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  1. Thanks for the post...... im going to read about removing the dispersion plate in a bit... What did scare me was it would be ok to leave the descaler in over night...... Its been in since the weekend as upto until last night after testing the steam wand i had no way of draining the system....... I hope ive not shagged it... Im guessing drain the De-Scaler put water in and run it through the steam wand asap.? I think it all points to a blocked Solenoid valve with the steam wand working fine...... I cant believe how much crap/scale is coming out the machine though!!!! Thanks Paul
  2. Ps if the dispersion plate is behind the shower screen, it really didnt want to come off when id taken the 2 socket head screws out???? Any ideas? Ps Ill try the steam wand later..... what will that prove if it does / doesnt work? Thanks again Paul
  3. Hi Guys, Thanks for the advice..... got a spare hour to look at the machine!!! I had much more free time when i was married lol Return pipe back on and then i descaled the machine... I also put some descaler in my blanked portafilter and ran it but no water going to the group head only back into the tank. Left it for a day.... and the blanked portafilter was so crapped up!!! But the water still just went back into the tank.... I will remove the solenoid valve and give it a clean... i can hear it clicking so its not failed. How long is it safe to leave descaler in the machine and tank? Thanks Paul
  4. Hi All, Been a long time but i finally had time to play with my Gaggia classic...... Stupidly Last time i used it I didn't descale (didn't need it at the time) and now it seems the machine is somewhat blocked. Now the last few times I used it it needed priming as the pump was starved of water. Once primed it worked ok.... this time no water coming out the group head just back into the water tank via the return pipe. Thinking i was clever i squeezed this pipe hope i could force the water through the group head and then it started leaking from the back right of the machine..... (I think the return pipe may have come off) Anyway I only had enough time to check the group head screen which was really blocked with scale.... My first port of call is opening the machine... making sure the return pipe in on and descale but ive read the the Self Priming Valve could be at fault.... Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks Paul
  5. What happens if your not on Twitter facebook or google?
  6. I find, fill the machine, switch on and by the time ive finished faffing with preparing croissants, orange juice and getting my shot ready im about there..... Of course the Croissants and Orange juice is if i have a guest
  7. You trying to lose weight then Gary? Surely a dump is over a 1lb lol
  8. Id love to hear good feed back from anyone recently had to return something. His site is good his prices are good so technically hes sitting on a gold mine if his customer service is improved.....
  9. Yes. Probably not as useful as an Aeropress but its all good fun trying new things....
  10. Got a link to it? Or this chaps large house and coffee set up? I like kitchens lol
  11. Watch out Nescafe! Man invents world's smallest coffee machine after getting fed up with drinking instant at work http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2457612/Piamo-microwaveable-coffee-machine-worlds-smallest.html If you've had enough of drinking substandard instant coffee but don't have the time to rustle up a cappuccino at home, the world's smallest coffee maker could be just what you're looking for. The tiny gadget can deliver a perfect shot of espresso in just 30 seconds and all you need to make it work is a microwave. The Piamo is made from food-safe plastic and includes three parts - a cup, a coffee chamber and a water holder. The cup forms the base of the gadget and the other parts stack on top. When heated in a microwave, the water becomes steam which is then forced through the coffee. After 30 seconds, espresso drips into the cup and once drunk, everything can be put straight into the dishwasher. The Piamo is the brainchild of coffee connoisseur Christoph Meyl, from Munich in Germany, who came up with the ingenious invention in frustration at the lack of coffee-making facilities at his office. With his nearest coffee shop too far away and with just a microwave available at work, desperate Christoph conjured up a solution of his own - fittingly, over a cup of coffee. Christoph is hoping it could spell an end to the ancient hot drinks machines and cheap instant coffee abundant in offices around the world. Piamo is being financed by German crowdfunding website StartNext and if successful will be sold for £60. 'The idea stems from my love of espresso,' explains Christoph. 'I work in a large building with more than 600 people and on my floor there is a small kitchen but it only has a microwave in it, and the nearest coffee shop is too far away. 'One evening during a coffee with my brother Hendrik, I [moaned] about my situation at work. 'He suggested I take an espresso pot to work, but there is no stove at work to heat it on. 'We were talking about the fact there is only a microwave and an idea was born - an espresso maker for the microwave. He continued: 'We started our adventure and the journey began. 'We came up with several prototypes and tested them over thousands of espressos until we came up with the finished product. 'Our goal is to provide coffee lovers with an espresso maker you can use anywhere that has a microwave. 'Piamo creates a fresh cup of delicious espresso within 30 seconds. It is a great alternative for the office, at home or for travelling.'
  12. No, looks like you never bother cleaning the underside near the LEDs lol Dirty Girl.....
  13. PaulN


    Ohhh Market Harborough!!!!! I used to live in Oadby ive got a tennis match in Harborough Sunday morning.... what times coffee at yours lol
  14. PaulN


    Well i hope it all ended well for you.... Of course great coffee at mine lol
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