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  1. Thanks will look into that, I may see about getting one shortly. When you grind coffee beans of course they are freshest when you make the brew right away, but how long could I store them in a jar before they are passing their 'best before' ? e.g. should I grind beans everyday for the day, or would a weeks worth still be lovely and fresh if kept in an air tight container?
  2. Good thread! I have just bought an aeropress, some good ideas here.
  3. I think idea would be something for 4-5 servings at a time to last for a day. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Krups-Expert-GVX231-Coffee-Grinder/dp/B0002H2IOM/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_201_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=TY8Z0GA4EM06NKCBC0WK Wondering if that would be reasonable?
  4. Would I be better spending more? Just seems expensive to spend more on something which you can do with a rolling pin, to a degree haha
  5. Thanks! I don't think I would want to spend anymore than 50 quid or so. Up to now I have been smashing up beans in a Breville Blender for use in a Cafetiere, sacrilege I am sure!!! But it still got them fine, yet coarse enough to make a decent brew.
  6. I have just bought an Aeropress to try, looking forward to that! I will be using it mainly in the office. I would like also to get a burr grinder that will be optimal for Aeropress and also the Cafetiere. Would the grind size for both Aeropress & the Cafetiere be roughtly the same? Keen to learn.
  7. I used a basic jug I had in the cupboard and tried full fat milk at the weekend and its definitely made a big difference... Its far thicker and leaves a print on the top. With a bit of practice I think a few basic things will be possible!
  8. Interesting, what would be the best device for it then? Something like the frother attached on a Gaggia classic?
  9. Has to be full fat milk, right? If i can do a little bit of art to that standard, i'd be pretty happy. I have never made anything, yet!
  10. Zola


    Bumpedy Bump. Many of you have a Nespresso machine? I am relatively new here.....my fiance bought me a Nespresso Citiz & Milk fairly recently, so I have to use it for a good while at least I do like the Cafetiere/French Press & Gaggia machine style of making coffee, but the Nespresso machine is very handy and tasty for quick everyday coffee. Lidl do capsules for 17p, and they are actually not bad at all. There's a wide range of competitors now. Someday I will get a Gaggia type machine, but until I get sick of the pods, thats probably what I will be drinking for the next while.
  11. haha yes, sorry! So its not possible to make latte art with this contraption?
  12. One of these guys, (only its built in to my Citiz + Milk machine.) It seems to spin the milk with some sort of little magnet, and shuts off when it hits something like 150C inside. It produces a lot of foamy, thickish milk
  13. Other than practice, what is the key to getting the right texture? Going to buy that Rhinowares jug....is this one ok ?https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rhinowares-Milk-Pitcher-12oz-360ml/dp/B00RP9VKEO/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1481202330&sr=8-2&keywords=rhinowares+coffee+jug What should I absolutely do, and what should I absolutely not do? I am a noobie, so please bear with me
  14. Do you have to use full fat milk to achieve the correct texture? Are there any specific jugs you'd recommend?
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