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  1. Someone with savvy marketing and roasting-fu skills πŸ˜‹ could PM these roasters.
  2. True - but i guess to be fair, i don't see much asking specifically for a back link. Most of the list were raised by forum members sharing, rather the roasters themselves .. but, i guess it raises a question - if we asked directly - would they join the forum / add a backlink / be a forum sponsor - that might help.
  3. One thing we can all do to help the forum is to think just for a second about the little treasures we post here. If your cat tail is wagging and you're feeling a little hissy - make yourself a little treat, take a few minutes and dare i say it - enjoy a nice cup of tea, or just a saucer of milk or even a decaf.😸
  4. Agentb

    Collecting labels

    I have a little log book which i peel off the stickers and write down the date dose, grind setting etc. I'm hoping when a certain bean comes back in season, i'll have a better starting point. I also put a note when i cleaned the machine or grinder or made a change, so i know when it's overdue. There have been some muppetry evidence recorded . 😸
  5. Agentb

    New Machine

    I thought this thread was about what a first time visitor could get to get started for under 500 quid. Let's start a new thread and discuss sigs and other unrelated things. 😸
  6. One mod which i haven't seen is to put a timer on the steam button. After 5 minutes it should revert to the brew settings. 😸 Any suggestions for such a thing?
  7. Agentb

    New Machine

    You haven't said how much and what type of coffee you want to make. Is it for home use, what coffee you want to make, how many - only espresso or lattes etc. There are a lot of equipment things to spend money on. Tampers, spoons, thermometers, jugs, scales, baskets screens cleaning tools and especially towels,etc. I guess you have looked in New members section Buy second hand to get started if money is tight, look in the For Sale here. If you see something on fleabay or omgtree - post a link - you'll usually get an opinion if it is a good buy. The advantage of second hand is you have to get involved in the workings, and that is helpful in the learning. Also you can move them on to an upgrade without losing a lot of money. Overspend on a grinder. This is probably the mistake i regretted most when i started - you can make truly disgusting coffee with a cheap grinder and no machine will make it drinkable. You just cannot make espresso with a poor quality grinder or pre-ground. At this entry level spend the same on both, or more on the grinder.πŸ‘
  8. I wondered if one keyhole works, then would two or three work better for less 🍿
  9. Could be anything. If there's a strong smell you should be able to sniff out or visually see a suspect. I'd try removing one / then two of the boiler elements and see if the that isolates it... πŸ˜ΊπŸ‘
  10. hmm I'm not sure what thread you mentioned here but if its the one i think, forums with "rules" include restrictions about public discussions on some things (politics pornography etc) and this usually includes restrictions about discussing moderation, for obvious reasons. Where threads get moderated, they are expected to go off-line with complaints. CFUK rules are hard to find though. Moderators decisions are final so no point in arguing, I guess they're getting tired of non-coffee related discussions becoming heated. It's a friendly coffee forum. If the moderators are being too heavy handed for one's liking you could continue any discussion on PM. 😺
  11. Agentb


    Hermes is also the Greek god of boundaries and transgression and escorter of souls into the afterlife ... also viewed as the protector and patron of roads and travellers, as well as merchants, messengers, sailors, athletes, herdsmen, and thieves. They're probably the delivery company i fear most. Funny what's in a name... 😸
  12. Nothing to worry about about it's perfectly finf.😸 edit: like minf
  13. Nothing to worry about it's perfectly fin.😸 .. and you should a have a PM.
  14. I seem to recall you're using a Niche.. I tend to use 17.5 g in the 18 g (or 19.5 in the 20) basket and i give the PF a tap downwards on my tamping mat on the left and right sides before removing the cup. This seems to settle the coffee down in the basket. I'm still using my in cup franken-WDT - the-niche-and-getting-it-level-in-the-pf
  15. My toolbox has one of these Inspection Mirror . It has been used in many places, including the kitchen. Has a couple of LEDs and useful for many things including watching coffee pours- 3 pound is not a big expense but it's not magnifying. As mentioned with a decent sized cup on scales there's not a lot of room to get a mirror in place. I think i like the look of the round ones on the drip tray (if you have the tray space). Of course the inspection camera is the future - with HD thermal imaging option of course..πŸ˜‹
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