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  1. The pressure was up at .5 this morning, had a little water and steam then it was gone. Ive took a few videos, if you pm your number I could WhatsApp you the videos Dave. I appreciate your help.
  2. Hi Kenny, hope your well buddy, yeh that's good advice, what's the usual brew temp? I've not taken a temp reading yet but there is still a good bit of stream when I'm purging before a shot. I'll check it tomorrow and let you know. Sounds about right though
  3. Hi all, My ECM Elektronika isn't working properly. Something is wrong with the heat exchanger. I'm not getting steam or hot water anymore. CN only brew espresso. I also think there may be a thermostat out as it has made some some noises on occasions where the dials have even steamed up and I've had to turn it off. Am going to put it in for repair when it's opened but has anyone had heat exchanger issues and what I could try.
  4. Thats true, hes better in front if tye camera, when giving kisses night night the coffee tamper gets one ?
  5. Worst thing I ever did was letting my son help, now I cam never just make a coffee in peace ha ha, he is getting some skills though ?☕
  6. Moving house, so thinking of selling up and starting again later, Just wondered what to exact for EMC, used daily by myself and wife, well maintained and used with soft water. All packaging and accessories still in loft.
  7. Hi and welcome, your quite close to Williams place, https://allstartedhere.wordpress.com Highly recommend The sage are nice machines, what grinder are you using? The latte art is which craft lol
  8. can some explain as to why this one has a guage on the group head when all others I see dont?
  9. For sale my Fiorenzato F83 Bought £840 for in October 2016 by a well know forum member then sold to me for £650 It's in immaculate condition. "This is an 83mm flat burr grinder and is as good, in my opinion as its main contenders. Bering in mind, the new price is well below both the Compak E8 and Ceado E37s"(previous sellers take on it) I have since bought a mazzer mini hopper and coller which I think works better in the home setting. If you are local you are welcome to come and try. It will weigh around 20 kilos so expect the courier charges to be about £25 insured if using Roya
  10. No problem Rom, I've put my grinder up for sale so you never know, may sell in time
  11. Thanks for your help mate, only reason I'm looking to sell is to fund a Mythos, I blame you ha ha
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