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  1. Looking for a burr grinder to use with a new lever espresso machine a - would the baratz a encore be a good one to get?
  2. Hi im considering buying a second hand gaggia 150. Does anyone know what I should be paying for one? many thanks
  3. Espresso. I'm looking to also get a gaggia 105 or la pavoni lever machine. many thanks
  4. been doing some research on offer grinders. I seem to be reading that burr grinders are best. I was looking at a Krupa but wondered if they're any good. They're rather cheap but I don't want to get one that doesn't perform or breaks easily. Any recommendations for £100 or less. many thanks
  5. Great. Thanks so much. Really helpful.
  6. Hi there in looking to buy a manual lever machine. Have been looking at La pavina and gaggia 105. Does anyone know which is best? many thanks
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