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  1. Thanks guys - I'll check the gasket on the Classic. It seems like excess pressure caused by experimenting with too fine a grind unscrews the portafilter, which then falls off the machine onto the cup. Back off that grind one click and it doesn't happen. I'm not keen on pods from the environmental point of view (more unneccesary waste0, and less coffee choice, so I'd rather stick with grinding fresh. I know a 'semi automatic' machine probably won't produce the ultimate shot - but the whole point is, that's not where I'm coming from . So, can anyone suggest one please?
  2. For home use I'm used to buying either beans I know from big reliable roasters at a good price, or small roast to order shops with good variety, maybe superb quality, and higher prices. A few days ago I got some beans from Ebay - 'Ethiopia', region specified, taste described as something like a typical floral, good acidity, clean taste, lingering blueberry aftertaste. That sounds like some Ethiopian - it's suspiciously cheap, but let's give it a go. It's not undrinkable, but the taste is nothing like any of that - chocolate, cocoa, very full, not fruity, a little spicy, some black tea... The
  3. Recommendations please? I have Gaggia Classic and Gaggia Gran Deluxe espresso machines, and grinders that can choke either machine if set too fine. The Gran Deluxe uses a pressurised portafilter unit (the kind that pops as it reaches pressure and releases the shot), the Classic is unpressurised. But (heresy?), I found learning and refining barrista skills doesn't interest me. What gets me going is swapping between three or four 250gm bags of different beans and continually tasting new ones. The Gran Deluxe turns out an acceptable (not optimal) espresso regardless of how I tamp the coff
  4. I have a Gaggia Classic from 2018 - I think it's the stainless boiler model. I also have a Gaggia Gran Deluxe at a different location, and 'just about does the job' Baratza Encore grinders for each, adjusted for espresso grinds. I'm told by a Gaggia agent that the Gran Deluxe was designed for no brainer operation - grind your coffee approximately to espresso, fill up the filter basket it came with, tamp roughly, push the button, and it will deliver a pretty good but maybe not optimal coffee via a pressurised filter basket. It seems to do that with most coffee beans. Here's my problem. I'
  5. I've had a Gaggia Gran Deluxe for about six weeks. It works well except that maybe every 8th cup it leaks steam and/or water from the junction of the grounds holder and the machine, after pushing the brew button but before the coffee starts to exit the spouts. I've tried not tamping the coffee, cleaning everything concerned, making sure it's on straight, and not overfilling, but still this leak happens. Maybe I'm not using the right amount of pressure to seat the brew head properly, but I try to always use the same amount of force. Any ideas much appreciated.
  6. Hi - just made the first cup with a new Gran Deluxe. The coffee made well, but some clean water leaked down from the top edge of the filter holder/ground coffee filter where it inserts into the brew unit. Is it possible I tightened the filter holder too much and distorted the seal? As there's high pressure involved I pushed it pretty much as far to the right as it will go, requiring quite a lot of pressure. Also, I tamped the coffee down quite hard with the back of the measuring scoop, is that right? Any other ideas? Thanks, Max
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