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  1. Yes it has the scoop tamper and the original box if interested @Mrboots2u can pm payment details?
  2. I wouldn't want to risk an overseas shipment would you go to 75 shipped @Mrboots2u ?
  3. Bought this used on here have used it a handful of times and now seems a shame to just be left when it could go to somewhere someone might find our useful
  4. I would like to get peoples feedback and opinions on the roasters in Wales. Welsh coffee co seem to be the best I have fouind so far. Are there others I should consider. Thank you
  5. I am finally getting to run a shop however it is for a charity and the budget is tight, Anyone know of any machines that are worth considering I think the top end of the budget is 2k however if I can get a used machine and potentially a Mythos I would be very happy. It is still taking some time to get sorted so I won't be able to buy immediately however by the end of the month we should be good to go. Any help would be truly appreciated. Whatever happens will make me happy, health back and a job happy days
  6. I went from apple everything to Android phone and tablet, (kept the macbook thought) I found it pretty straight forward, and just kept finding extra features as time passed. It was the same when I went from Vaio to Macbook. The simplicity and the straightforward functionality was great once I got used to it. Apple is designed to be for everyone albeit not priced as such and Android is too to some extent but the limitations with apple for me now I just can't go back. I keep wanting to quit the app drawer being the most irritating feeling, I found when using the both side by side recently. As for syncing, yes it is possible to do it. However you do lose iTunes and movies if you have any media or paid for apps all those will be lost until you return to apple. In my case Tweetbot has released a whole new app update it seems and mine is hidden away under purchases.
  7. I have been considering the Fiio and Topping ranges. What benefits does a DAC bring?
  8. Yes this is true I also want a full stand as it will look empty I know I will end up getting more
  9. Overlooked my email saying I have been charged now, really looking forward to getting this. I am getting 4 sieves and part of me is still wishing I'd gone for the full set.
  10. Budget would be around 100 I guess, and would have to be portable as I mostly use my phone (Galaxy Note 4). However I do sometime use my 2012 macbook pro.
  11. Yes I am looking at those and considering my options
  12. I thought I should post here so if anyone can help me in any way in regards to how to get the best out of these then I would be thankful
  13. Sennheiser ie80 in ears. Got a bargain on eBay and couldn't be happier, as these are a premium set do I need to "burn them in?" apologies if that is nonsense but I am not sure on these things always liked sennheisers and I think I will be enjoying these. However anyone who knows about headphones any advice greatly appreciated.
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