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  1. ... and big moustache and white straw hat.
  2. I'm not sure if you have done the OPV mod suggested above, if you haven't that will make a calming difference on the non pressurized baskets (no plastic pin). Don't worry too much about time, i've had lovely shots at 45-50s with a 20g basket for 45g, it's how it tastes is the measure. The bottomless PFs also are easier to clean and you get scales and cup under easier as well. I found on my first three cheap grinders, some beans were just didn't work, i tended to stay with "what worked". The grinder also adds a bit of drama and aroma to the process. Also the GC has a very basic thermostats, so the temperature swings a lot when brewing and steaming and that makes for inconsistency - especially when you make two cups. You can guess the temperature by counting seconds from when the light goes on and off. After 5-10 minutes warm-up I used to draw some water wait until the brew light went off (boiler is cool and heating) then when the brew light came on counted to 10 - then started the shot. (then you buy a PID and think - did i really do that...)
  3. i've just stumbled into this V8-Kaffee thread, we need some v8 audio to go with the amazing photos. It will attract positive attention, and needs a few sackfuls of beans in the back to give you that plantation owner look
  4. If cats could operate a tin opener, they would gladly kill their human slaves. Slave-master, murderer and tinned food eater... The tinned food eater accusations have risen lately, i've been watching vegans carefully.🐈
  5. There are some people who are scared of black cats. Walk a mile in my paws...😺
  6. My avatar may have hidden ailurophobic undertones. 🐱
  7. Which is exactly why GB is in Shenzhen. Oh wait....... Shenzhen is in China.😂 If you are referring to the Schengen Agreement, it was originally created as a treaty between I think 10 EU member states, but with the EU acquiring more legislation and powers (including Schengen which passed to the EU, as a result of the Treaty of Amsterdam), opt-outs were needed for Ireland and UK who had never been part of the Schengen area, nor wanted to be part of Schengen. There are three non-EU countries who agree to EU Schengen rules but who have no say in the rules, they just agree to follow the rules (or leave if they don't like them). It is the EU who describe the opt-out and rules, and if new countries join the EU, it is unlikely they will receive an opt-out prior to joining. If for example Scotland became independent and then applied to join the EU, there would be Schengen passport checks on the border. The EU's argument about vetos and opt-out is "if everyone had vetos and could opt out there would be no EU" and i would expect over time counties with some special privileges will have them removed. The EU from memory issues Regulations and Directives. Regulations are Law and have immediacy and primacy (for example in Trade and Tariff setting), Directives are expected to be rectified by local parliaments into local legislation (in the cases when the EU does not yet have primacy). The process for law making in the EU is very different from the UK, the European Parliament is little more than a "house of review" when it comes to new law. The laws come from the Commission and Council - neither are elected bodies.🐱
  8. maybe i can bend it back ... i don't have any problem at all with this, but i worry about moderators who being dragged into and endless thankless tasks 7x24, i'd much rather see positive content as that sets a good example. I can hear the whining now "i posted my happy smiley hello i need help message at 3am, then 4am then 6am.... it's not very helpful" we do the same when the admins go quiet... I suspect the heart of the problem is "some posting of unfriendly bad content - often by new members" but we all have our bad days... My suggestion (i don't know if this is possible) is that if a post is reported, it is automatically removed, then the moderators make a call to put it back. ( i don't know if that's possible). Moderators can of cause remove any post, as now. Of course abusing the reporting button, as now, might get yourself a warning, then a holiday.
  9. Agentb


    Buy two and stick the other on on the inside ... there maybe a market for VB Coffee espresso magnets which change colour when they get warm 😎
  10. Agentb


    Oh no, and you've not had it long. Bit like when you kerb the wheels on a new car, you (only you) see it from 100 yards away. I think i'd get a personalized catpuccino fridge magnet 3 inches in diameter so you can hide it, and lay claim to the ECM at the same time.
  11. I keep a little recipe book, peal off the stickers - keep the date weight grind time and volume for the first few days. It gives you a rough idea of how long to rest them next time, and a reasonable starting guess. Helps to decide when you buy again. I think i like the postit note idea (i usually use the bag or reuse a hasbean bag), and then have a good book and stuff you won't buy again book.
  12. Meow... they reminded me of Metallurgical Mottas http://metallurgicamotta.it/index-gb.php 🐱
  13. Just as sure as night follows day, all Gaggia wands leak, the problem is the valve not the wand. As time goes by it just gets worse, it improves a bit when i descale / clean. If anything i'd say the v3 was less drippy when cold, but that might be because the v3 wand has an uphill section which means there is teeny bit more back pressure to overcome when cold as there is some steam condensing in the wand. This obviously doesn't work when steaming. I notice it more when steaming because the v3 wand tip is lower than v2, so you can't drop the milk away as fast and as far, and you need a bit of a technique or lift the Gaggia up a half inch or so. hth
  14. This is one of those... i haven't had one of these before. I have had some sour shots, and it seems to take longer for the flow to start than normal. It seems more fussy about getting the prep right. Current i'm using 19.5g in 45-48g out in about 40-45s. The extraction is slower to start for some reason. I'm going for a crazy guess, Rwandan washed. 🐱
  15. First there was latte art, now we have puck art! I see the future ...next level will be getting your monogrammed puck presented on a hand crafted puck-palate, like a wine cork and you'll be expected to waft the aroma towards you nose.🐱
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