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  1. I bought this from eBay a year ago thinking that all the mk ii Vivaldis had programmable pre-infusion. Not so; this is a 2007 model and therefore about six months too old. I'm considering selling it and looking for a newer one. I don't think it had been well looked after by its previous owner as the steam boiler had a leak which had been ignored for so long there was a scale stalactite formed around the outlet. Anyway that's all sorted now and it works fine but I wanted to play with the pre infusion.
  2. My mains water pressure is over 4 bar so I want to fit a pressure reducing valve for my Spaziale Vivaldi. Can anyone recommend one or highlight any issues I need to be aware of first? It seems quite straightforward but that makes me wonder if I'm missing something.
  3. I would really like these at the asking price but would need them posted so please let me know if you change your mind about collection only.
  4. Fair enough, can I have it at £160 then please
  5. I'm not sure yet, a couple of boiler gaskets to start off with, possibly heating elements and a couple of parts I haven't identified yet. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Don't know if this is the right place to post this but does anyone know where to get parts for the Vivaldi ii in the UK? I think I've been through most of the results from googling it but struggling to find parts for S1. It seems daft to have them shipped from Chris' Coffee in the US.
  7. Hi, if you do go for this did you want the grinder as well? I'm looking for something that my partner will tolerate using and having a doserless electroninic control might do it. Problem is I'd need it posted or couriered so I'd be asking if you could pack it for me if the owner doesn't want to. I'd also of course be interested in any price reduction which might be achieved by buying both as a package though if you were picking it up and packing it for me it would be fair if you got any discount. What do you think?
  8. Sorry can't post the link as phone won't copy and paste. I'd buy them myself if I could smuggle them into the house unnoticed.
  9. That's very encouraging, thanks. I thought it was worth a go but those 'best offers' seem to get me into trouble.
  10. Blast, just got outbid on an Anfim S C on eBay, I really wanted to try one even though it would have been a tad silly for the amount I'd use it. Does anyone on here have one?
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