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  1. Thanks for all the details Mel. It's interesting and useful to know at least that the water tank does come out, allbeit with a bit of a strong tug. I'll leave mine firmly fixed until such point that I need to give it a good clean just in case. One of the pros for me was reading a report that they liked to keep a lot of their manufacturing local, to ensure an easy supply of parts, sometimes on demand. It's true that companies have teething problems with new products, and I for one am normally a second generation adopter rather than an early one, so rare for me to have bought something so unknow
  2. Sounds like you've tried everything you can Ours was running low on water, so I've just left it pumping through to see what happens, and I get the audible warning, albeit only slightly louder than the pump. Looks like you're correct re the incoming hose being an overflow or something, there was zero movement on the water in the hose whilst it was pumping through. Good luck on getting yours sorted, hopefully it'll be something that can be simply fixed, and possibly get you a new (tested) machine shipped out and yours picked up, it's not like you've overused it. Keep us posted on how
  3. The drip tray is the same as mine. I agree, it's not the best of fitments, I was expecting a nice slotted click in type fitment, but it looks to me like it's purposefully too large so that you slide it in so that it is held firmly between the sides. I would start by getting the curved back part inside the two edges at the part where the tabs eventually rest, and then push it through towards the back. You should find it then slots in nicely, with the tabs dropping onto the recessed parts of the metal sides. It's nice and tight once in, just not the easiest to slot in until you get a technique t
  4. One more early morning (for me!) thought. The manual mentions removing all coverings, mine didn't have any. Could it be that the sensors in the bottom of your water tank are covered, either by some clear plastic, or some plastic caps? If that was the case, I'd expect the left hand light to come on though, which I don't think you mentioned, to indicate there was no water in the machine, but would likely stop it trying to draw it through.
  5. Just had a quick check on mine, it looks like the black screw at the bottom is holding it in place. I've not ventured to remove it, so don't know if that's the one thing holding it in place. I'm assuming the two silver cylinders are the sensors, probably passing a small current between the two to identify when the water has run too low, as both silver cylinders are in plastic elements that stand proud of the bottom of the tank. I'd guess (but don't know) that the instructions in the manual are slightly incorrect and need an update to clarify if that screw first needs removing and whether it's
  6. Hi Mel, just seen your reply. Sorry to hear you're having problems. I have to agree that the manual isn't the best, but like a lot of manuals, I've used it as a reference rather than following to the letter. I too was confused by the removable water tank reference, and without really yanking on it, thought it would come out easily if it was meant to. As a result, we've filled ours with water by pouring directly in. One thing I noticed with mine on unpacking, there were remnants of water residue in places, which makes me think it had been fully tested before being sent. Was yours the same?
  7. lookseehear, I'll see what I can do with a video. I think my camera does videos, but can't say I've ever done one, and the camera on my mobile phone is next to useless. I'll also see what I can do with milk steaming. Our household consists of two "milk doesn't belong in coffee" drinkers, but that doesn't mean we can't froth some up as an experiment. We only have skimmed though, does that make a difference? As for the beans, the other half picked up a kilo bag of some Starbuck's blend from Costco as a bit of a bulk purchase for experimentation to try and get a decent cup of coffee without
  8. Hi Glenn, define near... I'm in Crich, so t'other side of the peak district to Sheffield. Why d'you ask? Missus is out Thursday night so have some time on my hands
  9. Hi all, My first proper contribution to the website. There'll no doubt be some rambling, and possibly incorrect terminology, but hopefully some useful information/pics will follow... After seeing Andy's (coffeebean) offer for the Fracino Piccino, a bit of umming and ahhing and a few emails later saw me putting an order in with him at The Coffee Bean. Firstly, I have to say Andy was excellent and really easy to deal with and left me a happy customer, following up the purchase to see how I was getting on with the new machine. Unfortunately, due to the wonderful pressures of being
  10. Love your review of the Eureka I'd sort of made my mind up on the Piccino and the Eureka based on size, looks, features and obviously budget. I'll write something up for you as soon as the machine arrives and I get chance to have a good play with it. I've no experience of a separate grinder and brewer so coming at this completely new, so I expect I'll be making some mistakes, and getting through a lot of beans before I create a lovely brew.
  11. Well the Erueka Mignon is here, and the Piccino is on order Always good to take a gamble now and then. I took advantage of Andy's offer (on here) and put my order in. Hopefully the Piccino will be delivered this week, and double hopefully I'll have time to set it up at the weekend and have a good play with both new pieces of equipment. Got so many things on the go with both work and general home life something might have to give to fit it all in Still, needs must and all that...
  12. Is there much variance/difference between tampers if you disregard size? Is it a case of finding one that feels most comfortable as well as best fitting, or are they much a muchness? Sorry if it's a stupid question.
  13. Thanks both I saw there was a visit being arrange to the Fracino factory so will keep an eye out to see what gets decided, if places are available, and if there's any letup at work allowing time off if it's in the week. I'd be as interested to see all the engineering works as well as the whole coffee setup. If I can't make it, hopefully someone will take plenty of pics. There is indeed a grinder planned as well, I was being swayed by the electronics and tech in the Mahlkonig Vario, and the small form factor would suit our kitchen, but I've subsequently been swayed by the simpler(?)
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