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  1. Ok...how about £30.00 delivered?
  2. http://imgur.com/gallery/Pdrqcaj
  3. Hardly used. boxed Minipresso with instructions. picture to follow - hopefully £37.00 delivered
  4. Details provided and payment made. Thank you. Hoping to post tomorrow. many thanks
  5. Thank you - I will message you and we can swap details etc Cheers Paul
  6. Following the sale of my Gaggia Classic (in recent thread), I have the following additional bits for sale. Brass Dispersion Plate - The brass dispersion plate is good upgrade for temperature stability and retails for c £20. IMS Shower Screen - The IMS shower screen is the GA200IM and retails for £20. Pressure Gauge & Portafilter Adapter - The pressure gauge includes the step down adapter to allow it to be attached to a portafilter to allow the OPV mod to be done. Recall this cost about £10 with the adapter. All 3 items posted for £25.00 Hopefully the following picture will work...… (See following post...!! ) Thank you
  7. Now sold and collected. Good to meet you Joe. Can a mod please move to sold.
  8. Thanks for all the interest. Provisionally sold to Mudlark13 - pending collection. Arranging collection hopefully this weekend. If for any reason this does not proceed, Marcros, you are 2nd dibs as you can pick up. Cheers Paul
  9. Will wait for @Mudlark13 to reply and if he doesn't want it, we can look at options. Thank you
  10. If this is a firm offer and you are able to collect, you are most welcome to have it. I have been asked about posting (see other thread above) but it is not my preference to post. Please post in the thread if you would like the machine and we can arrange all details via pm.
  11. All for transparency, I have had a message from another member asking about the machine. I have asked for it to be posted on the thread.
  12. Ok, so this is still available, collecting dust in the garage. Open to reasonable offers.....
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