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  1. A bumper coffee themed haul this this Christmas - all beans nicely rested so now the dilema of which to try first! Especially pleased with the April all the way from Copenhagen (amazingly 2 bags get free shipping to the UK) .. always wanted to try them since missing the LSOL ages ago when they went down a storm. (would have been even better if dear sister had managed to order both with the 'espresso milk' roast like it said on the wish list, bless her!) Happy Christmas all!
  2. CHC here too.. they must be doing something right - must be the LSOL effect!
  3. Had Nano Challa on the radar since the Assembly lsol which sounded great so looking forwards to this.
  4. The Casona is a real favourite at the moment, recently got a second bag. When I get it spot on it has the most amazing exotic fruit aroma although with the new bag its more of hops. Fwiw as a starting point if you're doing espresso my best results have been dosing relatively lower by about -0.5g around 15>35g in 35s + 20s pi.
  5. Wowzers.. had no idea, thanks for opening my eyes. Glad to know its safe there but goes to show what we take for granted sometimes needs a different approach.
  6. Jeez Tom - I just spotted 3 guys in the photos toting automatic weapons! guarding the workers? Didnt realise your adventure was quite so hairy, brave man! Cant link to the gallery but theres a link under '04 Dry Milling' - photos 10 & 12.. http://www.santaritacoffee.com/general-facts.html
  7. The farms website.. http://www.santaritacoffee.com/general-facts.html Run by Dania Baltodano & Desiree Pereira owners of Santa Rita Coffee Estate El Dorado, Jinotega 1100-1250m
  8. Urgh, colds and good beans.. what a drag. Look forwards to hearing how you get on with the Niche settings on the la Pav if you give it a try, once you are over the cold.. good luck with that.
  9. Some more here about Tom's Nicaragua trip on the CHC website (if maybe not so much about this specific farm, not sure) - https://www.crafthousecoffee.co.uk/blogs/our-stories/out-of-office-nicaragua
  10. Great stuff Tom! Really good to hear the story and of your adventures in Nicaragua, it must be so exciting making discoveries and working with people like this. Such an exciting time to be involved in the speciality coffee biz, we are all so lucky to have such forward thinking producers and roasters like you around these days. Haven't ordered from you before but will be my next purchase.. thanks so much and fbs for this fascinating LSOL roller coaster ride coffee adventure!
  11. It's funny because I had just been admiring the even roast and thinking how clean and free of quakers and misshapes it was. Tbh I haven't always checked for stones with the hand grinders but now with the Niche I obviously will need to be more careful so it was a useful wake up call for me too.
  12. Having just found a tiny stone lurking at the bottom of the bag I might just have to completely flip continents and go for Rwanda* now! .. natural patio/ground drying process anyway ...no reflection of course on quality or my enjoyment of these beans, we all know it can happen so best just keep an eye out peeps. At 17 days thought it was about time to stash these away into the freezer.. never waited so long before but they just keep improving, maybe still not at their peak yet? I've kept twice my normal amount out of the freezer for now just to follow how they develop.. its really got me intrigued. * edit: woops, was thinking of potato defect for Rwanda so its just the process then!
  13. Some bits and bobs to help get the best out of the Niche. Not sure I'll be using the mini vac so much now as I seem to be getting used to the chaff in the hopper that seemed a slight issue at first, having been used to being able to get the hand grinder completely clean of chaff. And nice to find a 49mm grooming tool for the Pav.. nearly went for the Kafatek as it just seems much nicer, but without finding a UK seller the cost with shipping just seemed too much.
  14. South America? ..thinking 'may or may not' might refer to johnealey's guess at s/c America.. already guessed at Central / Panama so suggests not Central, might have said Nicaragua but thats gone..
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