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  1. Really sorry to hear about that - I'm sure you'll get it sorted under warranty one way or another. I use the E37s everyday and think it's a great little grinder. It performs much better with a hopper full of beans (do not try to single dose!) - I purchased a Mazzer mini short hopper which fits perfectly.
  2. Can you PM me his details please or just post them here if allowed.
  3. Yes, start timing from when the pump is turned on - this includes any pre-infusion as well. Try getting hold of a dosing funnel that sits on the outside of the basket, it makes life a heck of a lot easier if you’re dosing straight Into the PF from the grinder.
  4. Might be easier with one of these, although again, not ‘precision’. https://www.amazon.co.uk/MagiDeal-Coffee-Pressurized-Breville-Delonghi/dp/B01JRH3DMS
  5. Yes, it sealed just fine. Started off bending the lip out with pliers all the way around then gently hammered it out flat and smooth.
  6. I’ll start the ball rolling and others can chip in........ Assuming you don’t mind second hand machines: 1) Up to £300 Second hand Gaggia Classic / Sylvia / or Sage single boilers / Old commercial that needs a lot of TLC. 2) £300 to £600 Second hand La Pavoni lever / Second hand Sage dual boiler / SH Mini Vivaldi / Fraccino HX and Piccino / New Classic Pro / New Sage single boilers 3) £600 to £900 Second hand E61 HX or older Dual boiler / New Sage dual boiler 4) £900+ (if there's something that really stands out) All the shiny E61 stuff etc, La M
  7. The lip / flange of the basket needs to be considered. Some are flat some are curled over. I bought a La Pavoni 51mm basket for a DeLonghi Icona and had to hammer the flange flat in order to make it fit. Worked OK though, but I wouldn't describe it as precision. Not sure if the Icona has the same PF style as your machine.
  8. Update: I've just done a quick check and swapped the good display from the E37s with the E92 and indeed it is the actual display unit that has the fault as the fault moved over to the E37s. (I was wondering if it might have been a power supply issue coming from the main control board inside the grinder and wanted to rule that out). I've also checked out the manufacturer of the unit's website http://www.battocchio.com/en/home It may be a long shot but they might supply the unit cheaper directly rather than go through Ceado.
  9. I took a punt at £350 before the main production phase started and was rewarded with a shiny new Niche. It was a gamble (albeit the odds were heavily stacked in my favour). Roll on two years I’m not entirely sure why folk are still expected to take a £500 punt during the main production phase (albeit with almost zero risk).
  10. Hi and welcome. Do you have a separate budget for a grinder or is this included?
  11. That means you’re using a pressurised basket. The good news is once you upgrade the grinder to one of those already mentioned, you can use standard non pressurised baskets and will notice a huge difference to your coffee. Choices are IMS, VST or just a cheap 58mm basket to get you going.
  12. Found it! The topic has a lot of information about the part number, how to get at it and suppliers etc.
  13. Interested in this one. Same has happened on my E92. It uses the same display but my E37s is three times more bright. I’m guessing the back light has failed or part of it. I’ve researched a new display unit and they run to about £200 as you have to buy the complete control pad etc. I haven’t taken the plunge to open her up yet. I have the part number somewhere and @DavecUKsuggested the cheapest supplier, I’ll see if I can dig it out.
  14. @kypsolo You asked for feedback. Are you going to acknowledge those who took the time to respond?
  15. Hi and welcome! I have used the KG79 in the past and it is totally unable to grind properly for espresso, even with the mod. A prosumer coffee machine will only amplify it’s flaws x10, and you will be frustrated and disappointed. Go for a really good grinder now - with that budget and space, you could get a lovely flat burr grinder - the Niche Zero is not the be-all-and -end-all. As Cupar Jake mentioned, a hopper fed grinder may suit your needs better.
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