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  1. What would the cost for insured delivery be?
  2. Thank you Dave. Looking at it, don’t think it will work - that’s some footprint! Thought it might fit in a corner, but would need to be on an angle so will take up even more space!
  3. ....and width and depth please - it could potentially fit somewhere else.....but might need sign off
  4. Had a thought....how long is the electrical cable?
  5. Thank you...wow....too big for me....wouldn’t fit under the shelves. Sorry but glwts
  6. Hi Dave - what is the height of the Zenith please?
  7. @MarocchinoHi did you have any luck with the battery? I have a similar problem with low charge retention
  8. Cant believe that James May didn’t catch some tropical disease getting a regular face full of that water!
  9. good spot, had missed that....as I was thinking that was so talented...!
  10. Can’t see the first, but can see all others. iPad using safari
  11. Payment made and details supplied - thank you
  12. How many cups is this please? Maybe how much water can go in the bottom?
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