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  1. Thanks Tim, that was quick ! Are you happy to collect or would you need it posting ?
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]33566[ 2003 Gaggia Classic in excellent condition with OPV set at 9, new portafilter seal, steam valve mod for easy cleaning, flushed with Puly and calcifier every month. Comes with the stainless milk frothing jug, single and double filters, portafilter, Gaggia scoop, extra surge plate under the stainless grille. Owned for 6 years and now upgrading. £100 collected from near Exeter or £115 posted in the UK via Hermes.
  3. Please ignore my request for an OPV gauge posted here a week ago, I have sourced one now.
  4. New Fracino Cherub stainless steam tip bought for my ( now sold ) 2014 machine and still in the bag & not fitted. This will change your fierce single hole steam wand into a well controlled piece of kit. This is the tip that has a female thread so fits the wand that is threaded on the outside and might fit other models . £5 delivered.
  5. Thanks Mick, it was a pleasure doing business with you. Enjoy your brewing.
  6. Hi Mick, I would take £430 if you arrange a courier as I am wary of sending it through the post by whatever means.
  7. Thanks @fatboyslim I understood that the gauge screws to the underside of the portafilter and looking at the postings it appears that there is a bit of confusion relating to which gauges are in circulation so thank you for your offer but I will wait to see the response from the others on the list so as not to shortcut the process . I will let you know of the outcome asap.
  8. Please add me to the list of members for the loan of the OPV pressure gauge. @nomilknosugar @ed_g @crmdgnly @foxy
  9. Please add me to the list of members for the loan of the OPV pressure gauge. @nomilknosugar @ed_g @crmdgnly @foxy
  10. Thanks @igm45 and @Drewster. I was going to add my name to the loan of the pressure gauge portafilter list on the forum and thought there might be a different way to add " @..." to my posting. Thank you both for your prompt replies.
  11. I cannot seem to find the link that allows me to add my forum name to a reply using the " @ ..." part ? Thanks in advance !
  12. Fracino Cherub 2014 for sale in excellent condition. Made/ tested 23/11/13 and comes with the Fracino portafilter and a single and a double basket, tamper plus downloaded instructions. This is the newer 50th anniversary model ( 1963 to 2013 ) and has the replaceable water filter that will be provided but I use Tesco Ashbeck water for convenience. It has been regularly Puly cleaned, backflushed and looked after and can be collected from near Exeter, Devon. I am reluctant to send via a courier but if you arrange this I will package it accordingly. The polished stainless looks grained in th
  13. Set of 6 cups and saucers from the Terence Conran Terminus range ( approx. 100ml per cup capacity ) Brand new but never used. In white and dishwasher and microwave safe. £25 including postage to mainland UK.
  14. Thanks for that info. I will try that on my next experience session and hope it gets me nearer to getting a decent shot.
  15. Thank you cold war kid, your comments about the Fracino machines not needing a flush is good news but adds to my confusion as there are 2 schools of thought as was mentioned previously. In fairness I only release about a cup full of water each time to preheat the portafilter so I assume that sits midway between your thoughts and those of pessutojr above. I have not had a problem with the Mignon and I know it will clog the Cherub easily and after looking at the many postings about what makes a decent coffee the general consensus seems to indicate that if it tastes good then it is OK which wa
  16. Agree about best before info. Had not realised Costa had possibly stopped adding robusta. New beans it is !!
  17. Thanks pessutojr, I looked up the sour / bitter discussion on the forum but had no conclusive answer ! I start pouring after at least 30 mins and purge the machine. I agree with the Lavazza being a not so fresh item but thought I would see if it got me a decent cuppa just in case. As in my previous response I will have to adjust my technique to see if I can get a better result.
  18. Hi, thanks for your prompt reply: 14g in 36g out Fracino std. double basket ( or 18g in a vst ) MBK 58mm tamper. I have dealt with the local roaster and although he puts a "best before date " on his bags assured me it was then about 4 days after roasting. An earlier posting suggested a Milan blend with 100% Arabica might not be ideal if I like a Costa or Nero flat white. I will try one of the roasters you mentioned soon to get back to basics. I suspect I need to start with a good bean then follow the good advice on the forum and narrow things down a bit.
  19. I have used Lavazza Rossa beans in a Gaggia bean to cup for approximately 10 years with the odd trial of other beans. Changed about a month ago to a used Fracino Cherub and Mignon. Having had some good advice on here I bought some 10 days from roasted beans ( Milan mix ) from a local supplier and have had "fun" weighing, timing, dosing etc with a double basket . The result is still disappointing so I bought 250g of preground Lav. Rossa and even at a heavy tamping the shot goes straight through quickly...tried to grind it finer in the Mignon and was a slight improvement but no crema and still
  20. Thank you for all your feedback, the 18g vst is at the limit of a tight fit so the 21g will not fit ! And a summary of the 58mm tamper is that it does not fit a std double Fracino basket as it is too big .
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