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  1. Hi all, I have recently upgraded my kitchen and we now have a solid oak worktop (oiled). As everything is very new (and somewhat pricey, I should add) I would like to keep it that way and protect the surface from splatters of water and coffee near the coffee machine and the grinder. I know I could get one of those bases with a draw for grinds underneath, but I don't think they would help much with the protection of the worktop. Do you have something under your machine to protect the kitchen worktop? Any advice on what I could be using for this would be much appreciated. Machine is a Silvia and the grinder is an Eureka Mignon. EDIT: I have found some glass worktop-savers on Amazon, 50x40 in size. They would probably do the job. Thanks
  2. The shower head/screen should be removed every time one descales the machine, but that doesn't mean that it should be replaced. As I see it, as long as you clean and descale it regularly and appropriately, you should never have to replace the shower head.
  3. In the end I bought it from Ferrari Espresso. 1 switch, 1 Chrome group cover and 1 inline water softener for £26 postage included. I hope it will be a smooth transaction.
  4. Interesting. They seem to be geared up for sale to other businesses, but maybe they will allow me an order. I will report back.
  5. Another vote for the standard basket. 16gm should be fine.
  6. The LED light in the brew switch has stopped working so I have been looking for a replacement. The only one I could find in the UK is from some seller on Amazon and it goes for £25 plus postage. I sorely resent paying that much for a part that should cost less than a fiver so I am wondering whether any of you has any suggestion. Obviously an original part at a lower price would be the ideal solution, however I'd be happy with a second hand part, or even an equivalent switch without the picture of the coffee cup on the front (I.e. One that is all black) or even attempt replacind the LED if anyone else has tried it and succeeded. Any suggestion is much appreciated.
  7. I have my PID set at 106.5C (i.e. 224F) At times I had it set higher, but never lower. when you are manually surfing, the goal is to achieve consistency, so just make sure you do the same thing every time. If you think the water is too hot, just wait a little bit longer before pulling. Before installing the PID I was using a thermometer with a thermocouple attached to the boiler and I found it very useful in ensuring I was pulling at the same point every time.
  8. I am looking at this: http://www.hasbean.co.uk/products/nicaragua-limoncillo-washed-caturra What are you looking at? But frankly, regardless, if you don't like it, you don't like it. My suggestion is to try a different coffee before you blame everything else. In any case I hope you find a way to enjoy good coffee whichever way you go about it.
  9. It is pretty obvious you don't like it. I remember going crazy over a particular coffee (I shall not mention the roaster), and no matter what I did I could not make it work for me. In the end it dawned on me that I just didn't like THAT coffee, roasted in THAT way. Since then I have learned to mostly stick to what I like, and if I decide to experiment I accept that I might not like the results. Reading about the Limoncillo, I see that its flavour "...turns into the juiciness of green apple acidity" Is that how you want your coffee to taste? If the answer is "no", I'd suggest you move on and read the tasting notes more carefully for your next choice of beans.
  10. Just following Raves guidelines. 90gm coffee, coarse grind, 1000ml water. You mention 48 hours fine grind, longer for coarse grind. Does this give you a concentrate result? I see your point about espresso though. Of course espresso is drunk undiluted, but it is also strong enough to dilute into an Americano. What I got from my first brew is nowhere as strong as an espresso.
  11. OK, like the length of a piece of string, got it. So, for the fridge brigade, do you expect a concentrate after 24 hours brewing in the fridge? (Definition of concentrate: Something that you need to dilute to taste)
  12. Do you keep the jug in the fridge while brewing or do you keep it at room temperature? I am asking as I have just brewed my first lot over 24 hours, kept in the fridge throughout. i was expecting a concentrated drink requiring dilution, instead the result is drinkable as it is. Definitely not concentrated. By the way, as this was my first brew, I have decided to use Rave Decaf so that I could experiment with various drinks without over caffeinating.
  13. I am new to cold brewing. I have purchased the Hario jug but I am reluctant to get started until I have acquired the means to filter the results. Can you please suggest the cheapest, but effective, way to filter? What do I need to purchase? Thanks
  14. IJ is not my favourite Rave coffee, but I'd have it any day instead of lightly (not)roasted offerings.
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