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  1. Haha, I was replying while you were informing me. Cheers Dave x
  2. £60 is ok with me.. cheers @paul whu
  3. And this one that I forgot...
  4. Sorry, I did post photos but I’ve been away for 10 days any without any decent phone signal. Ill see if I can add them again now....
  5. Another photo....
  6. I only recently bought this Splendid Joey creation for my Torr tamper. I like it loads but now I don’t have an espresso machine and grinder I thought I’d see if someone else wants to buy it....? £70 posted to standard U.K. postcodes payment by PayPal friends and family. please see photos
  7. Nice to meet you, enjoy the coffee
  8. Rom

    Heat Pad

    To help keep a bit of heat in it.. shouldn’t need too much..
  9. Rom

    Heat Pad

    Does anyone use or know of a heat pad that can used with a Chemex, etc? cheers
  10. 7-10 days is average, and the packing will have an air valve that will allow gases to escape as the rest
  11. I had problems getting on here this morning.. seems back to normal now though.
  12. @igm45 ill drop you a PM, apologies for the delay in seeing this I’ve had a busy day..
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