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  1. 51.5 or 51.6mm tamper View Advert Hi folks - not been on for a while. It has been surprisingly difficult to source a 51.5 or 51.6mm tamper for soon to arrive LP. Does anyone have one available? New or used - I kinda like getting higher quality/priced tampers in the past though also happy to get anything for now to tide me over. Cheers Advertiser kennyboy993 Date 04/10/21 Price Category Wanted  
  2. Anyone up for this? my niche is about year and a half old - on average 2 cups a week so hardly run in. We’d agree fixed time say 2 months and if we both like the swap we’d make it permanent. if one of us isn’t up for it we’d give them back. I’m in Leeds - will travel perhaps an hour oh should add - the plain black solo please, think there’s some carbon fibre versions around
  3. I’ve had it over 2 years John - not sure weight
  4. For quite a while now I’ve been concerned that it’s my Niche zero that is the culprit for my coffee flavours being flattened - can’t seem to get anything other than generic. I’ve been in this game long enough to get a good instinct, especially with my own setup, and after some trial and error I want to try a flat burr grinder at my place as one final test before possibly moving it on. So was wondering if there’s a generous soul in the Leeds area that is up for bringing his flat burr grinder (preferably with single dosing ability) over to my gaff for an hour or so? Incentives include low-brow conversation and cake 😊
  5. Please see my posts on exactly why this is - quite recent too. Not got time to repost again here though can later if you can’t find
  6. That looks like it Dave - thanks. Will get this configured later
  7. I think it could be me but I can't get a stream that suits what I need - I want to see all posts but only at topic level i.e. like tapatalk did. So I don't want to see individual updates for the same topic on my stream - just the updated topic return to the top of my stream if it was the last thing to be updated or started. The 'all activity' stream doesn't seem to be filterable to Topic only. Anyone else have this problem or solved it?
  8. Ha ha John is right about me changing machines. I’ll be moving on from bambino soon I think it’s a great machine though ultimately it’s main asset - super quick heat up - is also it’s biggest limiter. Bambino brew temp is directly related to flow rate because it only heats at brew time - it’s not the same as older thermoblocks where the block gets to a certain heat and therefore stores heat in some small way. Thermojet only heats when you’re pulling your shot so it’s setup to heat water to the right temperature on an assumed rate of flow - around 36g in 30 seconds for example. If you deviate too much from that the brew temp is adversely affected. Which pretty much rules out experimenting with more difficult beans eg with coarse grind and longer ratio etc. But for middle of the road beans, grind etc it’s a great little machine - and the auto milk works very well
  9. Ok thanks gents, good stuff. I’ll do that then
  10. I’ll be taking delivery of a euro or pro la pavoni in the not too distant future - it will be a European market post millennium with a euro electric plug on it. The seller has advised to just use a euro to uk plug adapter though I’d prefer to remove the plug and fit a uk one instead. Is that ok to do, I assume there won’t be an earth wire?
  11. Sounds good to me, I can’t find any for under £400 new now
  12. Ah cool. I guess the only confusing bit in the manual then is it stating to add a jug under the group
  13. Btw I’m talking about bambino here - should have said
  14. Ah ok cheers I’ll try it then. You have no hole in your blanking rubber? I don’t - I heard some did
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