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  1. The Piaggio Ape 50 van comes with a Fracino 2 group espresso machine, a Mazzer electronic grinder, built in drawer fridge, and knock out tube. I'll also include the remaining cups, lids, stirrers and sugar sachets that I have. The van is just over 1 year old, has very low mileage (just under 200 miles), and the paintwork is in good condition. It drives well, but for longer distances I would recommend towing it. I bought it last year intending it to be an additional income source, but unfortunately I don't have enough time to be able to dedicate to running it properly. The van's ready t
  2. It depends on what's wrong with the machine,you pay for parts and labour
  3. Thanks Gerry, good suggestion. It's a temporary site at the moment, but I'll see if I can make these updates
  4. Sorry, forgot to say that I've done that, they gave me GasComm's details, according to Fracino there is only 1 engineer in London! Unfortunately, the guy at GasComm has broken his thumb and is off work at the moment, so just wondering if anyone knew of any others. Cheers
  5. Hi all, I'm Caroline, I've been using the forum anonymously up to now for info whilst starting up my own coffee business, so it's about time I joined properly. I've got a Fracino contempo dual fuel machine and mazzer grinder in a Piaggio Ape van. I've gone from working in an office, to a coffee shop, to outside with my van in the last year. Currently looking for more work bookings in London (markets, events, private parties, etc.), so any tips on getting these would be welcome Thanks, Caroline Perky Coffee http://perkycoffee.co.uk
  6. Hi, Could anyone give me any recommendations for good Fracino engineers in the London area? I'm based in East London and have a commercial setup (Contempo dual fuel semi-automatic machine in a Piaggio Ape). Thanks, Caroline Perky Coffee http://perkycoffee.co.uk
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