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  1. I'll stop by Barnes the next Saturday I'm in London
  2. Wow that would be amazing. I go to London every few months and I'll next be up beginning of Jan. Which markets are you at?
  3. That's good to know as I've been thinking for a while about getting a Mythos or an EK. I have a Cimbali Magnum but it's been collecting dust since the Niche came out as the Niche is so easy to use and the Magnum is a faff. Our current kitchen is limited so the Pavoni/Niche combo are great but I would like in the future to get a good flat grinder and try another coffee machine like a Vesuvius or Londinium.
  4. Unfortunately there aren't many flat options that aren't massive or hugely expensive (or both)for single dosing. How much do you have to purge with the Mythos?
  5. Current code is FORUM10 which funny enough gives you 10% off. I'm a big fan of these guys and anyone who is ordering to Europe shipping is £12.50 if you spend less than £40 but only a flat rate of £5 if you spend between £40-£90. With discount code I've just ordered 2 kilos with shipping to France for £53.60. Bargain! Shipping to the UK is free if you spend over £15
  6. Yes turn both switches on, wait until it's steaming away out of the release valve on the top right. Then turn switch II off, lift the handle without the portafilter on to clear out the group and heat it up, once up to temp pull your shot. If you're frothing milk turn switch II back on and steam.
  7. For me it's not as good as it used to be. I've never used tap talk, just the website on my iPad which now takes ages to upload and often freezes. I spend a lot less time reading the forum and posting but there seems to be a lot fewer posts than before.
  8. Great purchase. I really like the look of this machine and probably traveling the past few days stopped me pulling the trigger. The wife would not have been happy if I bought another lever before getting rid if a few first.
  9. @coffeechap How does this compare to a Pavoni for making espresso?
  10. Fair enough, I'm now back. Thanks
  11. Yes they'll probably have to stretch the budget a bit for a decent used one.
  12. Ceado E37 will be a lot smaller and still offer 83mm flat burs.
  13. Hi @coffeechap did you post the basket? Thanks
  14. No one else on the forum has to justify their purchases so I don't see why you should have to. You bought a great machine at below market price and worse case you should need to sell it you're unlikely to lose anything. Sounds like you have your head well screwed on.
  15. I don't think it will be stolen I was jokingly more implying drunken behaviour. It's a beautiful machine!
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