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  1. I didn’t like the carbon one and don’t like a mix of black and stainless either. Got to be all black or all stainless for me
  2. The carbon one was a special one.. As I said.. good luck 😉 it might be a good price for someone on the lookout for a V 👍🏼
  3. @Paolo_Cortese sells ex demo (as new) machines on here for about €600 less than your price. You may need to go lower to sell, good luck 🙂
  4. Received with thanks. Sorry for the late reply, we’ve been away since Thursday. Now we have both size Clever Drippers and this one is mine as I like stronger coffee
  5. You should have the money very soon Thanks
  6. Rom


    I’m only drinking brewed at the mo.. didn’t think I’d miss espresso as much as I am.
  7. Rom


    My legacy of briefly owning a Vesuvius was to ask @Glenn to add this V Sub forum. it seems to be a keeper 😉 you can thank me later 👍🏼
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