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  1. Bitter would imply overextraction, how long is it taking you to pull the shot? When starting out with these machines it's worth buying a kilo of the same bean, something not too expensive and no lighter than medium just to learn with. It just takes one variable away to thing about.
  2. I would just keep it simple until you get it down and then if you want you can start playing about with felini methods. Personally I think they're a waste of time. The length of time to extract doesn't really matter but it's worth doing in order to compare but go by taste. Depending on beans I take after pre infusion of 10 seconds between 35-50 seconds (sometimes longer) to extract the shot.
  3. Why are you doing all of this? Just fill the portafilter, tamp, put it in, raise the lever all the way for 10 seconds than pull your shot. No pumps no felini, it’s all crap and unnecessary.
  4. @TomHughes gives some good advice. Felini method isn't necessary and can just cause channeling. If you're not getting enough output just reduce your dose which will give more room for water. Also how long does the shot take to pour? Maybe you need to grind finer and take longer to extract the shot.
  5. What's your routine, what beans are you using, what grinder, do you have temperature strips, how much coffee are you putting in and how much is coming out? The more info you can give, the better the advice will be.
  6. Anyone use a Traeger Grill? I've heard a few people say how amazing they are but never tried one.
  7. Don't change anything except your grind. If it's coming out in 10-15 seconds it's way too course and grind setting can vary a lot between beans. On my Niche I've gone as course as 22 and as fine as 13.
  8. That element is different to mine but pretty sure the gasket is the green thing. They do go rock hard overtime.
  9. Yes it’s only a few quid more than a standard basket so definitely worth it.
  10. Here are the three double baskets. Left is the original Pavoni double, middle is the IMS and right is the larger Microcasa basket. The Microcasa looks significantly bigger but it’s slightly narrower so my 49.5mm tamper wouldn’t fit in it, it is 49mm. The Pavoni tapers in slightly at the bottom where as the IMS doesn’t so I would say the IMS holds between .5-1g more than the Pavoni and the the Microcasa holds 1g more than the IMS
  11. It's a quality item and maybe improves the shot slightly or maybe that's just my wishful thinking. I did buy the screen but I haven't had time to fit. I should be able to get it on the next day or two.
  12. La Pavoni, small footprint and capable of making great espresso.
  13. Ah fair enough, I'm probably also guilty of that
  14. Patience! I felt the same the first few weeks I had mine and never thought I'd get a hang of it but then it just clicks. Try and have as few variables as possible so the only thing you have to adjust is the grind. Buy a kilo of beans you like and try and get that right before trying others. I've been a big fan of these over the last year and probably bought 5 kilos of it. For me it just makes a good espresso and it's a bargain. https://www.horshamcoffeeroaster.co.uk/collections/single-origin-coffee-beans/products/pioneer
  15. The microcasa one should fit. I've been using the one from the espresso shop for the past few years which holds 15g. I only started using the IMS one today and it only holds 14g with the same beans. It's clearly a quality product but whether it makes any difference over the standard basket is still up to debate.
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