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  1. Would need to go and see it, hand over the cash and walk out the door with it. No other way.
  2. Agree with the above post. I don't even try to single dose the E37s and the quality/taste would suffer. But with a small hopper full of beans, it's a wonderful little grinder.
  3. I would say absolutely, yes.
  4. I found (as tested already by @DavecUK), a ~4 point increase in fineness was required to give the same extraction time. The reduction in coarsening towards the end of the grind appears to have narrowed the distribution peak and improved flavour separation and clarity. It is noticeable. Simple design but effective.
  5. Received, thanks @DavecUK. Just arrived back home will do some testing over the weekend.
  6. These generic type bottomless PF's normally come with a triple or 21g as you guessed. (I had the same type/manufacturer for my La Spaziale) Are you suggesting half an inch below the top of the basket is not enough coffee or the other way round? I would say this is about right. Have you tried the 5p coin trick? i.e. Place a 5p coin on the tamped puck and lock the PF into the group. Take it out and check if the 5p coin has been pressed into the puck. If it has then you're dosing to much.
  7. £500-600 is a difficult price bracket. Do you think you may be tempted to continue upgrading beyond the next purchase? Do some soul searching. It may be worth getting what you really want now instead of putting off the inevitable. Nothing wrong with the Sage DB and a big step up from the BP and BE. Regarding secondhand purchases: unless I was able to put it in the boot of my car and bring it home, I wouldn’t even consider having it couriered.
  8. Just getting to grips with the Feld 47 for Aeropress. I'm still finding a bitter edginess that I don't like compared to the Feld Mk1. I put this down to the burrs still seasoning and not yet finding the ideal setting. I ran the Mk1 at average 1.10 but the 47 is currently at 2.10 and still moving coarser for the same beans. Yet to try espresso but that's because I work away from home and have no access to a machine. In terms of the grinder itself, it's a big lump of a thing, quite heavy. Grinding doesn't seem to be any quicker compared to the Mk1. I don't like the fiddly lid, the catch cup is a pain to get back on, but other than that similar build quality i.e. very good. I don't have any burr wobble. I'll report back in a couple of weeks...
  9. Ecky-Thumpers unite! From North Yorkshire but emigrated to Durham.
  10. Have you checked the machine is sitting perfectly level? If it’s cocked over it will lead to a lopsided pour. Also check the shower screen / distributor for partial blockage. Also no harm in sending the machine back for a check over.
  11. Are you sure it's not the vac breaker passing steam as this is normal. Does it do this when warming up?
  12. Put simply, you take the 240v live and neutral leads off the pump and instead route them via flying leads outside the case and into a triac based variable dimmer circuit. Then from the circuit back to the pump. Mine has a bypass switch to allow normal operation. When switched in, you can lower the voltage on the fly and slow the pump down or even stop it. So long pre- infusions and ramp downs etc. become possible. It’s a cheap and dirty mod but it kinda works. I’m not saying it turns the S1 into a Slayer but it gives another interesting option.
  13. Loved my Mini - great value dual boiler machine, produced excellent coffee. Not everyone's cup of err....coffee but I quite liked the look. @Border_allI have a pump speed mod laying around somewhere if you want to pick it up. (Darlington area)
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