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  1. The Mara X (nice machine) will highlight limitations in the grinder. I’d start looking now if I were you!
  2. I noodle with guitars a bit. I've just finished rebuilding this old classic (70's) HH IC100s amplifier. It won't mean much to you unless you're into T-Rex, Bauhaus, Pink Floyd, Status Quo, Clash, various new wave / punk outfits etc. they all used them. It was also known as the "pub killer" back in the day - it's soooooo LOUD...... it will literally "blow the bloody doors off"!!
  3. Don't know about the K10 specifically but I got mine from here.....https://www.wdscomponents.com/en-gb/rubber-gaiters-for-universal-joints-wds-554/c-604/p-1714/v-12937 Various sizes available. You'll need a glass or perspex tube / adaptor to go into the grinder neck over which the bellows are fitted.
  4. Can be done with £600 quid with some canny bargain hunting and a pinch of luck.
  5. Have you tried installing bellows? It transformed my Titan (E92) now zero-ish retention, whereas before it was quite time consuming and wasteful. Give it a go.
  6. Agree with all the above comments. I use the James Gourmet Brazilian blend a lot and find it extracts very easily, but quickly starts to get bitter if you go too far with it. 15g VST with a ratio of 1:2.5 and low shot times around the 20 - 22 sec mark seem to bring out the best flavour. I also use a flat 6 bar pressure profile. Also at 93*C.
  7. I've not had a good experience and got rid fairly quickly. Others have fared better. If darker roasts are your thing then you should be OK. Consistency and inability to grind fine without major channelling seems to be the big issue.
  8. I recently (upon advice from a forum member - thank you so much!) fitted bellows to the neck of my Ceado E92. It had already been modified for single dosing with the use of a camera lens hood and wooden lid. The idea being you tap the lid whilst the motor is running and it puffs small amounts of air through and *eventually* you get something approaching what you put in. Sometimes you get a lot more! Since fitting the bellows it has now become a true single doser (sometimes you need to start the motor again and do a few more puffs to get it all out, but there's little or no retention.). It's be
  9. Good point. Time will tell I suppose.
  10. They are ground breaking amazing machines. I gave the Decent a really close looking at and really wanted to want one. It's a leap of faith too far for me at the moment but one day I'll take that leap.
  11. Interesting viewing. Beat the Niche on V60, and ran it a very close second on espresso. Hoffman's personal view of course but that's still impressive.
  12. Well, that's the primer on. Wonder what colour it's going to be?
  13. Hi and congratulations on your new arrival! A general rule of thumb as a starting point for temperature is around the 93 degree point depending on the bean/roast. I’m not familiar with the PID setup on the Mini but the controller should manage the off-set - which basically means you should see whatever you set the temperature to at the group head, but the actual boiler temperature will be off-set higher to achieve that. I’ve found with the GS3 that you need to insert the steam wand right into the milk and not try to mess around introducing air. It’s that powerful the air gets in anyw
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