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  1. Just the white bits... 😎
  2. Do you mean now? I have applied sunscreen, factor 15 seems about right. 😎 It doesn't seem to be affect my milk frothing either, maybe this extra light could help generate more steam?
  3. I'm quite amazed at Tait's skill, responsiveness and patience. This is a very large forum and this - from an IT perspective - is a major upgrade, but from a coffee perspective - my coffee still tastes the same so all is good. The number of ads / page is small compared with mainstream, and the forum needs a healthy revenue stream to keep it healthy. TBH i was looking at the rather archaic system it was running and thinking - not much is being spent on keeping it fresh. I'm looking forward to reading the forum upgrade story, but in the meantime i may delve into the darker theme.
  4. The quote title line is a bit hard to read - black on dark grey, but otherwise i may be tempted for the darker roasted post... edit: the edit post button "Save" is in orange and the Cancel button is hard to see, and if you select Cancel, the warning is white on white ... so a little over stealthy fo mere mortals...
  5. I don't know what has changed ... but the Firefox strangeness has gone away Thank goodness it was a big purple A flash bulb on each page. i must say, the forum is looking rather modern.. 🚀
  6. Google mandates burger menus are required? Next they'll be telling you what mobile phone to use....
  7. I find this normal in a 19.5g in a 20g basket, and if especially i tamp harder than normal. If i used say 19g it would be more. If i remove the PF and just look at it for a few seconds, rolling the moisture around it slowly gets absorbed into the puck. If i start steaming before i knock the puck out - it certainly is gone. If it tastes good it is good sign!
  8. Thanks for spending the weekend doing this. I guess only oddish thing is using Firefox (i didn't notice with Chrome) the pages display first what looks like a style free version of the page missing images, then it renders the page correctly. See attached (well "attached below") Many other minor "my preference" things i'm sure will come out like Someway to customize colours per account. I prefer to read threads in reverse order on some forums, i can't see if that's possible, So many new emojis (and the old favorites are at the bottom under Generic Smilies - perhaps they could move to the top?) Some way to auto-save a draft post, so if you leave the page you can come back. My coffee extraction has not been affected by this so - all good edit: screenshot ------ v
  9. Slightly, but a couple of things i found that helps. Small amounts of milk as mentioned by @Jollybean i think is the main one, the Gaggia doesn't have a lot of steam power and you have to get the air into the milk quickly before it gets warm. I use a little Rattlewear jug to make a cup at a time. Jug and milk as cold as possible. edit: forgot - need a thermometer to know when to stop. Make sure you have the boiler at steam temperature before starting. A PID to get the boiler really hot helps get a little more power. Flush out any condensation before starting. Fresh milk, i have tried a few different types (organic etc) but fresh seems to be key, rather than type. Practice with water and a drop of detergent, to work out where the tip and jug works for rolling the milk - watch videos. Getting the tip in exactly the right place is probably a millimetre or two either way. I still can't get a lot of perfect microfoam - but enough...
  10. When you say bad, what is wrong ? Also what size and type of basket are you using?
  11. 20g ridgeless is what i would buy again, and suits me fine. I can only give you my experience - the classic has some worthy components but the analogue thermostats are truly stoneage, the steaming performance alone is worth the price. Your experience, if you choose to have one, may be different but i think you'd be surprised.
  12. If you are changing the baskets a lot, the ridgeless ones will get loose, whereas the ridged ones will snap in. The other thing i noticed is it's a teeny bit easier to clean the ridgeless. It sounds silly, but it feels good when you knock it all out with just one tap. I missed the fact you don't have a pid, i think if i had to have only one mod on a classic - it would be a pid (brew and steam). It also is a great lesson on how a classic works.
  13. Just to add to coffeechap's comments about being able to grind finer. Definitely good value imho. I replaced the standard classic basket (well i assume it was a standard Gaggia-looked about 17g - it came with the machine secondhand) with an 18g ridged VST, then bought a 20g ridgeless VST. I wouldn't buy a ridged one again unless i was changing baskets a lot. Did some measurements like how long does it take water for a set volume to flow through, and the VST was roughly 20% faster. The reason i then went to 20g was i wanted to increase the dose to 20g and extract a larger volume especially on the lighter roasts for making a good sized latte, i needed about 45-50g extracted. I think the perfect size tamper is 58.4mm, but you might need to double check that. The cheapest i found was hasbean, but worth looking around. You will notice the holes are smaller, but many more, closer together and the basket more cylindrical than the slightly concave standard. I do recall occasionally seeing some fines in the cup in the standard basket - so smaller holes less fines. Being able to grind finer means you are able to explore a finer grind setting. Good luck
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