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  1. Thanks Tim, that was quick ! Are you happy to collect or would you need it posting ?
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]33566[ 2003 Gaggia Classic in excellent condition with OPV set at 9, new portafilter seal, steam valve mod for easy cleaning, flushed with Puly and calcifier every month. Comes with the stainless milk frothing jug, single and double filters, portafilter, Gaggia scoop, extra surge plate under the stainless grille. Owned for 6 years and now upgrading. £100 collected from near Exeter or £115 posted in the UK via Hermes.
  3. Still on the hunt for a used chrome Gaggia Classic script from the front of the case please ??
  4. Thanks for your offer but I am looking for a chrome Classic one.
  5. I am looking for a good condition used Gaggia Classic chrome script from the front of the Gaggia Classics. I am polishing the frame and I currently have the printed script so that will disappear ! Thanks in advance.
  6. Looking for a reasonable Gaggia Classic chrome badge as fitted to the front of the early machines.
  7. Please ignore my request for an OPV gauge posted here a week ago, I have sourced one now.
  8. New Fracino Cherub stainless steam tip bought for my ( now sold ) 2014 machine and still in the bag & not fitted. This will change your fierce single hole steam wand into a well controlled piece of kit. This is the tip that has a female thread so fits the wand that is threaded on the outside and might fit other models . £5 delivered.
  9. Thanks Mick, it was a pleasure doing business with you. Enjoy your brewing.
  10. Hi Mick, I would take £430 if you arrange a courier as I am wary of sending it through the post by whatever means.
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