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  1. 20 into 52g is 8.5 - 8.8% TDS (10 sec preinfusion) 20 into 70g is 6.5 - 7% TDS (preinfusion off) This is on the Sage DB. I think ristretto type mouthfeel is >12% TDS
  2. Seems a bit crazy to not have a dedicated EK forum, these threads arent as easy to read and no tapatalk means I wont be able to play most of the day
  3. I use temp tags on my milk jugs, I place a Soy one next to a regular one. If the soy one fully lights up but the regular one dosent it will taste very good and sweet, maybe a touch cool unless drunk immediately. If the regular one partially lights up then taste is still good but the drink is a little hotter and is akin to what a good coffee shop would serve. Can be enjoyed for longer If the regular one fully lights up then the milk has been over steamed for my palate, less sweet and doesnt let the coffee shine through. This is what Costa would serve
  4. Just tested the brew water coming out of group with an el cheapo digital thermometer. Offset of 9 puts it spot on in my machine.


    If yours functions the same as my machine then your lower offset may account for the sharp taste. Try either upping the offset or raising the temp (in reality same thing)

  5. No, not dead.



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