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  1. The issue is I used to fix the JCB’s on “recycling” plants and have seen some of the practices used. Granted that was a few years ago so hopefully things have changed.
  2. I really struggle with the bottled water thing. What do you all do with the waste bottles? Seems like such a waste to me [emoji46]
  3. With a good grinder, the DTP will pull a great shot. If you can gather up around £200 for your grinder you will do well to look for a Mazzer SJ or a Mignon.
  4. I debated between but in the end it was the volume that swung it
  5. [IMG]https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20190517/f76577bd3f599c1ec8e1aa53818fb5b7.jpg[/IMG] Frank Green 230ml Cheers @Scotford for the recommendation.
  6. Thule ride-along. Must have used this all of three times, so in as new condition. Unfortunately I’ve lost the box for this. I can get some photos of the actual item later once I’ve given it a dust off. Asking £75 posted to UK mainland.
  7. After the lever day I can’t get them out of my head! So any condition really but don’t want to spend a fortune (£150 is ideally my top end) Hopefully something crops up on here. Would swap for tampers/handles to the same value if that was of interest to anyone. Thanks in advance [emoji106]
  8. It really depends on where I’m working as to wether I can get to the lathe. I’d hazard a guess at a couple of weeks but it could go either way.
  9. [quote name='Cooffe']@joey24dirt I finally got a spare PF from Sage! Can I ship it to you (my cost) and you work that instead of paying the £36.95. And I just pay for your labour/shipping back? Apologies i've gone aloof for a bit![/QUOTE] Yeah that will work too [emoji106] I’ll pm my address
  10. Just to mirror what has been said. Stick to one brand if possible. Dewalt is my brand at the mo. The battery circular saw is great. I do have a few random ryobi bits though such as the battery router which is also a handy bit of kit If you have the space then the Titan table saw from screwfix is a good tool for the money. Make yourself a sled and you can do a lot with it.
  11. I’ve seen this on Instagram. Easy with the right tools (that I don’t have [emoji23])
  12. Have you got the link there please? I’ll have a look
  13. I’ve been trying to find one. Desperate to make a perfect sphere.
  14. I haven’t yet but one had an issue on the lever day. It was just because it had a full day of heat though I think. The beauty of the londinium design is that the end user could rotate the skate pattern to how they like. Sometimes once they are screwed with the current method I use, they can look a bit wonkey. At the moment I’m just glueing in stainless stud bar. A nice stainless cap bolt going though will look the part and give me an edge over the other skate makers haha
  15. Funny you should mention that M. I’m changing my design to be similar to them. After the forum day I’ve been concerned about strength lol
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