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  1. You’d need to chop the top off the casing essentially , the hopper is fixed in place . The unit would be about 10 inches tall after modifying
  2. Final knockdown on this before it’s eBay’d . Initial post updated
  3. So after I thought I sold this via another channel , it ended up being a time waster . Im getting serious grief for having this clutter up the spare room , so I have dropped the price to try and speed this up
  4. The grind quality is superbly uniform, up there with the Guatemala / Kenia ''Lab'' models . Like i said brewed/filter coffee is up there with the EK43. 2011 is quite possibly the born on date. I think someone with time on their hands could get this to work fine enough for espresso , there is a little bar inside attached to the adjustment disc which prevents going too fine. Pop the bar off and could in theory get the burrs to touch. Perhaps K30 burrs would be better for espresso than the EK10 burrs which are currently fitted. You could also make the unit incredibly short , the majority of the top half of the grinder is simply a hopper!
  5. Hopefully this works (note the grinder has been in a box for a while and needs a good hoovering /wipe/polish to make it look nice, will be done prior to collection !)
  6. Serious grinder , excellent grind consistency for Filter coffee. 65mm burrs and 780W motor. This unit is used and has typical scratches etc but perfect working order , the burrs would last forever in a home use setting as its only had approx 10kg through it over the last couple of years I suspect they are barely run in. In terms of results in the cup this would give the EK43 a run for its money, very different cup profile to the EK but very clean and arguably sweeter. If I had no need to do espresso ** at home I would have no issues running this as my home grinder. ** Ive never tried taking it as fine as espresso, it might be able to do it?! Info here : https://www.coffeeitalia.co.uk/mahlkonig-fcg-6-0.html Looking for £425 ONO, Collection only (Bham) Photos available on request
  7. Okay I went a bit mad and used some vegetable carbon in half the dough then laminated the 2 doughs together . 600g Marriage’s Manitoba strong . 100g shipton mill organic wholemeal . 160g starter 100% , 5 hrs old . 14g brine salt . 75% hydration. 2g veg carbon . 6hr bulk 75f. Inc lamination and a couple of stretch and folds . Over night retard in fridge . Split this into 2 loaves , one covered in sesame seeds and a boule , the other a normal batard. I would add more pictures but for some reason it won't let me. perhaps Ive reached some sort of limit on the forum lol
  8. Drop me a PM , I would be happy to help we can make something work
  9. Same one as Bronc AFAIK. A dough weighing 750g pre bake if strong enough and fully proofed will almost full it tbh.
  10. Workout 1 = back squats & Front squats. Workout 2 = Barbell press, dumbbell press, tricep work. Workout 3 = Deadlifts, pull-ups, pendlay rows, face pulls . Workout 4 = military overhead barbell, seated dumbbell press (without lumbar support), bicep work. will periodise 5 x 5 1 x 5 / 1 x 3/ 1 x 1 (wendler) 3 x 8 10 x 10 if feeling like i need punishing .
  11. Im 40 in a few months and i'm back down to my body weight when I was 25. Ive used a combo of Intermittent fasting + Low Carbs + Short but intense workouts, yet i'm eating more calories than before and able to drink loads of beer on weekends!
  12. Quick one from tonight . 150g Marriages Manitoba Strong white.(14.9% protein) 150g Tesco Strong white flour (12.9% protein) 50g Shipton Mill Organic wholewheat . 100g starter 4.5hrs post feed 100% hydration . held 78f for 5 days . 7g brine spring salt. 240g water . 1hr autolyse. 75f added starter. 20 mins rest. added salt. 30 mins rest. 78f light fold . 30 mins rest . lamination folds. 1hr rest. 79f stretch and fold . 1hr rest. stretch and fold . 1.5hrs rest final shaping . 30 mins room temp. 80f Fridge overnight (4c) baked straight from fridge . 21mins 250c. 20 mins 240c. I think I had success with this as I paid close attention to starter maintenance. I discarded everything except for 5g twice over the course of 5 days and fed 1:2:2 morning and afternoon and then 1:10:10 overnight .
  13. its where you stretch the dough out into a large rectangle and then fold into itself from the outsides in . Creates loads more strength and layers
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