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    Thanks for the good wishes, the kids at the school can't wait to get going with the project
  2. Volume will probably be up to 200 cups per day - both take out and sit in, but we want a really reliable and good looking machine and really like the look of the spaziale
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    Thanks Mike, I am sure I will find the links useful - always good to keep updating the menu board! Thanks also for the good luck wish for the project.
  4. debbieseag


    Hi, I am Debbie and am involved in a project in Surrey setting up a coffee and cookie bar to allow the students of a local school for students with disabilities to gain some work experience and to incorporate the GCSE Business Studies course with a real life company situation. It will provide them a real working environment to enable the disabled students of the school to increase their self reliance, self esteem and independence. By selling great quality coffee, cakes and cookies along with an internet area we intend to make a profit which can then be ploughed back into help with the running of the school.
  5. We are in the process of setting up a new coffee shop and cookie bar. Have been looking at the La Spaziale machines - can anyone let us know if they are as good as they say in the product leaflets?
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