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  1. Try United Barista Marketplace. They sell to cafes and public.
  2. Arrived perfectly packaged. Thanks @Chrisbriton for a smooth transaction.
  3. I’ll take this at asking @Chrisbriton
  4. Yes - should be good 😕
  5. Should be good to go then. Also you got lucky, the module has the LED backlight anode on pin 15 so no need to swap it around unlike the EBay one. Should work right out of the box.
  6. That reads to me like he was referring to the beans ageing over time and finer settings are required - which is true of any grinder.
  7. Lots of help, suggestions and encouragement here @Crema Any feedback??
  8. It’s the correct size, spec, and pin out. However it looks as though there is no ribbon connector attached. You will therefore need to source a correct sized connector. The modules linked previously in the thread work and have the correct connectors attached. They are manufactured by Display-Electronik GmbH. Could you not check if the post to South Korea?
  9. I just dropped a bag into the E37s. I don’t detect any major difference. Needed to go a bit coarser.
  10. Baskets supplied with 3rd party bottomless portafilters are generally poor quality. People normally chuck them and switch to their preferred basket anyway. That is of course unless you buy direct from Lelit. Personally I would rather buy a cheapish 3rd party bottomless than butcher a perfectly good Lelit one.
  11. @RincewindDid you find one? They sell them in The Range store near us. I’ll have a look next time I’m in there.
  12. OK, great. We can go to PM to sort out postage etc.
  13. I paid £30 for this grinder from a forum member as it was only switching on in short bursts. It had been like this since new, and he got a refund. I replaced the X2 RF suppression capacitor and it's now working perfectly. Job took 30 mins start to finish. I also chopped the EU plug and fitted a UK one. I don't want to make anything from this - it's a 'pay it forwards' type deal for the benefit of forum members. (And I hate seeing things like this go to land-fill). Here is the link to the original forum topic and repair, plus video of the grinder working. It has a small mar
  14. I have to try this and to find the right bellow, which type are you using? Info is on this thread: You’ll will need a Perspex or Boroscillicate glass tube to go in the neck which the bellows then goes over.
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