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  1. Nice one L&R, will get to that this weekend=) Thanks again for the help
  2. Thanks L&R, in cleaning the solenoid what should I be doing? Screw it out and soak it in citric acid & water to descale it?
  3. Hi all, linked below is a short vid of my Classic trying its best to work but sounding very laboured and only putting out a trickle of hot water. Shower screen is fine, no blockages in it. From the sound I am thinking the pump is my failed part. But looking for advice as to weather it might also be the solenoid valve. I dont mind replacing both at the same time as its an old machine so might as well do them together. But are any special tools needed for installing a new pump and solenoid valve, do you need a soldering iron or just plain screwdriver and pliers? Also any tips on what pump I need, Ive done a search and some come up for £20 and others are called a vibratory pump and are a lot more expensive at £55. Any good recommendations on a company that sells the parts I need?
  4. This popped up on my feed this morning https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143037106601?ul_noapp=true From the description the owner has done a bit of work to it including replacing the pump, heater and safety pressure valve. The opening bid was £300 but now has risen to £460. Collection from Stoke on Trent or they will post.
  5. Yeah it would be tricky to get it on a plane without raising suspicion with airline staff. I also wonder what airport security would think of it too, they might not want it in the cabin of a plane. Ferry might be an option but it could be an awful long return drive from Holyhead, Wales to whereever I have to pick it up. Ive wondered are there any courier companies who specialise in moving fragile goods. Surely people move art and delicate sculptures and there are companies servicing this market. I must research it. Even if they could deliver to Holyhead and meet me at the ferry port I could go over and back the same day.
  6. Thanks for the tip Dave. Yeah I agree that it is not a good idea to post these type of machines. the bargain you think you are getting from ebay could turn out to be an expensive nightmare to fix if broken in transit. At this stage I have nearly given up on buying a used Alex/Rocket or similar because Im in Ireland. It is a pain as I cant afford a new one. I was thinking of buying in the UK and then getting a flight over and back in the one day. That would mean carrying the machine on a Ryanair flight from UK back to Dublin as hand luggage. Problem with that idea though is they weigh 20 kilos and above, if I was asked to weigh the bag I would get stiffed with luggage charges by the kilo ! That said I would take the risk as it is rare you get asked to weigh your hand luggage.
  7. Glad you got a good deal. I would have loved to buy this myself and have been trying to pick up a used Izzo or Rocket for a long time now. But I live in Ireland so it is virtually impossible as 90% of sellers specify collection only and wont post so when I saw the ebay listing last Friday I decided to share it here so forum members were aware of the sale. Even if sellers did post Im not sure it is a good idea having a machine been handled roughly in transit. At least my loss is someone elses gain
  8. In Carlisle and for collection only. Starting bid is £50 and no reserve https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Izzo-Alex-Coffee-Machine-Twin-Boiler/123506112201?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  9. Put my Gaggia Classic back into operation after several months in storage while moving house. It worked for a week or so but tonight it stopped pumping water into the portfilter (well it did pump a trickle but that was it). First thought it was the grind size being too fine but upon removing the portafilter still no water came out. If it is just a blockage how do I clear it? Im hoping it is not the pump that is gone (which sounds like it is labouring). The water seems to be going from the res into the machine but then trickles back into the res by the return pipe. Also before it went into storage I attempted to change the rubber seal in the grouphead. However it is absolutely wedged in there, it actually looks like the rubber has melted/moulded itself to the group. I couldnt even get a narrow screwdriver behind it to try to prise it out. Any tips or tricks for doing so? Any solvents that might make it looser?
  10. thanks for sharing, your mate is an inspiration
  11. Blades of Glory, 4th time watching it and I still get full belly laughs
  12. Id be the same, never timed it. If I had to guess I would say 2 minutes for an americano and double that for milk based drinks. Important thing is it tastes nice, not how long it takes.
  13. Have found Coffeefusion very good over the years too. Im still not great at art but alot better than I was before watching their videos
  14. I typically spend £5-£9 a bag. I have gone higher but didnt really see the extra taste I was expecting. Also as a heavy drinker paying over a tenner a bag makes things expensive over time for me
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