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  1. thewelshvet

    Alex Duetto 2

    And can you give some more details. Age of machine, most recent service, etc.
  2. If you’re still making these, I’d be interested, thanks.
  3. I’d also be interested if you’re still making these!! Thanks.
  4. I’ve actually got a friend who lives in Edinburgh. If you could drop it off with them, they can sort out postage. Let me know if that’s ok and we’ll go to PM sort out the details.
  5. If you would be willing to package it up safely for a courier pick up, I’ll take this at asking price.
  6. Got here today. Will hopefully have a chance to have a play this weekend. I may PM you if I have any questions if that’s ok? Thanks again.
  7. Fantastic!! Can’t wait to get started!! I’ll let you know when it arrives safely.
  8. thewelshvet

    MBK AerGrind

    If that falls through, I’ll also take at asking, thanks!!
  9. Bugger!! Missed it!! Will take it if above offer falls through for any reason.....
  10. Stander clashing with Picamoles!!! Think I'll feel the clash from here!!
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