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  1. You cannot really tell reading it, go thru and youll see what i mean. I just asked if you changed your mind, i cannot read what you exchange privately
  2. Again up for a sale, later that year i decided not to sell it but now im still on it Price lowered afcourse and i will ship it in europe
  3. Hey, still available? Would you ship it to Slovenia? I can also arrange DHL pickup.. thanks
  4. Yeah i know there are not exactly marking them on their web as perfect for espresso, but i was told they are pretty pretty good in espresso as well. No instructions, they have marked one of their coffes at: Dose - 19.5g / Yield - 37 - 39g @ 92.5°C / Brew time - In the range of 27 - 30 seconds. Will try ristrettos, thanks!
  5. I've recently subscribed to thecoffeeroaster and for my first order got a batch of 4 different single origin Artisan Roast coffees. Arrived to Slovenija after 5day after roast date. Got El Libano light Guat, Chisi Malawi, Aricha Etiopia and Ruri Musasa Rwanda, already tried all four of them but somehow i am only getting quite sour shoots. Do any of you guys have any experience with mentioned beans, i really hope they travelled well since i am having difficulties finding a sweet spot. They all tend to be beans with fruit orientation, but all i am really getting is strong acidity and quite sour shoots. Ive tried couple of variants with increasing dose (as being underextracted), changed the tamerature and tried different yield but without real success of improvements. Tried 92-93temp, 18-19 ims flat and convex basket yield from 32g-39g in 27-31sec. Thanks for any tip
  6. Gaius

    Brewista smart scale V1

    Done deal. Will let you know my pp on PM thanks
  7. Gaius

    Brewista smart scale V1

    Yes indeed. Looks like shipping is 9€ to UK.
  8. Dear coffee friends, recently bought acaia lunar scale and since i wont be using brewista scale anymore its up for a sale. Working perfectly, never had an issue. Metal inox plate has a signs of usage due to ceramic cups sliding on and off but nothing excessive. Original box. Price 40€ + shipping (shipping is cheap) Thanks for watching
  9. Different forum, i know, that was fast
  10. Sold! Thank you all for watching.
  11. Thank you for your offer, but at this stage ill pass, will consider it, if there is no interest for lets say 2-3 weeks.
  12. Yeah, my initial plan was to make Vario version out of it and upgrade the grind chamber etc. I owned the grinder since februar 2017. The exact number is 6.25kg, i keep track of every coffee order so thats why so precise
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