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  1. Sorry just noticed this. New phone lol. Yeah they are the same portafilter so will fit ok
  2. Still requires a decent pull, buy my guess is that's it's direction of movement offers more of a downwards pull rather then pulling out in a larger arc. That's my thoughts but who knows. As for the spring I just though I'd go for the standard to begin with and see how I got on. Maybe get the other one later down the road if I felt like I would benefit from it. If you're ever passing down this way feel free to give me a shout and you can have a go.
  3. Will do. I'll get my camera set up when I get chance next
  4. I liked the look of it mainly and how shiney it was 😄 In all seriousness I was initially looking for a pavoni, but then remembered they aren't ideal with little kids around. I put out some feelers and was offered this from Chris at Conti. Unfortunately I have only used a Londinium once so I feel I can't really give a fair comparison between the two machines. As for this CC101 though, as my first go at a big lever machine, I'm totally smitten. Its mains fed and I've got it hooked up to a BWT bestmax V that @hasi supplied. The espresso is tasting absolutely superb so far. Heat up time around 30 mins. Steam power is immense. This is the 9 bar spring but I believe you can get a 6 bar too. It's a big chunk of machine. Can't remember the exact size but it's available online. Not sure what else to say other than mention the lever mech. That thing is worth its weight in gold. So cool to watch as it operates
  5. Which lump are you on about Jony? The versuvius? This conti is definitely the end for me. The shots are unbelievable
  6. Arrived on Monday (was meant to be the Friday before but couriers couldn't be bothered it seemed) Absolutely stunning Conti CC101 Lever. Endgame complete
  7. Yeah it's coming from Conti this one. Chris's own machine. Hopefully have it in a couple of days. I'd read the same about the weight. Need to get my brother involved I think. Don't want to burst my stitches haha
  8. About to take delivery of a Conti CC101 lever
  9. I've just listed this on eBay if anyone is interested https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293708068938 Cheers
  10. Potentially have a Sage DB for sale in black. Lovely Machine for the money
  11. Oosh for sure if money allowed. Add me. It's been so long since I've tried 😝
  12. What about some kind of smartphone connectivity? Could set up condition monitoring or cleaning schedules ( probs blow the brief budget )
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