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  1. luke

    MBK - Feldgrind [Black]

    Sent this out today, should be with you by the end of the week!
  2. luke

    MBK - Feldgrind [Black]

    @Nightrider_1uk Sure, posted here in case anyone else has lost them
  3. luke

    MBK - Feldgrind [Black]

    Nice one @gilbodavid ;it’s yours. We’ll move to DM to complete the sale Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. luke

    Glass espresso cups

    Was bought these as a gift but they’ve never been used. Set of 2. Asking for £8 delivered Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Got 2 John Lewis espresso cups and saucers for sale. Was bought as a gift a few years ago but I’ve only ever used 2 of them (it was a set of 4). Asking for £10 delivered (within UK) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. After upgrading my grinder I’m now looking to let my trusty Feldgrind go. It was purchased back in 2017 and has been used occasionally when I’d grind for filter. My guess is that it’s maybe had 1-2kg through it in its lifetime. Burrs are still in great condition, there are a few signs of use here and there but overall I’d say it’s in great condition. Even got the original packaging and instructions. Asking for £85 including delivery (Within UK) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. @joe.barista These arrived safety this morning, really happy with them - Thanks!
  8. @Snakehips this is really interesting. I’m gonna give it another go to see if my drift is similar to what you get. I kinda feel like if you’re paying for some premium coffee scales (I know felicita are basically a rip off) then they should have been designed to actually work accurately with hot liquid (coffee). Ive run out of coffee so will have to test them again next week. Really useful though so thanks! What settings have you got your scales on? Resolution and that zero setting? By default I think they are set to 0.50g
  9. Thanks all. This is really useful @Snakehips. I’m gonna give this a go. One thing I noticed is that I could get the scales to act normally with solid objects, cups, the calibration weight etc. But as soon water is in the mix (especially hot water) then the scales start to creep. The video taken above was taken just after I’d been pouring hot water into a cup on the scales.
  10. @Rob Interesting, how do you change that? is it through that menu you get where you press Tare quickly?
  11. Has anyone else got a set of these? Noticed this issue? I've emailed the seller to process a return, just need to decide whether to get a refund or a new item
  12. So I took the plunge and ordered some Felicita ARC scales thinking they'd be a decent upgrade from my trusty £10 amazon scales. However after giving them a go I'm pretty sure I've either A - Got a faulty set or B - They are rubbish. Every time I try to use them (despite calibrating 3 times) the weight slowly starts to increase on its own. See here -
  13. @ontheslither I’ll consider if I do want all 3 when I receive them. If I decide to let one go I’ll give you first refusal
  14. Ah just saw your reply. Brilliant cheers!
  15. If @ontheslither does want one I’d be happy to take just 2, but if you’d rather just send as a set I’ll take them all
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