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  1. add my paw's worth... UPPER CASE rarely reads well in any font, and imho works best when it is an abbreviation. BBC, NHS etc. Unfortunately the logo reminded me of a "Cancel" button, and that was what came to my mind when i first saw it. The bean shape for the "o" is clever but it might be better as the entire letter, and be a bean shape - not the interior of a circle. I like the colours, green and brown are coffee colours. 😺
  2. You might find you are lucky and the fracture leaves a ridge which mates up with the thermostat head and you can lock it in and unscrew it (you might have to take the last thread of exposed end) . Sometimes a pointy pick or tiny screwdriver you can hook on the thread. Looking at the connectors I'd prolly fold the two eyelets on the spade together (practice on a spare first to see it bends in a sensible way) and then slip the blue insulators down a bit so they are completely covered. I'd say that is related to the thermostat problem, it should come on when at temp. Good luck
  3. If she likes her recipes Aeropress publish them here https://aeropress.com/championships/wac-recipes/ Organize a competition to find a winning recipe.😺
  4. I have never tried these and me being curious. I expect they'll be expensive based on this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffea_liberica Not arabica, nor robusta. Has anyone tried them? Has anyone seen any roaster selling these in UK? 😺
  5. It's also nice to have some of these details on the label, especially the Varietal. Enjoying some of the Eagle Monte Brazilians at the moment, probably my favourite CBTC coffee so far.👍
  6. well i have just tried on what i think is my original PF. The answer is just, probably less than a mm to spare. I'd recommend a bottomless, so you can see the action. These are easier to clean, you can get the cup and scales under easier. hth 👍
  7. also found https://shop.squaremilecoffee.com/products/ridgeless-vst-basket Selling at 28 quid. I haven't bought anything from them, but they appear to be in stock. hth 👍
  8. Both of mine 20, 18g dating back to 2018 are only on the side, not on the rim. 👍
  9. I'm back using my 18g ridged VST and one positive side effect, is the ridge makes it easy to see how perfect your prep and tamping are. I typically put in 17-18 g coffee. I'd still get the ridgeless if it was available, but if you want one quick.... I have a 20g, and I seem to recall they make larger 22g and 25g, but the Gaggia boiler size being limited is something to consider. You'll also need a bottomless PF for the larger sizes.
  10. It's a spare, if you get the opportunity, swap the old for the new, as when one goes, Sod's law dictates the other will follow. 👍
  11. These things are going to be hard to find and fix, @MrShades or @FairRecyclermight have an idea. I think i'd go to Screwfix with the entire wiring harness in my hand. you are going to need connectors probably some 2mm bullets and covers. Or easier ebay a replacement - something like https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Gaggia-Coffee-deluxe-wiring-loom-switch-in-excellent-used-condition-OEM-/202814171264 would be close Or put a post in the Wanted section. hth👍
  12. https://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/vst/products/vst-filter-basket?variant=248856036 For 26 quid. hth. and I've just reread this thread, and i've gone back to a smaller cup now and so using the 18g basket. 👍
  13. Looking at the photo it looks like the heating element is not wired up correctly. This connector definitely belongs elsewhere, and the four connectors, two black and two (brown or yellow?) maybe, are not connected to the four heating element pins. Hope that helps.👍
  14. I guess you have not changed that yet, or you have, and it does not fix the problem? I think you need to post some photos of your cabling, showing what is connected where - Gaggia have changed cable colours on some models. Just to be crystal clear - can you confirm the situation now ONLY the power light comes on (left hand switch) Other two lights never come on no matter what position of switch No temperature increase at all Pump operates normally Thanks.👍
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