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  1. Hey folks, I've been a bit dormant as of late but logged back on for some bean recommendations. It'd be ace to get my mitts on this discount code but also to get some (coffee compass) recommendations too. I'll be drinking a mix of long blacks and flat whites
  2. Look like MBK have a new product in development - It's a micro sized feldgrind that's slim enough to fit inside an Areopress. It's going live on Kickstarter tomorrow at 00:01 BST
  3. Sorry for the delay @Inspector I’ve been to the post office today to send this first class. It should be with you early next week. Cheers!
  4. Hey, Sorry for the delay. I do still have the gauge, if you PM me your address I'll get this sent out to you. Cheers!
  5. I'm still happy with my motta 58.4 that I use with my 18g VST. If I was to upgrade I'd get a Torr tamper but honestly I'm not in a hurry to. https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/motta-competition-tamper-58-4mm-flat-base.html
  6. No worries, it's a great find. I'll be heading to John Lewis myself
  7. Just got my Feldgrind through! I ended up getting a black seconds from the MBK site. It was only after ordering that I read through the horror stories on here... However I'm really pleased to say that I received my Feldgrind really quickly and without a hitch - I ordered it 23rd Feb at 9:30pm and it was out for delivery on the 24th. It's been delivered quicker than the beans I've ordered from Dark Arts, so for the minute it's just sat there looking pretty
  8. luke

    Which Grinder?

    If you're looking to spend under £100 then an MC2 would be a good choice, I picked up one of this forum as my first grinder. Another option could be a feldgrind hand grinder - I've got one of these coming in the post If you're considering spending between £100-200 then you should look at picking up a commercial grinder like a Mazzer Super Jolly, Compak K6, Nuova Simonelli Eureka or MDX - there are a lot of options at this price point these are just the ones that I've been looking at. Also you should get your post count up so that you can get access to the for sale section of the forum. Good luck!
  9. Got the Drip pot through today and really happy with it. Nice, clean and simple - it even matches my Rhinowares Milk jug
  10. Perfect thanks adz, just ordered. Will post back with my thoughts
  11. Sounds great, where did you pick up the 0,5L version?
  12. Hi all, I'm after getting a small brewed setup together and could do with some advice on a gooseneck kettle. I spotted this one on Amazon which looks quite neat. https://www.amazon.co.uk/TAMUME-Gooseneck-Kettle-Coating-Stainless/dp/B01M0GXP7L/ Obviously I'd heat the water in a kettle before transferring to this for the pour. Ideally I'd want something small like this to get out as and when I need it. What do you think? Does that one look any good? Any better ones out there?
  13. I've just sent a message to @Jack-Jones to let him know that unfortunately I'm going to have to pull out of this sale. Sorry for messing everyone around. Looks like it could be yours @andrewparkeruk
  14. Hey I work in Manchester, Could we say £85 and meeting up somewhere in the centre?
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