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  1. luke

    Felicita Arc Scales

    Anyone looking to offload a set of felicita arc scales? or has anyone managed to find them for a good price? Saw at one point they were going for £113
  2. @Abcan I’m actually going to hop out this queue. I think my pressure is all good. @little_rob was after me I believe 👍
  3. luke

    58.5 mm Tamper (Torr)

    Hey @coffeechap having slept on it I think I'm gonna pass on these. Like I said I was probably after something in a lighter wood (oak/olive etc) Thanks very much for taking the photos though! Maybe you should move this post over to For sale as I saw that people were snapping up 58.4/5 tampers pretty quickly. Thanks again 👍
  4. luke

    58.5 mm Tamper (Torr)

    @coffeechap thanks for the photos, originally was after more of a lighter wood but the skateboard handle is interesting... I can’t decide...could I be cheeky and ask for a few more photos? Is it a resin one?
  5. luke

    58.5 mm Tamper (Torr)

    @coffeechap I’d be interested in seeing what you’ve got and would consider selling 🙂
  6. luke

    58.5 mm Tamper (Torr)

    Nice find @Inspector I'll consider this if a nice Torr (or other brand) doesn't pop up. Cheers!
  7. I'm looking for a tamper that fits a bit more snugly in a VST basket. I have a 58.4 Motta but I find it still leaves some grounds around the edge. Preferably something in a light wood but interested to hear from anyone that has one lying about. Cheers 👍
  8. Sounds like you've got quite a bit of interest but I'll throw my hat into the ring. I've got a 2006 Classic with your PID fitted just the other day
  9. Got my kit yesterday and fully set up and running. First few shots have been noticeably smoother thanks @MrShades for developing such a great kit!
  10. Hey @Abcan Could I have the pressure gauge after you please? Pressure on my machine seems a little low so just want to check before I strip down and look at the pump
  11. Interesting, nice find @NitJay! Not sure about walnut/teak wood with the chrome of the machine. It somehow makes it feel kinda antique 😅 Hopefully the oak is a little more what I’m picturing. It’s coming tomorrow so we’ll see 🤞
  12. That's lovely @Joe shorrock I doubt my efforts will look quite as good as this but we'll see. I've managed to source some 38mm (diameter) oak dowel from eBay - Decided on oak as I've got a Niche on the way so way hoping to get a similar look. My plan is to cut and sand down to size before finishing. I'm going to attempt to make a Portafilter handle too. I'll post updates of how things go.
  13. Hi all, I've decided to give my machine (2006 Gaggia classic) a well overdue strip down and upgrade. I've had the basics done for a while now (Brass dispersion plate, IMS screen, Rancillo wand, OPV adjusted), I've got a @MrShades PID system on the way which I'm very much looking forward to installing. I'm also going to dismantle the boiler and give it a good descale and replace all the O-seals whilst I'm at it. Alongside those improvements I'm also thinking about some cosmetic bits and bobs - One of them being a wooden steam knob. I've looked around the forum and have seen what @jimbojohn55 did which looked great - And whilst trawling the internet I found a few other examples (attached below). I was wondering if anyone else has had a go at this? My idea was gonna be to get some hardwood dowel that has the same diameter as the steam knob (32mm), cut it to size, drill a hole and use a file to create the 'D' shape required to slide onto the steam arm. Then finally treat with some oil (or something to give it a bit of protection). Whilst I'm at it I'd tempted to look at powder-coating the machine and making/sourcing a wooden portafilter handle. I realise that I could just upgrade to a Lelit or other prosumer machine with wooden details. But I quite fancy having a go at pimping the classic first. 🤪
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