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  1. When my vesuvius is brewing espresso the noise of the pump inside has become noticeably louder. If I hold my hand fairly firmly on the right side of the machine it quietens down. The machine still works perfectly and makes perfectly good coffee, just an increase in volume when brewing. Any advice appreciated
  2. Thanks guys, seems to have sorted itself out but still worried it might do it again. Worried the little beaut was going to explode
  3. When prepping my machine this morning I turned on steam boiler at 130c, my normal temperature setting. I turned round to grind some beans and noticed that the machine was making a hissing noise and occasional popping noise. Couldn't figure out what was going on for a minute and then the screen went red and displayed the message ' alarm boiler temperature'. The steam boiler was reading 140c so I switched the steam boiler off and drank black! Any ideas of what this might be Dave or anyone else? Thanks
  4. Can't even organise the grammar for the thread topic correctly ?
  5. I am an absolute mechanical clown, but read somewhere about lubrication for e61 espresso machines and bought some Molykote 111 stuff, only problem is, I don't know what to do with it. Can an expert please advise for a person of low intelligence. Many thanks
  6. moultram

    Lonton Coffee

    Has anyone heard of these roasters? I saw one of the North Star guys was bigging them up on their twitter feed. Had a quick look at the website but couldn't see an online shop nor where to order it from. Thought I'd check on here to see if anyone had tried it or knew where sells?
  7. Always thought Mont Blanc was the highest point in the Alps
  8. Bought some hot chocolate for SWMBO from James Gourmet on forum recommendations, had to purchase some coffee as well naturally. Ethiopian Bishan Dimo Mill Espresso Roast comes HIGHLY recommended, amazing both in milk and as long black (don't tend to drink straight espresso often). Don't see JG mentioned much on the forum but this coffee will definitely be a repeat purchase. It's billed as a super light espresso which I'd disagree with slightly, I'd say more light to medium. They also sell it as a filter roast aka a slightly lighter roast profile so I may try that to see the difference is. If anyone has any other bean recommendations from JG let me know! Filter or espresso is fine.
  9. What is your shot time with a 35 second pre-infusion Rhys?
  10. Came across this beer mat in the local tonight. Never heard anything to suggest this is so. Don't know how to rotate images, apologies. Thoughts please!
  11. How does it compare to North Star's version?
  12. No original box unfortunately. Trying to keep it collection only to avoid the hassle of sending plus I don't have any odd bits to package it up in
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