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  1. There was a coffee shop selling illy in The Venetian. That was pretty good. Was a fair few years ago, but is close to where you are staying, so might be worth a look.
  2. Mine have also arrived today by Royal Mail. Looks like they were roasted by the Riddler ? Thanks for sorting
  3. Dog and hat are really good. Nice variety of beans so far and some European roasters too.
  4. If you have a home brew shop near you have a look in there. That's where I brought mine, normally in various sizes from 100g to 1kg, but as mentioned before make sure its 100%.
  5. Thanks for the photos @Grimley. Am surprised how empty the venue looks. I was there for the Lunch session yesterday and it was much busier.
  6. 1. martyrdon 2. iulianato 3. GCGlasgow
  7. Brewdog nanny state, if you like hoppy beers.
  8. Anyone else going to the sat lunch session ?
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