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  1. Hi bongo, Thanks for the offer but i stick with 350£ posted
  2. Ive got a kamado joe and can really recommend it! Been cooking 12h slow and low pork shoulders to baking Pizza and bread in it. it can do it all. Theres also lifetime warranty on all the ceramic.
  3. Hi, Im selling my Turkish Burrs from my EK43s! The burrs have had max 160kg through them so pretty much like new! Its only been used for home use. These burrs should be prefect for Espresso! 350£ including shipping
  4. Im only back on Monday so can’t wait to pick mine up from the post office ?
  5. 1. adamkovacs1126 2. eddie57 3. Rickv 4. Truegrace 5. Hotmetal 6. Bulls6000
  6. Thanks for all the recommendations so far! I have had a look at the Kafatek Monolith max but it i think they might be a bit over my price range as i guess Import tax etc will be added on after it gets shipped. So it would end up above 3K. Has anyone had one shipped to the UK or had any experience on one? I will look into all the other option mentioned above! The R120 looks interesting
  7. Hi, Ive been with my EK43s for 2 years now and i find myself having mostly flat whites, espressos on it. Ive recently changed to a Titus burr carrier and SSP burrs but i miss the full body of an Espresso and overall i haven't been satisfied by it for a while/ I think its time to change to an Espresso Grinder and would like to get some recommendations what out there as i would use the money to sell the EK and put it towards a new grinder. Preferably a grinder is can Signle dose on as i like to Change up my beans throughout the day. Any recommendations would be welcome!
  8. Would the osmio still make sense if my Tap water comes out 70ppm out the tap? At the moment i run my tap water through a Bwt water filter to add Minerals. Ive seen the Osmio offer Dave posted so im trying to find something to convince me to buy it.
  9. Thanks thats great! @Dunk im indeed looking to sell it when ive got my new set of burrs as im chaning to SSP.
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