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  1. When I did this I said its the sort of thing you only do once...then I did it again a few days ago!!
  2. Oh and I kept thinking mm meant Mazzer Mini. No wonder I struggled to understand!!!
  3. @jaffro Ive been using a 15gVST naked straight from the off. Ive now gone through around 4.5kg of beans with no major problems. Im now going through the CC three 500g offer which were lighter roasts. Ive upped the dose to 16g. Gives me good results. I grind in cup, stir with a long screw!!, into the pf. Tap NE, SE, SW and NW. I get a nice mound (mostly) which I tap level then tamp. For comparison I have an ECM Mechanica.
  4. 1. Coffeechap 2. ashcroc 3. Stuartb27 4. PPapa 5. Salty 6. Banjoman 7. dfk41 8. Steveholt 9. Jonnycooper29 10. Nicknak 11. Joey24dirt 12. Dumnorix 13. Mrboots2u 14. GeoffTucks 15. MildredM 16 ronsil 17. Hasi 18. db8000 19. grumpydaddy 20. M_H_S 21. Jollybean 22. Jaffro 23. Stevebee 24. MinesAbeer 25. GingerBen 26. lee1980 27. RvB 28. Working dog 29. Johnealey 30. Hairy_Hog 31. Diggy87 32. mcrmfc 33. MrShades 34. shannigan 35.
  5. Ive had mine a month now so decided to give it a clean. Concur with all that above, an absolute doddle and very little retained. Getting the top bur was a little fiddly but i found a method. When I put it all back together I didn't have to move the calibration ring at all. Same as the first time I checked calibration.
  6. My only grinder prior to the Niche was the Compaq K3. The Niche wins in all respects. I suspect the vast majority of buyers come from a similar position to myself and are upgrading which is why the other thread is all good. I was hoping that the Niche grinder would convert me to the delights of lighter coffees. That hasn't happened. The taste is better than with the K3 but inconsistent. I need to learn how to get consistent shots in this area.
  7. Talking about having the 'badge' My parents and inlaws used to talk about AA officers saluting as they passed (motorbike and sidecar I think) if you were carrying an AA badge on your car. I also recollect fellow beetle owners waving to each other on passing. Nothing smug about it but there was something special about those air cooled motors.
  8. Hi Jim, Id take one (maybe two if your struggling). Im near Ormskirk (westhead) so possibly on the way to either Manchester or Liverpool from you
  9. @coffeechap yes. With the Bunaberry lighter roast I was getting a patchy distribution underneath, thorough mixing in the cup has sorted that. It takes around 10 -15 secs to come together into a single stream.
  10. @coffeechap Im using a 15g VST basket. Bunabery Avon setting is 14, thats 40g out over 28 -30 sec CC Mystery 8 was setting 16 same output
  11. I can certainly endorse the comments of the last two posters. Im struggling to get an even mound. A distribution tool may be in order, although the brush of a finger works well. Im currently on a LSOL coffee from D&H, its the Bunaberry Avon Espresso (more about later maybe, its been quite a revelation). Similar to GingerBen Im getting a very patchy output looking at the naked pf. could this be a distribution, tamping or coffee issue?.
  12. When I wrote about ‘fluffy grounds’ it was with comparison with the K3. With the K3 the coffee would sit a mm or so below the top of the basket. First thing I noticed. Is it relevant, no idea, just an observation. No point photographing I think.
  13. With a 15g basket and using CC's Mystery 8 my setting is 15. 40g out, 30secs. Compared to my K3, much fluffier in the basket, better crema. Taste similar Id say. Im hopeless describing that. I'll try a D&H lighter roast in a few days, that will be key.
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