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  1. Sirocco Moroccan mint tea is the best and most authentic I’ve found. It’s from Switzerland and not cheap but worth it. Having had mint tea in Morrocco and Istanbul it’s the closest to it unless you make your own properly which is actually really easy to do.
  2. Not too sure what’s going on here, Ben and I did previously agree a deal for this privately some time ago back at the end of February / beginning of March, just after his accident and it was left that I would be in touch when I was back over in the UK, which I currently am albeit for a few weeks. I’ve been trying to connect with him regards this so far to no avail. Not only that but private messages do not appear to be able to be sent be it by me or anyone else. Guess he likely has a lot on his plate at the moment with his recovery due to his accident and trying to get back into shape and the saddle as soon as possible so I doubt this is much of a priority for him at the present moment. Anyway if / when Ben does read this.... good luck and get in touch with when you can.
  3. I wouldn' pay that much as I can get a brand new one for less......
  4. Damn I have been waiting on one of these to come up for ages...... shame on me for not looking on the forums sooner........ I even had a wanted post on since November lol
  5. I have a dualit Expressivo and have to replace the stream wand. I have ordered a new one from Dualit for now, however am wondering if there are any mods that I can make to improve things. I know with some coffee machines you can put a better steam wand on, don't know if this is possible with this machine? I am interested in any mods that are out there that may improve any aspect of my machine, so if you know of any out there then please give me a heads up.
  6. Shame I would be very interested, what was the issue in the end?
  7. Hi, sounds like you have caught the bug, sorry there is no way to inoculate you.... bye bye bank ballance.
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