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  1. Yes that’s great, can move to PM
  2. I’ll take at asking please. Just double checking this is the unit that works for sage DB yes? Thanks
  3. Is there a guide to changing the Sage DB to 6 bar flat on here? Might have a go at this over the weekend
  4. fantastic news! Might have to stay inside all day just in case.... shame as there happens to be mountains of rugby on the tv.
  5. The exact same here. But yes have waited this long, Monday it is. Hopefully.
  6. :mad:DPD are the worst. Been tracking my parcel round the west midlands all day and now not available till Monday
  7. just blown through a bag of this in v60 in three days, it’s beautiful. Very thankful to have ordered two bags!
  8. Goram

    Beans on a budget

    James Gourmet is also very competitively priced and honestly some of the best coffee I’ve had has been from there and I’ve never had a bad bean. Might be worth a look
  9. Can anyone send me the code? Thanks in advance.
  10. Feel the same as above. I’ve been landing in the dead on filter or just below for bigger 02 v60s. May have something to do with the different filters available?
  11. Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira Da Grama - Pulped Natural via Hasbean's IMM subscription. Wonderful, classic coffee. Have steamed through 250g in barely any time at all. Really beautiful Brazilian.
  12. Paid! Very excited for this, had a friend who lived all of 30 yards from Outpost and would rave about them to me all the time. Never actually got chance to visit him or them so was pleased to see this pop up! Many thanks for organising, especially as it seems so stressful this time round!
  13. 1. FBS' mate 2. Goram 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  14. Yes mine came as ordered, can’t wait to dive in!
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