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  1. I can only get 36g output with a double pull, perhaps I need to adjust the top nuts?
  2. Is that a pre-millennium? I've a Pro & a Europiccola, both this century, & have been putting 17g in lately. I think it also depends on your grind, & the beans...
  3. I often recall showing a puck to my youngest when she was just a few years old & telling her it was not a chocolate cake. She put it on a saucer & presented it to her older sister. The giggling gave her away, fortunately. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
  4. Exactly where is the leak? Is it on a joint or in the boiler body? Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
  5. Including the blackened bit. Really nice, and enough dough left for crumpets tomorrow and another one of these the next day.
  6. Happy accident then, thanks guys. I may put some weight on.
  7. My question... I've left my first proving overlong -when I came back into the house it was way over twice original volume, nearly 3 times it. Is it now just a lot of starter, or having folded it down and shaped it into a cloth in the fridge... Will I get away with baking it tomorrow?
  8. Great idea the colander, hence my first Pastafarian sourdough. I forgot the salt and I think it's overproven (over-proofed? Over-proved?) so lots of Marmite or cheese. It'll do.
  9. I realise it's 3½ years since looking at this thread inspired me to make a starter and begin learning to bake sourdough. Many weird and some lovely loaves. I'm grateful to The Systemic Kid for the walkthroughs in early posts, which confused me because I can't follow instructions -but I think I've got the gist. I used to bake in a Pyrex casserole but lately I've bought an iron one so I can heat it before putting the dough in. I enjoy playing with different mixes. This may not look exciting, but the taste... 120 light rye 80 barley 80 spelt 70 Canadian wholemeal 50 white 300 wat
  10. I don't think I'll ever achieve that... In panic that I will leave mine too late I think I often bake too early, missing the full rise...
  11. I mess up sourdough most of the time! Getting better though. Today's had less wholemeal, & some barley flour with spelt.
  12. P.S. this was in reply to Michael87's question on the previous page. I was brought up by people who were children in WW2. I've never thrown away the 'discard', from first mix of brewing my starter, which is named Doc Penderyn. I've always made something edible with it.
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