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  1. I don't think it will be stolen I was jokingly more implying drunken behaviour. It's a beautiful machine!
  2. If anyone is looking to order coffee I highly recommend trying this Rawandan from Horsham. I originally bought it when I was in the uk for my aeropress which I really enjoyed. I had some left over so when I got back to France I used it with the Pavoni and it makes a great espresso with orange and caramel notes. With forum discount it's only £18 a kilo which makes it the best value coffee I've ever bought but regardless of price it's one of the best coffees I've had in a long time. https://www.horshamcoffeeroaster.co.uk/products/pioneer
  3. Very nice! Brave taking it to university with you, as a landlord of student houses I would suggest keeping it in the crate.
  4. If the element works I think between £100-£125
  5. Changing your coffee machine won't change the process especially if you like lighter roasts which are less forgiving. You still need to dial in the beans and weigh in and out. For 1-3 coffees a day you have the perfect machine (maybe not with a broken arm). Upgrade your grinder and you'll notice a major difference.
  6. Previously on threads like this most posts mentioned the EK so it's surprising that 20ish posts in on this I was the first to mention it. Now it's all about the Niche. Ive never seen or used a monolith flat so besides size, it would be interesting to see what it offers over the EK or other large flats like R120.
  7. Why have EK's fallen out of fashion? If my Niche broke and I could stretch my budget I would have the EK with the shorter legs.
  8. I've had a nightmare with this. The instructions in the manual miss a vital step. After step 7 before removing the blanc filters you need to run at least 5litres through the machine to get rid of all the Milton solution. I followed the instructions and didn't do this, the new filters than got filled with the Milton solution and so far I've run over 20 litres through and it is still not completely gone. Osmio said they would be amending the instructions.
  9. Thanks, I won't be back in the uk until the end of August so no rush
  10. Thanks but they're really expensive tampers so I rather not mess about with it. I think this may be the one I have but I'll double check.
  11. Having purchased a 49.5mm Pullman tamper from @coffeechap I was sadly excited to finally get a chance to use it today. To my dismay it's too big for the microcasa basket I use. I could use the original basket but that only holds 12-13g where the microcasa holds 15g. Does anyone know where I can get larger baskets for the pre mil? I'm not convinced the IMS ones are worth the price.
  12. Did you search manually or with the search function? If the latter, it's been broken for quite a while With the search function. I just found the my thread scrolling through the lever forum. I don't want to criticise as I know people put a lot of time into making this forum work but a few months down the line I'm still struggling with the new system.
  13. What's happened to all the posts? I've just searched for a topic I started on my refurbed Pavoni's called How to polish a turd and then searched for the thread on the Pullman tamper I bought on here and I can't find either. Is the new system still having teething problems or are they just gone?
  14. If anyone is thinking of buying one of these or anything else from Osmio their customer service is amazing! I phoned them yesterday and they said all should be fine with my machine, just to change the filters. I also ordered the sterilisation kit which arrived as promised today with free next day delivery. They have a Whattsapp number which I asked them how to drain the machine as I'm driving it to France this weekend and they came back to me within the hour with full instructions. Very impressive!
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