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  1. I read somewhere this isn't necessary on millennium models, so perhaps the grind/tamper is too much with me as well...
  2. Ah. I didn't get that far into the posts. Sorry, I'm in Pembrokeshire.. never mind, he needs a quicker fix bean to cup really.
  3. Goole? I thought you would live in Llanfairfechan, or Trallwng, or even Newport. Gutted. Anyway £199 if you'll post with insurance to my brother in Devon. I bought him a bargain bean to cup Gaggia from someone on here a while ago but it won't grind finer than ¼ bean size. ☹️
  4. I think once you learn the feel of the pressure it's unnecessary, but then ... when was it cool to be so steam punk? My pav had a nylon piston anyway, so the swap to brass was a bonus.
  5. £150! Wow, you did well! I was pleased when I got my post millennium Pro for 180. It was over a year before it needed seals replacing, and I've added the factory lever gauge with brass piston since so it's bumped up a bit. Love it.
  6. Yes. It may be time to replace some seals... easy job (lots of videos online) and reasonably priced sets from theespressoshop.co.uk My Europicolla looks very similar to yours, but I still haven't made a bracket for the led display. Must do. @joey24dirt, sorry mate. Hope sorted by now, or soon?
  7. Hiya buddy. You are going to enjoy this.
  8. Macchinadelcaffe, big yes from me. This is my lovely at the office. Be sure to tell them which size you need, pre-millennium or new. It feels scary just wiring the money, but they are as honest as the wait may be long... Depending on what they have in stock. They told me before I ordered, to be fair, but I wanted to be at the head of the queue.
  9. No, not... yet! TBH I've only used the Microcimbali a couple of dozen pleasant and uneventful times, because as @jimbojohn55 told me before I bought it (& demonstrated to me at the end of the lever day) there is still a problem of little bits of metal coming out when the boiler is emptied at the end of a session. I don't know yet whether that's coming from the boiler or from the sacrificial anode -so it is waiting for me to either source food-safe high temperature aluminium paint, or to anodise it, which is the current favourite. I've never attempted such a process and it holds a strange fascination for me ... when I do whatever I do I'll post some photos.
  10. Some of you may want to shut your eyes, but my first coffee maker was a Krups. That's it, wash your eyes out. Fortunately a few months ago my brother asked if I minded him throwing it away while he was cleaning my mum's cupboards out. I looked it over. Single hole steamer tip, now on my Europicolla. My 2nd hand Professionale came with an attachment which slides on to the steamwand, tubes and a plastic block. I've hardly looked at it as I drink espressos... Though I should've brought it all home from the office because daughter is visiting & likes oatmilk lattés. Ho hum.
  11. With my Pav I do this thing where I ½ lock the pf while beginning the pre-infusion, and tightening as I fully raise the lever. It's like ballet, and apparently decreases the chance of the puck splurging (I know, that's not a proper term either). A couple of times I've got it wrong. Just as messy, but less likely to cause injuries... well, chinjuries anyway. There, I've invented a new word. I'm glad you're ok, and that Ppapa is healing.
  12. Bargain if you know anyone in chorley https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F123804638602
  13. Looking at the kitchen, it's a very good thing my missus is not on this forum. You may find this amusing and informative - many times over the last 40 years I have bought various rust eating chemicals and scrubbed for acheing toxic hours with wire brushes and wire wool - e.g. filled a petrol tank with grit and chemicals and strapped it to my cement mixer...
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