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  1. Fair comment @clickhappy I’m sure it will be ok.. @salty this is my third Clever and the other two came with a coaster, I assumed they all did. As you say though they probably work just as well without.. it’s just that I’m used to having one there to put it on..
  2. @clickhappy Received but I didn’t realise it hadn’t got the coaster with it. Have you got it?
  3. I’ve got an Andrew James one too. I bought it years ago for vac packing other stuff before using it for beans. They have so many uses once you have one..
  4. Please can we keep comments to ones that are connected with the sale of such an awesome piece of workmanship? ?
  5. I might look at Dog & Hat - I like the sound of what they do
  6. I had an In My Mug sub for about 3 years and thoroughly enjoyed it... one day I will return as it’s still a very good price for those that like the LSOL
  7. Just ordered my a kilo
  8. I didn’t like the carbon one and don’t like a mix of black and stainless either. Got to be all black or all stainless for me
  9. The carbon one was a special one.. As I said.. good luck ? it might be a good price for someone on the lookout for a V ??
  10. @Paolo_Cortese sells ex demo (as new) machines on here for about €600 less than your price. You may need to go lower to sell, good luck ?
  11. Received with thanks. Sorry for the late reply, we’ve been away since Thursday. Now we have both size Clever Drippers and this one is mine as I like stronger coffee
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