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  1. That was really fun. I've only been to a pretty big cupping before and that was a case of too many cooks. This was very instructive!
  2. All over it. Should be pretty fun and informative!
  3. Aaaahhhhh nice. I'll drop past in the next couple of days!
  4. Beans have landed in Aberdeen! Smell great!
  5. Hey, I found the same razor in my Grannies shed, hopefully she wasn't the one using them. When were these made? i can't get over how awesome the case is.
  6. Did you have to buy a special mould for them? They look awesome! Looks like you were making macchiatos in them? Edit: You lined them with chocolate. RIP all other treats.
  7. Oooh nice. Where did you get that?
  8. That's awesome. Did you get a good tamper as well? I just got a La Pavoni and the plastic tamper is god awful!
  9. I think I'll pass. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/jun/06/broccoli-coffee-scientists-create-new-way-to-eat-more-greens
  10. Just got mine. Do we have any recipes from the roaster? Always interesting to hear the way they lick to brew!
  11. I tuned the classic down to around 6 bar and it definitely smoothed out the espresso. A decent bit fruitier and very quaffable. I was still at a 40 second pour so I'm going to loosen the grind a bit and see what happens....... I've found that espresso and aeropress have been pretty good for this bean and v60 has been tricky. I'm now interested in seeing what it's like as cold brew?
  12. Hmmmmmm maybe I'll tune my Classic down to 6 bar.......
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