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  1. Have you considered a lever? I've been enjoying my Quick Mill Rapida for 2 years now with no desire to upgrade. Obviously if you're definitely after an e61/dual boiler then that wouldn't be for you.
  2. I've now tried Applaud and it's pretty good, the best in Ipswich I've found so far. They do some excellent cakes. The only issue is that it's so small inside, I usually have to sit outdoors in the wet and cold.
  3. @wito The machine runs at 125c so the boiler pressure is at 1.25 bar which forces the water into the group. Hence if you set the temperature lower then 100, the machine will not work. The temperature of the steam boiler also controls the the brew temperature (since the is only 1 boiler), so a temperature of 125c in the steam boiler translates to the correct brew temperature (which will be somewhere in the 90s)
  4. @PPapa how did you get on with the furniture risers?
  5. I have a Quick Mill Rapida and have no desire to upgrade it. The londinium is technically better, but I'm not too bothered about the improvements it brings.
  6. I'm looking for something more sturdy than an old ikea desk for my QM Rapida. When I pull the lever down, the whole table starts to to tip over - if I place the machine on a kitchen counter then no tipping occurs. Sadly, placing the machine on the kitchen counter is no longer an option at my new place... Does anybody have any recommendations for a study standalone table or chest of drawers or something with a low centre of mass? Cheers
  7. I think the best place I've found so far in Ipswich is cafe khampal... I haven't ventured outside town yet, when I get a chance I'll check out some of the recommendations. Thanks for the recommendations
  8. Cheers both, does seem a shame I have to travel all the way to Woodbridge though
  9. Any heat exchanger (or mythical dual boiler) lever machine is going to need a pump (if not connected to mains water pressure or external pump) to fill the group (such as the londinium r and indeed the strega). Why does it matter if a lever is considered 'traditional' or not? Either way, I don't think this machine is a 'hybrid' in the same way as the strega might be considered one since I don't think this has any group to fill up since it's just an e61?
  10. Looks like an interesting machine. I'm curious what QM are trying to achieve here - I can't see how combining the two would lead to any advantages?
  11. Do they just see what comes out at the top of amazon or something? In all fairness, I guess they're focusing on 'affordable' consumer grade gear - most of us here have prosumer levels of gear which are far more expensive than what most people would be comfortable on spending.
  12. I'm moving to Ipswich (from Clifton, Bristol) in a few weeks. While I've been living in Bristol, I've been spoilt with extremely good coffee and spoken to Baristas who really know their stuff. I'm not hopeful but, does anybody know if there any decent places for coffee in Ipswich?
  13. E61 groups are for pump machines, not levers. Plenty of levers have a 58mm group though, look for one with a condor/bosco group like the londinium or qm rapida for example. There are plenty of other 58mm lever groups too
  14. for those who have been trying this as espresso with milk, how are you finding it? I've only had this without milk so far
  15. I don't know about the sounds, but it certainly looks very nice! Great setup
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