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  1. Even sending post and parcels is a nightmare. Parcels envolve loads of forms to be filled out stating exactly what's in them and their value and I sent some documents to the uk this week to my in laws and the envelope has been opened and checked before they received it.
  2. There's always deals out there if you're patient. If you're happy to service and replace parts on them then just make sure the base and the boiler aren't rusted or damaged and the element is working. Anything else is relatively cheap and easy to fix.
  3. Good point, I have a nice scar on my forearm from my Pavoni and I hadn't even been drinking. As the others have said it's perfect if you're making drinks for yourself. I've been using mine for nearly 5 years averaging 3 espressos a day and for that it's been great.
  4. If you're looking to make more than two shots in a row on a regular basis than you're better off with a different machine as these overheat really quickly. There are mods to improve this but they're still not ideal for multiple shots.
  5. I know nothing about this machine or seller, it's just an example https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/La-Pavoni-Machine-Coffee-With-Pump-Express-Europiccola-Luxury-Chrome/324480992599?hash=item4b8c930557:g:pdwAAOSwdw1gIuK~ You should be able to get a really nice Euro for less than £280. If you want to add the gauges it should be fairly easy to do and coffe-sensor are selling the profiling kit €190 and the pressure gauge €35 so you can have the same set up for less than £500. They are selling you a straight out of the box ready to use and very nice machine for £702. My first Pavoni I bought s
  6. They look really nice but they're not cheap, €1100 for a refurbished Pro seems a bit nuts to me. My collection of Pavonis look like a good investment, who needs Bitcoin.
  7. Would you recommend adding bicarb then @DavecUK and if so is it just as simple as adding 0.1g to a litre of water?
  8. No, it's not something I thought about until this post.
  9. I’ve been using water from the Osmio for the last 18 months with my Pavoni. I don’t add anything to it and I haven’t noticed anything wrong with the water
  10. I get it, it’s a small market and a lot of equipment is sold direct from the manufacturer. If the market keeps growing, maybe more shops will pop up like Bella Barista but even in London there isn’t currently a shop where you can see and test multiple machines. Part of the reason I like buying second hand. If I don’t like it, I probably won’t lose much re-selling.
  11. The problem with coffee equipment lies with the manufacturers and the industry. I can't think of any other high end product that's so difficult/impossible to test and compare before purchasing. If I wanted to buy any of those grinders in JH review I would have to do it blindly based on reviews and very biased owners opinions. Same goes for coffee machines. When you think about it, it's nuts. I wouldn't buy a new mountain bike, skis, tv........ without trying it first so why do we do it with coffee equipment? The only choice we have is reviews and JH is one of the best ones out there.
  12. Single dose, low to zero retention, adjustable speed and specially designed burs. Whether this makes any difference to the taste, currently very few people probably know the answer. The main issue with coffee equipment is it’s virtually impossible to try it out before buying so you’re nearly always buying something on someone else’s opinion.
  13. I thought JH reviews were really good and I don't understand all the negativity around the prices of the grinders. A few years ago there were virtually no options when it came to grinders designed for home use and those that were around on the whole were rubbish. Now more and more companies are making them and they're trying to find new ways to make grinders better. I may have no intention on spending £3k on a grinder but the more companies that build them the lower prices will become and the more likely I'll be able to buy a secondhand bargain.
  14. These are simple machines that require a simple process to make decent shots. Forget all the song and dance of lifting the lever to a certain level, then putting in the PF trying the Felini method and so on. All these will do is frustrate you and result in crap coffee. Most of your process is good. 12.5g of coffee seems low to me on a new mil. I dose 13.5-14 on a pre mil but this may depend on your basket. If you want a greater output don't use the Felini method just reduce your dose down to say 12g giving more space in the group for water and if you want less output increase
  15. For larger items I'm sure couriers like UPS and Parcelforce will have systems in place. It's a bigger issue for companies who use the post office to send things to the uk. edited to remove irrelevant stuff
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