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  1. i have a mazzer super jolly that ive used for years, its always done me proud but yesterday i got a new machine and with it came a grinder, so i did a litttle research and it appears to be a rebadged compak k10 which im reading are very good, does anyone have any experience, is it worth considering keeping in place of the mazzer?
  2. The fracino appears to be plumbed but its a commercial one not a domestic, i think its the old version of the bambino but im not sure, its just generic fracino 1 group no one seems to name them its kind of odd but as this one is out ofrange of me getting it really ill use it as an example: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fracino-Single-Group-Tank-Espresso-Machine-240v/122934697993?_trkparms=aid%3D888007%26algo%3DDISC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D49919%26meid%3D6884a1427b834a64a27720676540a813%26pid%3D100009%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26sd%3D152862525306%26itm%3D122934697993&_trksid=p2047675.c100009.m1982
  3. sadly the expobar is an auction one, its just a hope it doesnt go over my budget. im strongly leaning towards a fracino i think,im not sure of the model exactly but its one of the lower end commercial units, simple 1 group type thing. there doesnt really seem to be much out there to match the value offered by fracinos it seems.
  4. i did look at the temp duo but it seems like quite a step down from what im used to. right now im looking at an expobar and a few fracinos and even a bezzera i just cant decide which way to go
  5. a while back i got an astounding deal on a fiamma latina i and its served me well but its now due both a serious servicing and a new water filter at minimum. being that its both old and rather rare i think the cost of a service and parts will far outweigh the cost of an equivalent or better machine so i think its time i retire it. Ive set my max budget at £500 and am open to refurbs and second hand machines. Im kind of used to having the machine always on like i do with my current one and having it plumbed is a big bonus (im lazy what can i say?) so it would be ideal if it were something
  6. well my luck only ever lasts so long it seems! after making a brew yesterday i pushed the steam wand back and "Clang!" the wand falls of, whipping the top off the machine i see whats happened, the adjustment screw/bolt that holds the arm onto the valve assembly had sheared of inside, somewhat disappointed i began searching the web for fiamma spares to little avail for such an old machine, there are plenty of parts for the post 2013 fiamma machines but almost nothing from before then. of course im hardly going to give up there so i went back to have another look and see what else i may be
  7. i hooked it into the mains, well i spurred off the mains into a 30A cooker switch which i mounted on the wall and connected it to that anyway. sadly im a dirt poor bum who only has his equipment through lucking out over the years so i cant afford a sparky sadly, much like the reason im stuck in a house with electrics like this, the rent is cheap, although it does seem a bit odd that such a huge letting agency allow such a place to be let out, but i shouldnt be surprised the fire alarm was broken when i moved in too, but dont worry, they take care of the important stuff, last inspection they re
  8. thanks guys looks like itll be a sack of raves italian job then, it just really stings to throw away a nice espresso because ive already drank so much im shaking like im having a personal earthquake, ill have to get a ton of people round to drink all the spare shots. whats causing me issues at the moment is that i can still pull great shots with a ton of crema off the gaggia but i cant seem to get the same results out of the fiamma, it certainly seems to need a finer grind but thats another topic for another day, right now i have to get on my bike in this awful weather and get to trentham in t
  9. thanks. i wish there were separate breakers but no, there is a single (possibly bacolite) fusebox containing one 5A one 15A and one 30A fuse. one switch on the fusebox and one on the single breaker, whole house on or whole house off, no inbetweens. at a guess id say this house was redone by a DIYer in the late 60s/early 70s and has never been touched since, but the rent is cheap so here i am.
  10. does anyone have any recommendations for somewhere to get really cheap beans to use for learning and tweaking my machine? ill admit it im an impatient git, ive got a new toy and i keep wanting to make more shots to get it right. however theres only so much i can drink and it seems both a waste and is very expensive throwing away shots of good brew. My normal goto for a cheap but decent bean is rave but i was wondering if there is anywhere cheaper where the beans are still good enough to learn on but cheap enough to ditch the shots without shedding a little tear each time? does anywhere sell so
  11. I currently have my machine hooked up to a 30A cooker switch, as its a commercial HX machine it takes a good half hour to warm up at least, so i thought it would be nice if i had it turn on in the morning and get hot before i drag myself out of bed, sure i could use a boring old timer for this but first i get up at varying times and im too lazy to set a timer every day, second im a nerd so if theres a techy option ill always take it. its 2017, things are supposed to be all space age! so with that in mind i thought id set up a simple arduino with a bluetooth module and 30A relay and set it
  12. thanks, i must have just lucked out when i reassembled that bit then as it hit exactly 9 bar (on the gauge on the front anyway) not bad for a "looks bout rightish" kinda job! ill try to disassemble and clean up it at some point soon to stop the leak but it is just a drip so its not something i need to rush to do
  13. i find if you dont rest it you have to grind fairly coarse compared to most beans but i actually quite like them in the early days, at that point you definitely get the most of that heavy funky leather/aniseed taste which i personally love but as you rest it that dies off a little and the brew becomes a lot more rounded, nutty and smooth. as for grind they seem to be much coarser than other beans, using my mazzer as an example on most beans ill be in the upper half of the 8 to 9 range to get the best but those tend to need to be dialled down to closer to 8 when really fresh, they tend to be at
  14. Im finally in the middle and i dont think ill need to go much higher, im now pretty much using commercial equipment which all told cost under £200, ive been awfully lucky with my finds and theyve landed me with a dream setup that i think will stay with me for a long time Early Years: Hand Mills and French Press Beginnings (late 2000s) Cheapo Cookworks espresso machine, Krups burr grinder 2010: upgraded to a gaggia classic modded with a rancilio arm late 2011: managed to get a mazzer super jolly at 80 quid, the gaggia died at one point and was replaced with another late 2015: start
  15. wow, thanks for all the help guys i wasnt expecting so many responses for such an obscure machine, i ended up having a bit of a busy day yesterday so i didnt get chance to snap any pics but im going to have a crack at a few of the fixes suggested here, granted i can get the nuts and bolts to all unscrew that is, which i usually dont but thankfully i have a friend whos a plumber and is a bit more handy and getting fittings unstuck. i dragged it across onto the draining board earlier this morning so i dont flood the kitchen again and connected and decided to reconnect it and try and fire it up a
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