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  1. Floss

    Acaia Pearl - Black

    Sorry to disappoint, sold elsewhere.
  2. Floss

    Acaia Pearl - Black

    @MildredM Scale is not sold, was contacted with offers via PM by a couple of brand new members with very few posts and didn't feel comfortable with the sale. @Nomadbrew is missing a 'not' from his earlier post. @Planter Thanks for the heads up 👍
  3. Floss

    Acaia Pearl - Black

    Sorry, @mfsl a bit low.
  4. Floss

    Acaia Pearl - Black

    Will now accept £100 delivered.
  5. Floss

    Acaia Pearl - Black

    In excellent condition, boxed with original cable, sticker and documentation. £110 Inc Royal Mail special delivery.
  6. Floss

    Porlex Grinder

    Now sold. Thanks.
  7. £75 and it’s yours @ahirsty
  8. Floss

    Porlex Grinder

    Hardly used so in excellent condition. No wear on the handle so none of the usual slippage. £20 Posted
  9. In excellent condition and perfect working order. £80 Delivered
  10. Floss

    Knock Feld2 for sale

    I'll take this at asking please. @mark8805
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