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  1. Ok, after some more fiddling, it is better than it was but no where near as good as when new, so I'm giving up for now, maybe have another look in the future.
  2. I thought I might be the limiting factor Time to start practising. I like the idea of a substitute medium for practising on, the prospect of drinking coffee back to back is not appealing
  3. It seems just taking the back off disturbs it. Also it looks like if it goes into this cycle were the boiler effectively runs dry, it needs to cool down then run a single shot through without any load on it. This seems to prime it again. I'm not convinced it's 100% fixed but is working ok at the moment.
  4. Hi Dave, this is the area. It's the whiter of the two pipes. It's clearly fiddly as it's playing up again after taking the back off for a photo. Hold that thought, I'm trying to work out how to post the picture from my phone
  5. How easy is it to do coffee art, like what the pros do I have a sage barista express.. would I be able to do it with this kit or would I need some super equipment?
  6. Ahh, I thought I'd put an update up but can't see it now.. oh well lets try again. I believe I have fixed the Sage... the problem appears to have been the soft water pipe from the pump. It looks like it had too sharp a curve on the run which restricted the flow. I've spent a bit of time routing it carefully and I now have as much steam is I need to froth or stretch the milk. Time to relax with a flat white
  7. pbrook67


    A little A about F as I dived in with a request for help post first. Anyway here goes... I have gradually, bit by bit, been dragged into the coffee habit. I can think of no finer way to spend a few minutes that by indulging in a perfectly made espresso. Not that I can make a perfect espresso but I'm working on it. After my stove top maker, which I still use, my first machine was a normal cube sized espresso maker with a useless frothing wand. I added to that a burr grinder which helped me experiment a bit more. After convincing myself that I would get good value out of a better machine I bought a Sage Barista Express, which I have been pleasantly surprised by. Hopefully I can give something back to you guys n girl as well as taking
  8. Oh well, still not fixed but a bit more info.. I took the pipes off the switch and checked for obstructions by blowing down them while switching between water and steam, all seemed ok, cleaned them and refitted. Ran descaler through twice.. to be sure to be sure The steam wand run ok for about 20 or 30 seconded, then there is no pressure, although steam keep coming. If I then switch to hot water, steam or a mix of steam and water comes through the water nozzle. It seems to me that the heater is not getting enough water to maintain the steam during the cycle and runs the heater dry? Does this sound plausible? Without a schematic I can't really fault find any further as I don't know which solenoid should fire and when. Has anyone come across any technical docs for these machines?
  9. Hi, I know this is an old thread now but wondered if you had found a solution. My Barista express may have the same problem. First I'll apologise if my terminology is not correct as I'm not familiar with the workings of coffee machines It started with poor pressure at the brew head. I stripped the machine and clean it. I found some specs of rubbish in the small bore pipes from the boiler to the manifold. Once these were clean the machine was back to making great espresso again. However the steam wand, which was previously ok now acts like the problem that the OP has. There is also a wter leak, which I always had but I can't trace it. It must be coming from low down, either from the purge or out of the plastic expansion tank type thing? The water is clear and issues from the left and side... but waits until no one is looking Hopefully someoe will have come across a solution for the steam wand issue.. I'll keep pugging away and repost if I find an answer. Cheers Phil.
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