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  1. Currently I have a classic with pid, europiccola and a super jolly with doser and I am pretty happy fiddling around and single dosing etc. Also I only drink espresso. My wife on the other hand has a Melitta bean to cup and is not impressed with all the weighing and so forth. She would like a better flat white but without the faff. I am looking for ideas to evolve my setup so she can use it before she buys a Sage Oracle! Please help!
  2. Delicious espresso this morning. 13g/22g, strong parma violet flavour. Hope it gets even better when I slacken the grind a bit. Thanks very much!
  3. Yes I use arduino on my gaggia classic. Mostly to control the temperature. I use a neural network pid instead of standard pid so the machine learns the parameters itself. I was planning to add a dimmer to control the pressure too but it is waiting to be wired up! I can put the code on github if you are interested.
  4. Enjoyed my first espresso this morning. Grind was a bit off but I got some fruity/berry flavours. Can't wait to try aeropress later!
  5. danb23

    Gaggia Mini

    Great, what sort of condition is it and how much are you looking for?
  6. danb23

    Gaggia Mini

    Does anybody have a gaggia mini or similar open boiler lever they would be prepared to part with? Thanks Dan
  7. I have definitely been struggling with this one. Maybe it was too much fiddling with my machine but I have found it hard to get consistent espresso. I did get one with some dark chocolate flavours. Mostly it has been highlighting my poor barista skills jumping from sourness to bitterness. Still fun to experiment and thanks for organising.
  8. Pleased with myself today as I now get the rhubarb flavour in my espresso. The taste is the same as last week but now I can place it. LSOL must be improving my palate!
  9. This made some really good espresso today! Sweet and definitely plummy. I have no idea where it is from however the beans do look distinctive so I am looking forward to learning something. Thanks again.
  10. Beans arrived and not a moment too late since I am totally out. Smells fantastic but unfortunately I have been fiddling with my machine too much and put it out of action. Looking forward to trying aeropress tomorrow. Thanks again for organising.
  11. 1.Gary G 2. Haz_pro 3. danb23 4. 5.
  12. Looks interesting and very dirty! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Commercial-Coffee-Machine-Franchino-coffee-grinder-/172843437478
  13. OK I'll grind a bit finer and try again. It's the foundry LSOL bean. Has changed quite a bit over the last few days. Yes I have adjusted the opv. La pavoni looks nice, amazing the difference in the crema. I had some monsoon malabar before that overflowed the glass and then disappeared like fairy liquid.
  14. [video=youtube_share;N3qB6KYDPrg] First go with this. What do you think? Gaggia Classic. Mazzer SJ. 18g VST. 2:1
  15. Sorry he bought something else already. B2C though, couldn't convince him otherwise. Good luck selling.
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