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  1. It was all built from scratch. I couldn't really find anything I liked for a coffee station,so thought i'd just make one how I wanted! The thing on the bottom shelf is an Otto, I got it years ago when I was in Australia, is just a modern atomic; nice little bit of kit though. More importantly, a much needed piece of coffee paraphernalia! ?
  2. Hi everyone, long time lurker here, just thought I'd share my coffee station I made the other day, does the job for me pretty good, most people think I'm mad putting so much into coffee. They never turn down a cup though!
  3. hi everyone, just wondering what your thoughts were on the presso's? im looking at getting one as a starting point to making espresso's! anyone ever used one?
  4. seijik

    hi all!

    thanks for the welcome! i should have a coffee grinder on the way, was %70 off so was only £30! is a burr grinder so hopefully should do the job, i've had a look at those sites and will order some when i get the grinder, i ordered some ground coffee from coffee direct before i found this place, are they any good? i only ordered a sample pack to see what they're like!
  5. seijik

    hi all!

    hi guys and gals, just came across this forum whilst trying to research coffee! basically, im a complete noob, i do like a good cup of coffee but so far thats been a nero's coffee, thought i'd buy myself a french press in the sale, got some coffee from whitards and have been trying to research whats good and where to buy for about two nights now! lol how ever so far im asuming buying from whitards isnt good as i cant imagine its very fresh? so any advise on anything will be great! on with the research now! Rich
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