up to 155-160C really helps but the small boiler is well a small boiler. Thermometer for the milk is important at first. Shop around for various types of milk, and the right size / shape jug, you will find one that works best for you. Keep practising, it does improve over time. Good luck!
  11. Yes I noticed. This might help.
  12. You should have brought them a white flag. Then a set of crayons the following year, to help with discussions and team building.
  13. @TaitI have noticed a new badge Marketer. What does it represent if you don't mind me asking. I could not find an announcement to explain it, but forum changes seem to happen unannounced quite often.
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