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  1. Sorry to hear about the missing parts I’m sure BB will sort you out. Cant answer the question on whether you can still use the machine but you do not need a softener when using Volvic👍
  2. It’s a thin line. I’ve written, rewritten, re-read posts and then thought ‘sod it’ and deleted it. Not worth the sh*t storm if it’s misinterpreted. Forum etiquette is a skill that should be taught in schools 😆
  3. I use a dosing funnel that sits on the outside of the portafilter so it doesn’t indent the grinds. You can even tamp through it but I don’t do that. It has completely cured side channelling - but it wasn’t cheap.
  4. I found the Formula 6 (espresso) needed a fairly course grind - shot time low 20’s ball park.
  5. Almost ready to give up on Formula 6 by James Gourmet. Just couldn’t get out of the ‘amaretto’ zone. Dropped the temperature, slackened right off upped the ratio to 1.28 and bingo. Just as I finished the damned bag ☹️
  6. Early delivery (groan). Mini hopper for the E37s But I think I prefer the temporary solution I’ve been using. A quality bean weight made by a certain gentleman around these parts 😂
  7. Absolutely agree. And I want to get the full potential out of the grinder as well.
  8. I get that. I read somewhere on this forum that there can be quite a variance on the E37 and noticeable improvements can be had by aligning the burrs. I also take PPapa’s point about large flats being more difficult to get an even pour so maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree.
  9. One thing to add is that I have struggled to get a good even pour from the bottomless on the E37. I’ve resorted to really vigorous WDT to get anything like the evenness I get from the Niche. This may indicate the burrs are slightly misaligned - I’m not sure if this is how it manifests. Pretty sure my prep technique is OK. Will check tomorrow.
  10. I’ve had the E37s for a week and only used it with one bean type. I haven’t as yet checked the burr alignment, and the burrs are still new. Against the Niche with the same bean the E37 produces a lighter flavour with higher acidity. The Niche tastes bolder and fuller but lacks the clarity. With this particular bean which is a darker roast I prefer the taste of the Niche. Next up is @Hasi LSOL Monkey surprise.
  11. What’s the price new? Knock about 20% off and pitch it at that with shipping extra. Very nice grinder. If I hadn’t just bought an E37s I’d be interested.
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