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  1. Thanks, yeah we use a double spouted portafilter. What is your make of stand?
  2. Having been watching 'how to's' and other instructional videos I see that the importance of level tamping is highlighted. So, do you use a tamping stand and if so which. Will they help keep me on the straight...
  3. There's loads of Profitec Pro 300 info in this link (inc Pro 300 manual): https://clivecoffee.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/360000356294-Profitec-Pro-300
  4. Thanks. The Clive Coffee guys talks about the ideal pressure being set by them when you buy your machine. My memory isn't what it was! At about 3:15 he shows the portafilter with gauge that they use.
  5. Doh, sorry. I just googled as I thought I'd seen a youtube video! I'm doing two things at once, neither of them too well!
  6. Thanks. Not sure where to go with the machine, still favouring the Pro 300.
  7. Yeah I don't mind the GC being like that - although I had a go years ago at adjusting the pressure at the same time I fitted the Silvia wand - but a machine costing £1250 should be demonstrably right. Maybe they should send them out with a pressure gauge! Thanks for the offer, I'll keep it in mind We live in the particularly weird bit between Avebury and Stonehenge!
  8. Meh, a bit of pimping then! But why do you need steam at 2 bar? The bit about not knowing boiler pressure (on machine arrival) concerned me.
  9. I don't understand the relevance of your first point (I mean I don't know what you mean). I was wondering how important pre-infusion was, is it a new 'thing'? I've seen a vid showing the Pro 300 at 2bar steam, again I didn't understand the relevance. Thanks.
  10. I've decided I'd like a dual boiler machine but don't want to spend too much. So I really like the look of the Profitec Pro 300, well I'm not sold on its brew switch, but... However it seems lots prefer the Lelit Elizabeth. We don't drink that much coffee and like flat white's over espressos. But maybe that's owing to what we've been able to brew on the old Classic with pre-ground? I've watched some youtube vids showing the operation of both machines and I prefer the simplicity of the Profitec. The Elizabeth looks overly complicated. So is the Elizabeth too complicated or the Pro 300
  11. Thanks pandabear, was that hopper & bellows? He's quoting me £29.16 (inc p&p).
  12. Lol! Don't forget to post, it sounds like it will be useful and (sadly) amusing in equal measures!
  13. There's lots of reasonably priced recommendations in this thread - most links still seem to be working.
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