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  1. I just realise my DTP came with a back flush disk. Can you really back flush this machine?
  2. Hi, new DTP owner, just picked it up from John Lewis this week and hopefully I could join your club here! . They have a clearance sale £279. It works beautifully and even the first shot was great! I'm upgrading from a Mr Coffee Barista Express which only have double wall baskets, hence this is the first time I used single wall baskets. It worked like a charm My grinder is very good so this is probably why it worked so well. It even made it possible to get acceptable drinks from the old machine. I just ordered more coffee beans to experiment with.
  3. I've sent you a message. Hopefully it'll get through even though I have a low message count.
  4. Yes please! That's very kind of you! PM incoming!
  5. There are three screws holding the top plate where you attach the bean holder to. I accidentally dropped one of them down the drain. Where can I get a replacement? I don't know what kind of screw it is. Thanks.
  6. Coffee Masters full bodied espresso blend. Love these dark beans. I usually drink Rave's Italian Job. This is actually the first dark blend I really enjoyed.
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