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  1. ​:coffee:​​:coffee:Hello I'm selling my gaggia classic as I'm not getting enough use out of it and not doing a great machine justice. It's a 2001 classic in immaculate condition both inside and out, It has been descaled and set OPV tp 10 bar. New group head seal fitted when originally purchased from super forum member GCGlasgow in December, I've only used a little since then and used only filtered water. Comes with two baskets and tamper. £160 inc. Silvia steam wand (not fitted) Collection from Forest row, East Sussex or I can​ post, parcel force 48hr delivery is £16.40. payment by
  2. Hi I have just acquired a gaggia classic 2001. Been practising shots mainly today, crema not so good currently and seems to run very fast even though my vario grinder is set to what I would consider a fine setting. No3, D, for those that have one, using lavazza beans at the moment. With regard to the above comments regarding weights etc, most talk is about double shots, .. usually I use the single basket ( for no other reason than habit I guess ) but no one mentions timings for that. The other thing is that in e manual, it says one scoop of measure equals one shot... this is rubbish surel
  3. Thankyou , I'll just keep trying. I usually buy either union coffee of small batch from coffee compass.
  4. whic rancilio wand is best for gaggia classic there seems to be a few versions on eBay. My classic is I think a 2001. Thanks
  5. Any recommendations for setting on my vario grinder, just got a classic gaggia which I've not used before and thought someone out there may have experience of best grind...
  6. Which version of wand do I need for my gaggia classic machine? It's a 2001 machine I think
  7. Just getting my first gaggia classic second hand.. any tips for me to help me get started, it's been well looked after..I usually make milk based drinks.. so should I get a rancillio wand? And comes with two baskets? Not even sure what they are so perhaps someone has z link for a manual or at least someone can guide me through usage!! Also I have a mahlkonig vario grinder, reccomendstions fir best setting to use with the machine..... thankyou!!
  8. That's sad but let me know if you change your mind
  9. I'm mainly a milk based coffee drinker.. should I get a rancilio wand for gaggia classic and why?
  10. I'm still interested if you could come round to pAckaging so I can get a courier.....
  11. Would anyone be able to collect this for me so I could organise a courier?
  12. Thanks for the pictures... Would you be able to go a bit better on price at all.. If you could accept an offer that would be great
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