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  1. TL;DR: The grinder is still up for sale for £115!
  2. Apologies for late reply, yes I will accept that. I'll PM to arrange pickup.
  3. Bumping to the top, I've now returned to London so the grinder is now again up for grabs!
  4. Sorry, just looked your link now in detail, that looks truly amazing!! Didn't mean to ignore it but had a bit of a hectic week..
  5. Apologies for delayed reply. Thanks for your offer, it's not far off from what I would accept. However I think for the time being I would prefer to avoid the extra hassle of postage, so I'll at least wait until the weekend to see if any Londoners are interested. I am intrigued about your frankenjolly plans though.
  6. By the power vested in me by tribal knowledge, I declare this to be a mid to late 2003 model. Again, I have no way to confirm the cord is original though, but 22/07/2003 would fit the overall picture.
  7. Bump, price drop to £140 if we can get the sale done within a week.
  8. At least the chassis was made Dec '02 if I'm interpreting the stamp correctly. Apologies for not including that in the original post, appreciate that it's quite a key detail.
  9. Unfortunately not. The eBay seller had it listed as an "early 2000s" model but I have no idea what he was basing this on since the sticker was missing. Happy to send more pics if there are specific details that might help us narrow down the year.
  10. Based in The City, EC4M to be specific.
  11. Edit: Whoopsee! It's quite obvious from the photos where the doser's bottom screws had gone - I had mixed them up with the portafilter holder screws for reasons unknown to mankind. I've fixed the issue and now all the original screws are included and in their appropriate places, see photos.
  12. I offer for your consideration today a Mazzer SJ. Selling as I upgraded to a Ceado 37S a few months ago. While it's been fun having 2 grinders around, this has to stop before I get too used to it! For background, I bought this off eBay 2.5 years ago. It was in a messy condition externally, and was missing a few parts. However, the internals were sound and I was going to use it for single dosing anyway, so the lack of a hopper and doser lid was a non-issue. There are a few points I want to get out of the way first: No hopper, will include the camera lens hood that I've been using for single dosing though No doser lid No grind adjustment lever (haven't found this an issue since the adjustment threads are in excellent condition) Paint chipping in a couple of places (all of these are reflected in the photos) The power cord has some paint stains on it, haven't bothered to try if these would come off with the right solution. I have intentionally snapped off the security pin on the star screw holding the bottom plate, so that it doesn't require a special security bit to open. Having a hard time locating the original bottom screws for the doser, so selling under the assumption that they are not included. Given the above, this particular SJ is naturally better suited for someone looking to single dose, as in this case only the grind adjustment lever is an inconvenience. Now for the positive parts - I replaced the burrs when I bought the machine, so they are in excellent condition and have had about 30kg through them. This is likely an overestimation but I want to be on the safe side. I've routinely switched the burrs around when cleaning so the wear should be very even. The bearings seem to be in good condition, judging by the lack of odd sounds or vibrations when grinding. Overall I've had no issues with the grinder whatsoever, and in my judgement have taken good care of it. Paired excellently with my Europiccola until I got upgraditis. I have done my normal cleaning routine just today, also regreased the dosing mechanism though I haven't used it. The only part I'm unable to clean is under the vanes as I don't have the right tools to disassemble them. The bit under the lower burr carrier was last cleaned when I bought the grinder, as it is a slightly risky maneuver and quite frankly I didn't find that much under there back then compared to the rest of the burr chamber. Price £160 with collection from central London. Offers accepted. Pricing to sell quickly before I go on holiday June 20th. If the grinder doesn't sell by then (meaning sold and collected), I will have to hold off on the sale until I return from holiday in August. Cash on collection, PayPal, or bank transfer fine. If desired, you are welcome to test the grinder when collecting. Alternatively happy to meet you halfway within reason.
  13. I snatched a Ceado 37S for well under £500 to upgrade my SJ a few months ago, and I've been very happy with that choice! The larger burrs definitely make a difference in the cup. Having said that, I think 37S do go for a bit more normally, my one has a few dings here and there so if looks are an issue then a pristine 37S might not fit into that budget.
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