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  1. Wasn’t aware they were being sold individually...?
  2. Are there 4 cups or 5 please? Sorry if that is a daft question
  3. Too small for me unfortunately, I thought they may have been bigger latte cups, thank you.
  4. What acme, larger cups with saucers do you have.? after 2 of the same size with saucers colour does not matter, or 4 if you have 4 of the same size. Thanks Paul
  5. Ok - £22, pm me payment details and I will funds to you and my address. Thank you
  6. £20 posted any good for the 2 grey acme cappuccino cups and saucers?
  7. Just a note - selling rules: Unless a member specifically indicates that they are willing to split items (when they have indicated a single price) please do not ask if they are willing to split.
  8. Received and all great - thank you
  9. Thank you. Don’t worry if I don’t reply immediately, I won’t be online until later tomorrow night / Thursday morning.
  10. I’ll take the aeropress at asking, will need posting please. Can you give me a price for that.
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