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  1. Am I right in saying this takes No2 Filters?
  2. My Bonavita has decided to stop working, I’ve had it around 6-7 years so perhaps not too bad. the question is what should I buy to replace it with? There are loads more options now than there was back then.. cheers, Rom
  3. Rom

    For Sale - (Items below)

    Cheers @AndyDClements and thanks for the postage money. It’s good to know there are a few decent ones of us left
  4. Rom

    For Sale - (Items below)

    Thanks pm some details and I’ll send my paypal address for payment.
  5. Rom

    For Sale - (Items below)

    £50 + postage - last reduction.
  6. Rom

    For Sale - (Items below)

    Reduced to £65 + postage looking to move on ASAP
  7. Torr Tamper - Classic gloss yellow handle with a 58 - 58.4mm ? Convex Base. in great condition. Originally bought from @coffeechap perhaps he knows the size. My vernier is at work. 2 x IMS E61 200im -Shower Screens used but very good condition. Red silicone gasket (new) ECM Shot Glass with ECM logo - used but no marks 1 x Small tin of food grade grease for E61 group lever lubrication. (tin is FULL) Stainless Steel knock box - 270mm long (including drawer handle) x 165mm wise x 60mm deep. Used but decent condition. Rhinowares corner edge tamp mat - 10mm thick wi
  8. Fair comment @clickhappy I’m sure it will be ok.. @salty this is my third Clever and the other two came with a coaster, I assumed they all did. As you say though they probably work just as well without.. it’s just that I’m used to having one there to put it on..
  9. @clickhappy Received but I didn’t realise it hadn’t got the coaster with it. Have you got it?
  10. I’ve got an Andrew James one too. I bought it years ago for vac packing other stuff before using it for beans. They have so many uses once you have one..
  11. Please can we keep comments to ones that are connected with the sale of such an awesome piece of workmanship? ?
  12. I might look at Dog & Hat - I like the sound of what they do
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