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  1. You wont go wrong with either to be honest. As folk have already said you need to decide whether you want conical or flats. I have an E37s and love it. The Ceado is more geared for espresso whereas the Niche can do anything.
  2. Wonder what burrs they will use and whether they are compatible with OEM and SSP.
  3. It's worth getting hold of a new viton o ring for the vacuum breaker. There is a rebate for an o ring on the shaft but mine (purchased brand new) had a million turns of PTFE tape wound around instead. Despite a few attempts with new PTFE tape I couldn't get it to seal properly until I fitted the correct sized o ring - then it was perfect. You next question is 'what size o ring'. I can't remember but it was something like 12mm ID. If you can get hold of a selection pack of different sizes it would help. edit found this... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SPAZIALE-Espresso-Coffee-Machine-vacuum-valve-o-ring-gasket-original-New-/271919399163
  4. Just put a bucket on the floor, put the tube into the boiler until it touches the bottom, loop the tube down and back up, then suck it through. Stop when liquid is in the loop then drop the end into the bucket to start the flow.
  5. I did exactly this on my mini v. There’s a post somewhere showing the before and after shot. Worked really well with citric acid. Got the idea from the S1 cafe forum.
  6. It's down to personal preference. The VST baskets can achieve higher extraction% if you have a suitable grinder and equipment. But for medium / dark roasts this may not be desirable and could bring out some nasties at the higher end. Have you considered the IMS baskets? I used these on my La Spaziale with very good results.
  7. Mine are the standard LM baskets not the Strada so there may be a difference.
  8. Actually they’re different depths (I clocked it straight away). E.g. the LM 14g is deeper than the VST 15g. So I can only assume they also have different tapers and hole densities.
  9. Log on to United Baristas Marketplace. Mostly ex cafe equipment which may be what you're after. There's a Super Jolly on there now for £175
  10. Not sure but it was PAT tested using the tester. There isn't an awful lot of metal on this machine except the boiler. That definitely has earthing on there from what I recall. Means taking the case off though!
  11. I have them all 😉, plus all of the LM baskets too which seem to be in between the VST sizes e.g. 14g, 17g etc. I settled on the 15g because that suits the yield and strength of espresso I want to drink / size of cup etc. for flat whites.
  12. The Major is probably the cheapest way to get 83mm flat burrs. Buy a new set, run them in, and you’ve pretty much won the battle right there. ?
  13. A Classic and either a Super Jolly or preferably a Major.
  14. 15g VST ridge-less is now my go to basket for 30 to 36g yield. Agree the 18g would be the one you wish to split the shot.
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