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  1. Once you have the grinder it will take a bit of time to get used to it but once you do these machines are capable of pulling great shots. Its also worth buying a good tamper, scales and temperature strips.
  2. I would give up until the grinder arrives and don't bother with the single basket, the doubles aren't large with these.
  3. Yes that's the correct element and switch
  4. Are you grinding your coffee or have you bought pre ground coffee?
  5. The machine looks really good as it's probably totally original. For peace of mind get the electrics done by a professional. Frank at Ferrari is very reasonable but each time you post it there's a risk of damage. These guys I think are based in Scotland https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk otherwise as the others have suggested ask a local sparky.
  6. I bought my first Pavoni Euro and a La Cimbali Magnum grinder for less than £300. I still use the Pav daily but I now have a Niche.
  7. It could be fine or a mess which you won't know until you get it. If you don't feel comfortable taking on the electrics it might be worth getting someone like Frank at https://www.ferrari-espresso.com/ to service it for you.
  8. These where my first attempt and the only difficulty was removing the element but if yours is working and you're not painting the base then you won't need to. If you're changing the other wires than take a few photos first and copy when swapping. If all is working than maybe just use an adapter for the plug and just descale and change the gaskets.
  9. This model is from the late 1970's and like most pavs, fairly straightforward to refurbish. Here's a thread of the two I did also check out Francesco's site for all info and he also supplies parts http://www.francescoceccarelli.eu/index_eng.htm
  10. For £500 you won't get a better grinder than the Niche and you certainly won't get 2 grinders for £500 that come anywhere near.
  11. Wow that would be amazing. I go to London every few months and I'll next be up beginning of Jan. Which markets are you at?
  12. That's good to know as I've been thinking for a while about getting a Mythos or an EK. I have a Cimbali Magnum but it's been collecting dust since the Niche came out as the Niche is so easy to use and the Magnum is a faff. Our current kitchen is limited so the Pavoni/Niche combo are great but I would like in the future to get a good flat grinder and try another coffee machine like a Vesuvius or Londinium.
  13. Unfortunately there aren't many flat options that aren't massive or hugely expensive (or both)for single dosing. How much do you have to purge with the Mythos?
  14. Current code is FORUM10 which funny enough gives you 10% off. I'm a big fan of these guys and anyone who is ordering to Europe shipping is £12.50 if you spend less than £40 but only a flat rate of £5 if you spend between £40-£90. With discount code I've just ordered 2 kilos with shipping to France for £53.60. Bargain! Shipping to the UK is free if you spend over £15
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