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  1. Just in case it catches anyone's fancy on here: https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-kitchen-appliances/technivorm-moccamaster-cup-one-filter-coffee-machine/1327572119
  2. Hi all! I was wondering whether it would be worth selling my 2017 Vario as it hardly gets any use these days; even back in 2017, I only really used it for a few espressos-worth of beans per week as I was going through a hand-grinder phase at the time! Any idea what these tend to go for, used?
  3. Hi there. I've got a Vario which I'm thinking about moving on, but don't know how much they tend to go for., secondhand It's had really light use (2 or 3 espressos per week, since I bought it in May 2017. What were you going to pay for the other Vario that you'd made an offer on?
  4. I know it's unlikely as you're looking for collection only, but if by some chance you don't get any takers soon and would consider sending it via courier, I'd offer the asking price for it. Cheers, Tony.
  5. With such a long immersion, would you stir (or gently agitate) periodically? Or just trust that the water would move through any clumped or settled grounds well enough on its own for even extraction over 30 minutes?
  6. Excellent. I have enjoyed a couple of light roasts from Has Bean, but the others will be new for me to try. Thanks for the recommendations!
  7. Ah, syphon brewing looks really interesting. And just kinda cool aesthetically too! I've wanted to give that a try at some point. Good to know it can produce the sort of flavour I'm interested in. Probably too much of a spectacle for the office, but I'd fancy picking up a siphon to add to my weekend projects.
  8. Excellent, thanks all. It had certainly never occurred to me to steep for that long! I assumed I'd end up with something a long way from the light, acidic brew i was aiming for by extracting more, but I'll be happy to give it a go
  9. I'm enjoying experimenting with the V60 and Kalita Wave, but it's a frustrating business at times. I might have to save the practice for the weekends. Weekdays, at work, i want something a bit more foolproof. I've got a small Clever Coffee Deeper and i haven't made any terrible cups with it yet. It's all fine, but none of the wow factor when it all clicks into place with a V60 pour. But is there a way to push the style of coffee with the CCD more towards the V60. By that i mean a lighter drink, almost tea-like, with a vibrant, crisp acidity. So far with the CCD, i can get a pleasant cup,
  10. Will do! So who do you find does a reliably light roast for V60, as an alternative to Union. Most of the other UK roasters I've tried so far vhave been for Medium roast beans, for espresso.
  11. Excellent, thanks for that!!! Final question for now, before I go away and try to put this all into practice... The few times that I got a lovely fruity sweetness in the cup have been outnumbered by the times that I've achieved some sweetness but it's a slightly unpleasant caramel (or maybe fake-chocolate syrup?) kind of sweetness. At first, I thought it was the particular beans, but it's happens across a lot of different types of coffee (albeit, mainly roasted by Union, all light roast, single-origin). When I've managed the odd nice cup, this slightly sickly caramel taste has been
  12. And that's another new and interesting perspective for me, Mark, thinking of things in terms of flow rates. Lots for me to ponder!
  13. Nope, sorry, I meant that my total time was about three minutes (that was including the bloom and then pouring the rest of the water in three pulses). I'll try those timings tomorrow, thanks. Would you say that the that the time taken should be fairly similar, regardless of the ratio, and that it's grind size and pouring technique that experimentation? I just feel like it need one fixed target to aim for, haha. If time, ratio, grind and number of pulses are all up for grabs, then i feel a little lost at sea with it all.
  14. Interesting, thanks. So if my grind has gone coarse enough to introduce more bitter flavours, that would be the case with other ratios? I'm just thinking, if it takes me 3 minutes to pour 144g, a 199g pour might end up being really long, unless i go fairly coarse.
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