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  1. I came here to ask if any one knew where I can find an instruction manual for my Gaggia XD?..............but while I am on the forum as this is the first time it has ever missed a beat some help with the fault diagnosis might not go amiss. Machine had been stood a few days while I was away, turned on to warm up and wandered off, on return water pressure dial was way over to max.........turned it off prompt! Had a look for anything realy silly like check inlet isolating valve was not off and left it to cool down. Turned it back on, ran off a few shots worth of water and water pressure se
  2. Thanks will do, although even I am not mad enough to have a jug bespoke laser engraved..........I don't think
  3. a La Marzocco branded toroid jug 20 oz OK I'm a bit OCD and this is a rather specific request but a while back, when I was druling over the new GS3 machine that seemed to take for ever to actually make it to market and then was way too pricey for me...................but I am sure at the time I saw this jug which looked exactly like the espro, but branded. I have looked and looked but can not find it anywhere now, not even La Marzocco web site, maybe I made it up in my head, if not and you know where I can get one I would appreciate it. Peter
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