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  1. I had to look that up but I agree!
  2. Both LM Linea mini and the La Spaziale will make equally good drinks. The question is do you want to pay the extra (a lot extra) for a rotary pump, all metal construction, stainless steel boiler and PF’s, PID temp control and arguably better construction? Oh, and the name. Is volumetric dosing important to you? The LM cant do that, but the La Spaz can. Budget surely must be the overall factor here as they are polar opposites.
  3. The Quamar M80 has 63mm burrs - still a good grinder though.
  4. Hi and welcome. I’ve been visiting Aberdeen for the last 27 years and it literally is a second home for me, Hope you brought a good winter coat, the weather isn’t for softies.
  5. I’m only guessing here but you pressed and held the single button - does that not put it into programming mode? The fact it beeped makes me think that. Surely you only need to press once and it should start the pump??
  6. lake_m

    La Spaziale S1

    I’ve been refunded through Paypal on a couple of occasions. Both times after I’d been stiffed on ebay. I would have confidence that they will ultimately pay out if all negotiations between buyer and seller fail.
  7. lake_m

    La Spaziale S1

    I would say 70mm with spout and 125mm with bottomless
  8. lake_m

    La Spaziale S1

    I can get that for you. Out at the mo.
  9. lake_m

    La Spaziale S1

    PM sent @Wombat
  10. lake_m

    La Spaziale S1

    There are two options - and both would need everyone to agree. 1. Wan buys Russe11s machine and Wombat buys mine. Wombat collects from me, we only live up the road. 2. Wombat buys Russe11s machine and Wan couriers it up to Sheffield, I'll bring it back with me to Darlington. Option 1 sounds the best as it means I don't have to go to Sheffield, but as I say Wan would need to agree to buy Russe11s machine etc. etc.
  11. lake_m

    La Spaziale S1

    Yes. Assuming it's OK.
  12. lake_m

    La Spaziale S1

    We could have maybe worked something out to everyones benefit if @Wombatand @wan were up for it.
  13. lake_m

    La Spaziale S1

    Oh right. I thought he was quite near to you.
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