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  1. This is one of the compelling reasons to invest in a group-head thermometer. I have a Rocket as well, and despite the touted advantages of the thermosiphon, its surprising how hot that thing can get!
  2. @Dartmoor Coffee I have so far completed two markets; each quite different so will give an overview of each market. Market A was a "typical" producers market in the local town. No power supply; Market B (referred to in the thread above) was to support a school fund-raising activity selling refreshments in a large Christmas Tree market. Power was supplied Market A: I took a range of 250gm bags for the pre-ground. Grind setting as suitable for cafetiere. I also took whole beans weighed (250gm) and sealed in plastic bags. These were inexpensive food-grade clear plastic bags that I b
  3. Would it be useful to send you the Artisan files and then for you to use the "compare" function to show the four different profiles on the same graph?
  4. "I find that kind of interesting" - to use the words of a certain J Hoffman
  5. When I was roasting on a Behmor 1600 I was doing 200gm every 3-4 days. (two if us in the house drinking coffee, but out at work mon-fri!). I switched it up to 300gm without too much difficulty.
  6. @bbabel It's a pretty crowded market place out there. so you need to figure out how to get a slice of the pie. I got a toe-hold through 1)posting on the "marketplace" at work (1k+ members of staff), 2)local farmers market 3)local school fair (where I sold mainly coffee beverages made with my beans, so was a reasonable promotional opportunity). Retail is unpredictable and fickle, while a lot of cafes have been locked into supply and equipment contracts by "the big boys". Not easy, takes time (and money) - not just in roasting good coffee, but running the business side as well.
  7. @GoldenB19 - You might be interested in this thread
  8. Don't get them mixed up ... or one of you might be in for a surprise!
  9. I guess its easy to communicate this to a small group of regulars for whom you roast ie family, friends, etc who can be educated so that they "get it". The average punter who receives a puffed-up valveless bag in the mail might be a little miffed that they didn't receive it packed into a "proper" bag. As you say Dave, the packing industry, along with many roasters (either willingly or otherwise), have done a lot to shape/manage the expectations of the end user. I'm wondering if packing while the beans are still slightly warm will have any effect on reducing
  10. @DavecUK Interesting ... what do you think is causing reduced CO2 if the beans are packed and sealed quickly? I always pack and seal on the day of roasting, but it might be several hours later.
  11. I am considering moving to valve-less bags for some of my retail (mail-order) sales and wondered if anyone is doing this successfully. Twofold motivation: 1) reduced carbon footprint 2) slightly cheaper cost per bag. My intention is to use valve-less for whole beans only, as they de-gas slower and shouldn't puff up as much during transit (2-4 days). I have tested this by a) leaving a sealed bag (sealed on day of roast) on my bench for 14 days to see what happens (it does swell, but doesn't burst the heat-seal), and b) sending myself two bags through the mail. Sealed an
  12. Don't forget that wherever you end up selling from (public or private land) you will need a food hygiene inspection. Also available from your local council
  13. I'm clearly over-spending; mine has three! That's 4p too much.
  14. ya gotta be quick round here!
  15. This might be a good excuse to make that upgrade to a naked portafilter
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