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  1. Longer in yield Nick, not necessarily time
  2. Hi Nick - I make americanos 95% of the time. As img says - you shouldn’t make the drink by putting more and more water through the puck as the continued extraction would normally make a bitter and not very nice drink. For americano I often make a 1:2.5 or 1:3 ratio espresso as the base - don’t be afraid to go over 1:2 as u have a lot more freedom when u know you’ll be adding more water anyway. In terms of adding the extra water - a standard kettle is fine imo. The water does not need to be temperature controlled as brewing is already done and as I learnt on these forums, you cannot burn an already brewed espresso with very hot water. I do use the hot water tap on my dual boiler espresso machine though my machine is plumbed in so don’t worry about tank refills plus I do it often enough to ensure fresh water is in there.
  3. Looks like home grown blends are a unanimous success! Maybe there’s something in it....
  4. All the RAVE blends meet your criteria I would say - they have always been a great ‘go to’ blend for me. They describe the roast as medium/dark Chatsworth, fudge and the other one I can’t remember
  5. Me too - often works well I sometimes make a small aeropress also
  6. I had a good experience with blue coffee box img
  7. Not sure if budget is £2k plus grinder. If so I’ll throw in ECM mechanika. Beautiful machine and although HX is super temp stable - and can be plumbed.
  8. Loving that pic Hasi - your lad looks a natural
  9. Glad you sorted it pal - those thermos are pretty useful aren’t they
  10. Yeah more and more decent decafs available with UK roasters now. There’s a couple of threads going best to check those out Rave have a good all rounder and hasbean, caravan and origin stand out as very good decafs I’ve had recently. If the 7g basket idea doesn’t work out - you might try mixing in half decaf beans on a double basket
  11. Last one - to show quality of the grain
  12. Another shot in a different light - the dark wood compliments the black niche well I think
  13. Thanks Ian. That’s a V steam arm with a water spout at the end. I have a rocket Giotto water wand ordered from BB which is shorter otherwise exactly the same. I’m a plumbed in regular user of the hot water - I couldn’t get a mug under the original wand.
  14. Oh my days that’s expensive. Mildred will have a cupboard full already [emoji1]
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